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Assemble everything together

This is where we are starting This is where we will be in a few hours, days or weeks :-)

Step 1

Mounting USB video capturer(s).

Step 2

Mounting side sonars.

Step 3

Assembling rotating head with camera(s).

Step 4

Mounting front sonar.

Step 5

Assembling the mast.

Step 6

Assembling back cover.

Step 7

Connecting Veter-cap.

Step 8

Connecting BeagleBoard with Veter-cap and sliding platform.

Step 9

Connecting camera(s), WLan stick and video capturers to BeagleBoard. Mounting central body part on chassis.

Step 10

Mounting rotating head (aka. jaw) and antenna (if used).

Step 11

Mounting head cover.

Step 12

Connecting I2C sonars and compass. Connecting LED and main power supply. Inserting the battery. Fixing back cover.

Step 13

Connecting the battery and mounting battery cover.

Step 14

Installing side covers.