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Vexanium Decentralized Apps (Core, Basic, and Samples)
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Vexanium Decentralized Apps (DApps) Core, Basic, and Samples


Here you'll be guided on creating your own Vexanium DApps in a simple and quick fashioned way.
You just need to know the basic of html, css, and js. Yup, the very basic of them.
You don't even have to give a shit about any autistic js out there.
No npm, no yarn, no need to compile lot of modules nor libraries online.
You can develop the app offline. You basically don't need to buy/rent/setup a server, it can be run locally.
Even though you decided to run a server, you can place as many dapps as you want as it is lightweight and easy to configure.

Hold up the excitement, let's take a look on how it works: Basically your DApp needs to connect to our VexWallet.
Use ScatterJS to connect to Windows/MacOS Wallet,
and PocketVexJS to Android Wallet via dapp browser in it.
Then make use of VexNet method to do any transactions to Vexanium Blockchain Network.
That's all, that's the main concept.

Core JS

Essential Javascripts needed for creating DApps
Only these 3 Javascripts needed:

  1. vex.min.js
  2. scatterjs-core.min.js
  3. scatterjs-plugin-vexjs.min.js

Get them from core folder in this repo or download the compressed release file
Then just include them on your main .html file inside <head> tag

	<script src="js/vex.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
	<script src="js/scatterjs-core.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
	<script src="js/scatterjs-plugin-vexjs.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

As explained before, it's different with Android, you need to browse your app in dapp browser and require PocketVexJS to connect to the wallet. So if you want your app to be compatible with VexWalletAndroid as well, add this javascript: pocket.vex.min.js

Let's follow the lessons below step by step for better understanding


Go to each lesson folder, and try it out

  1. Basic DApp (Simple)
    Pure Javascript (No VexWalletAndroid compability yet)
  2. Basic DApp (Stylish)
    CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery (No VexWalletAndroid compability yet)
  3. DApp Browser Integrated
    Integrate to dapp browser for VexWalletAndroid compability


We'll wait for your Creativity. Submit your DApps at VexWallet Android.

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