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Edd Barrett's Autumn Dusk Vim Color Scheme
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TheUnixZoo: Vim Colour Scheme

Easy on the eye Vim themes for long hacking sessions.

What is This?

This is my Vim colour scheme for gvim and 16-colour terminals. Well, actually it is two themes. Both are designed to be minimal, non-intrusive and easy on the eye. I believe that a common mistake to bombard the user with too many different colours, thus inducing a psychedelic headache.


  • Copy theunixzoo.vim to ~/.vim/colors
  • Open vim or gvim and type in command mode: :colors theunixzoo

The Colour Schemes


The gvim theme is designed for indoor use (and so has a dark background). In gvim we have 24-bit colour at our disposal, so I am able to give you inoffensive autumn colours.

Gvim colour scheme

16-Colour Terminal:

The cterm (16-bit color terminal) theme was designed so as to work both indoors and out. By this I mean it will not suffer from contrast issues if you are using xterm with:

  • Black text on a white background. I use this when I am outside in bright sunlight.
  • White (or light gray) text on a black background.

If you want the latter put this in your ~/.Xdefaults:

xterm*background: black                                                         
xterm*foreground: gray60

The cterm theme will work on a standard PC terminal just fine (sometimes I don't start X). I have not tried it on a Sun terminal or anything exotic.

Terminal colour scheme


I offer you this for free under an ISC license! Free! Free! Free!

If you like this, please help a broke PhD student and donate a pint of English ale. Donate via PayPal to vext01 (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks.

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