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Volunteer Effort Tracking System
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Volunteer Effort Tracking System

Originally designed for our local SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to track its volunteer hours, this project has been re-written to be more lightweight and generic for long-term use there and possibly at other interested non-profits.

The core functionality consists of managing volunteers' names, and orientation dates, as well as providing a sign-in/sign-out page where volunteers can select a category for the time they spent volunteering.

When needed, an "admin" (volunteer coordinator) can run reports to display information like total time a volunteer contributed over a given time period or total time spent on a given activity (e.g. office work, dog walking, cat socialization).

A simple "backup" link that dumps the database out to disk is also included with the hope that risking filling up disk space is better than not having backups at all. The backups are simple .sql files that can be used at a sqlite3 command line or via the db/ script.

Homepage and documentation:


Most major functionality and features I'm looking to implement are about done. At this point should mostly be final tweaks and optimizations based on feedback from anyone willing to look the project over.


VETS includes a copy of in vendor/ that is known to work (though it is likely newer versions also work). All you should need on a machine is Python 2.5+ and possibly sqlite3, but only if you want to be able to query/edit the database outside of the application using the sqlite3 command-line tool.

  • Start the server
  • Browse to http://localhost:8080

The first time you run the server, a default vets.cfg file and empty database will be created. You can edit vets.cfg to change settings as you like.

You can deploy this on Windows easily using Portable Python ( has been verified to work but newer ones are probably ok too). Simply do a minimal install (about 50MB) and move the contents of the App directory to somewhere like C:\vets\python, and run C:\vets> python\python.exe

Also be aware that VETS uses some HTML5 elements (e.g. date picker), so for the best experience, use something that supports HTML5 like Chrome

some screenshots

Check In Check Out Admin Log-In Volunteers Activities Backup Hours Report Hours Report By Volunteer Hours Report By Activity

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