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Awesome Arma 3


A categorized community-driven collection of high-quality awesome Arma 3 missions and addons.

Suggestions and contributions are always welcome! Make sure to read the contribution guidelines for more information before submitting a pull request.

Thanks to all the contributors.




  • ASR AI 3 - AI enhancement mod. Adds many tweaks to AI behaviour, skills and tactics.
  • CF_BAI - Mod that balances AI skills while fighting in woodland areas.
  • CF_woodland - Adds chance of being heard while moving in forest by adding branch cracking noises (both to AI and players).


  • CUP - Vehicles, weapons and terrains ported from older titles to Arma 3.
  • Hellenic Armed Forces MOD - Submarines - Advanced submarines with advanced rockets systems.
  • NIArms - Nation-Independent Arsenal.
  • RHS - High quality modern vehicles and weapons.
  • Theseus Services - Content mod providing a number of assets for Arma 3, aimed at Private Military Company game style.

Gameplay Enhancement

  • ACE3 - Open-source realism mod for Arma 3.
  • Achilles - Achilles expands zeus with many new additions.
  • ACRE2 - Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2.
  • Advanced Weapon Mounting - Immersive animations for weapon attachment management (Vanilla and ACE3).
  • ADV_Medical - Splint and improved CPR functionalities for ACE3.
  • Advanced Rappelling - Adds support for helicopter rappelling.
  • Advanced Sling Loading - Full replacement for in-game sling loading.
  • Advanced Towing - Adds support for towing vehicles using ropes.
  • ALiVE - Dynamic persistent campaign framework.
  • C2 - Command & Control - Powerful tool that provides easy access to an arsenal of AI-commands for a player led squad.
  • DUI - Squad Radar - A HUD showing unit positions and names of units in your squad. Great performance friendly STUI alternative.
  • Enhanced Movement - This mod allows you you jump, climb and improves interaction with bulding doors and vehicles (seat selection).
  • Suppress - Adds suppression effect to players.
  • TFAR - Task Force Arrowhead Radio, a TeamSpeak integration for Arma 3.


  • CBA_A3 - Community Base Addons for Arma 3.
  • 3den Enchanced - Various new usefull functionalities for 3den Editor.

Special Effects



  • Antistasi - A persistent whole map mission, focused on resistance, infantry, and guerrilla Tactics.
  • co10 Escape - Fully random "Escape the island" mission with support for most of the existing terrains.
  • Dynamic Combat Ops - Dynamic randomised combined arms scenario.
  • Dynamic Recon Ops - Dynamic randomised recon operations scenario.
  • The Forgotten Few 2 - Highly dynamic mission with attention to detail, balance and immersion.
  • Hearts and Minds - Post war anti insurgency dynamic mission with focus on good relations with civilian population.
  • KP Liberation - Large scale PvE dynamic CTI campaign with advanced logistics.


  • arma-intellij-plugin - A plugin for Intellij IDEA that allows for syntactical analysis, code inspections, and other nifty features for the SQF scripting language in Arma 3.
  • armake2 - Arma modding tools designed for CLI usage/automation, written in Rust.
  • HEMTT - Build System for Arma 3 powered by armake.
  • intercept - A C/C++ Binding Library for SQF and RV Engine Access Abstraction Layer.
  • GitHub & Sublime SQF-Language - Sublime Text 2/3 highlighter for Bohemia Interactive's SQF Language. Also used for GitHub highlighting (linguist).
  • SQF Linter - Parser, static analyzer and interpreter of SQF (Arma programming language) .
  • vim-sqf-syntax - Syntax highlighting file for vim or neovim for Arma's SQF script syntax.
  • vscode-sqflint - SQF Language plugin for VS Code.
  • VSCode SQF Language - Full SQF Language support for VS Code.


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