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This is the fourth maintenance release of the stable Veyon 4.2.x series with minor bug fixes and 3rdparty component updates:

Changes since 4.2.3

  • Core: update VNC client library
  • LDAP: use location name attribute for computer groups instead of common name
  • LDAP: do not cache invalid DNs when querying naming contexts (e.g. when starting during boot without network connectivity)
  • Linux: make authentication fail if helper process does not respond
  • Linux: add openSUSE 15.1 builds
  • Linux: drop openSUSE 42.3 builds
  • Linux: add Fedora 29 builds
  • Linux: drop Fedora 28 builds
  • Windows: update DeskDupEngine to 1.2.24 which fixes cursor flickering and performance issues
  • Windows: fix minor memory leaks
  • Windows: update libraries (Qt 5.12.5, OpenLDAP 2.4.48)
  • Improve Android build support
  • Update translations
  • More internal code optimizations and modernizations
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