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@tobydox tobydox released this Apr 5, 2019

This is the release candidate of the upcoming Veyon 4.2 release series and has seen further improvements and bugfixes compared to the beta version. We still recommend extensive testing before installing in production environments.

Improvements and changes since Veyon 4.2 Beta

  • Fix an issue in the computer access confirmation dialog which prevented connections from being established (especially on Windows 10), even if the user allowed the access
  • Improve automatic detection of user interface language in some countries (e.g. use German in Austria or Switzerland)
  • Update 3rdparty component UltraVNC (bug fixes, general security improvements)
  • General: further renamings "rooms" to "locations" in backend and configuration UI
  • General: improve texts, labels and messages in user interface
  • General: change default log level from Info to Warning
  • General: add configuration update mechanism for core settings
  • Linux: add support for alternative PAM service "veyon"
  • Configurator: add authentication test functionality
  • Configurator: improve categorization of standard and advanced settings
  • Master: add feature for generating figures for the user manual
  • LDAP: rename UserLoginAttribute to UserLoginNameAttribute in config and user interface
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