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This is the 5th maintenance release of Veyon 4.1 with important bug fixes:

Changes since 4.1.4

  • Config: encrypt passwords when set via CLI
  • Core: fix crash in configuration module under special circumstances
  • Core: increase width of logon dialog to properly display even longer user names
  • Master: sort computers by both hostname and user to fix randomly changing positions in case equal computer names are used
  • Master: make thumbnail caption text color configurable
  • Master: drop unused system tray icon
  • Master: allow to filter for users in computer room management
  • Master: fix display errors in computer management and monitoring view
  • LDAP: disable queries on empty group member attribute
  • Remote Access: improve toolbar behaviour by increasing delay and animation speed
  • Update internal UltraVNC implementation to fix multi monitor support and other minor bugs
  • Update internal VNC client/server library to fix multithreading issues and memory leaks
  • Revert Interception installer to older version to fix blocked input devices in case installation fails
  • Fix various memory leaks in all components
  • Various internal code modernizations and optimizations
  • Update OpenSSL library to 1.1.1a
  • Update Qt to 5.9.7
  • Update translations