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Tools for creating and analyzing multidimensional scaling (MDS) models.
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MDS Modeling Tools

This project provides several tools for creating and analyzing multidimensional scaling (MDS) models.

MDS Ranked Coloring Example


This project was created to assist modeling similarities between U.S. universities, and contains tools to assist with three primary tasks:

  • Parsing data
  • Creating an MDS model
  • Analysing the model

Data is filtered from an input .csv file, producing another .csv file with only the columns specified in an attributes.txt file and the rows that contain data for those columns. All values in this output will also be normalized to have a mean of 0 and standard deviation of 1.

A 2D MDS model is then created, with both a wordcloud and unlabeled scatter plot being produced alongn with plots of goodness-of-fit vs. different model dimensions and Minkowski p-values. A colors.csv file can optionally be given to color points in the unlabeled plot. A ranks.txt can also be used to generate this file automatically based on an ordered ranking. 1D and 3D models can also be created by editing MDS.R.

The points.csv output of the model can then be analyzed to determine the correlation direction and magnitue for each direction for each dimension. n-dimensional inputs are supported. The reuslts are then printed and saved to a file, with the attribute ordered from most correlated to least for each dimension.


To parse, run, and analyse everything from scratch, run the default make target:


To include coloring based on a ranks.txt file, run:

make color

Programs can also be run separately:

  • python3 [data.csv] < [attributes.txt]
  • python3
  • Rscript MDS.R <colors.csv>
  • python3 < [attributes.txt]

Example Analysis Output

Analyzing lower 10% and upper 10%...
Dimension 1 Correlations:
    Attribute   Direction   - Interval Avg  + Interval Avg  Interval Diff
    SATVRMID    NEGATIVE    211.530035      -127.492136     -339.022170
    SATWRMID    NEGATIVE    219.782428      -118.104871     -337.887299
    SATMTMID    NEGATIVE    213.415974      -122.312434     -335.728408
    C150_4      NEGATIVE    174.657065      -146.422081     -321.079147
    C100_4      NEGATIVE    175.511777      -127.241823     -302.753600
    COSTT4_A    NEGATIVE    159.308286      -89.135429      -248.443715
    ADM_RATE    POSITIVE    -192.254293     35.886583       228.140876
    UG25ABV     POSITIVE    -90.658550      113.408127      204.066676
    UGDS        NEGATIVE    18.264898       -37.383670      -55.648567
    UGDS_MEN    NEGATIVE    17.700480       -28.415548      -46.116027
    UGDS_WOMEN  POSITIVE    -17.700480      28.415548       46.116027
Dimension 2 Correlations:
    Attribute   Direction   - Interval Avg  + Interval Avg  Interval Diff
    UGDS_MEN    POSITIVE    -188.505859     164.975708      353.481567
    UGDS_WOMEN  NEGATIVE    188.505859      -164.975708     -353.481567
    COSTT4_A    NEGATIVE    50.904574       -44.907650      -95.812224
    UGDS        POSITIVE    -49.230754      43.741219       92.971973
    UG25ABV     NEGATIVE    60.551826       -15.646678      -76.198504
    SATMTMID    POSITIVE    -31.958616      28.185352       60.143967
    C100_4      NEGATIVE    13.210614       -31.934157      -45.144772
    SATVRMID    POSITIVE    -14.738098      8.680711        23.418809
    ADM_RATE    POSITIVE    18.651393       37.141798       18.490405
    C150_4      NEGATIVE    1.707264        -7.746765       -9.454029
    SATWRMID    POSITIVE    -9.697576       -1.187129       8.510446
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