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VPN Usage

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The internet is both wonderful and scary at the same time, providing the world with benefits that virtually no technology has before, and also opening up risks to users that no technology has as well.

It has welcomed an entirely new world for all of us, providing us with a wide range of new benefits that only 25 years ago, no one thought was possible. Today, we can watch movies, pay our bills, and converse with family members across the world all at the same time. We can get a degree in nearly any subject, and even order an automobile online, and from the comfort of our living rooms. All so this is because of the power of the internet. Perhaps the best thing about the internet, is that it is still in its infancy, and the promised benefits make the ones we enjoy now seem rudimentary.

But there is also a downside to the internet, and it is that it is difficult to be secure utilizing the typical avenues that allow you to get on it, and travel to the websites you want to visit. In order to make sure that you are secure when you are on the internet, you need to take extra precautions, and utilize a virtual private network or VPN. Here are the most important reasons why.


When you surf the internet you should be very concerned about who can gain access to your important data, including data about your identity. Many of us utilize the internet via Wi-Fi networks at cafes. restaurants, airports and other public and private places. What we are not aware of however, is that often these Wi-Fi networks do not have good encryption. As a result, someone can pull our data right out of the air as you use them. To safeguard yourself, you need to utilize a Virtual Private Network. These valuable web surfing tools, allow you to safely navigate the web. But not all VPNs are the same and you need to make sure that the one you use is of the highest quality. Cost does not always translate into quality and often top VPNs are actually free.

Cooltechzone has put together the best free VPNs available, and many of them match the quality and services of VPNs that charge high fees. When you use a high quality VPN, no matter what network public or private you are connected to, the VPN will ensure that you go through a secure connection that has the highest levels of encryption to protect your valuable data from hackers. You simply to turn it on and when you surf using it, you are automatically covered every second you are on the internet.


When you surf the internet, you leave a trail of your surfing history. You have an option to erase the cache in your browser, but most internet service providers keep a record of which sites you have visited and this information is stored and can be accessed without your knowledge and made available to anyone. A virtual private network is designed to allow you to surf the web anonymously and to not have the sites you visit or your surfing history recorded. . Many people find that there are sites that they do not want others to know they have frequented or they simply do not want anyone tracking them. In either case, a VPN allows you to be anonymous and never be tracked.

Peace of Mind

The biggest problems with identity theft and losing data over the internet, is that you do not know it has happened until you either, get false charges on a credit card, or some big company announces that they have had a breach. These announcements are made usually six months or more after they have happened. and long after your data is already in some bad actor’s hands. At that point you have to spend moths and sometimes years, trying to recover your identity and clear up any false charges on your credit cards.

If you are constantly on the internet, you should consider all the tools that can help you to surf securely. Using a VPN will give you peace of mind that your important data is safe and secure, and not being sold on the dark web.

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