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Veyon 5

  • User session control plugin
    • Add support for remote user logon (Windows only)
  • Remote control
    • Allow configuration of customized keyboard shortcuts

Veyon 4.2.x (Q1/2019)

  • Provide subscriber edition with additional features (internet access control, network discovery/scanning plugin, multi-level hierarchy support for LDAP)
  • File distribution functionality
  • Broadcast a student's screen
  • Master
    • Use existing connection for remote control to gain immediate access (#123)
  • Access control rules:
    • Add support for condition with authentication key names (roles)
  • LDAP
    • Add support for secondary LDAP server (#134)

Veyon 4.1.x (Q3/2018)

  • Core
    • Add module for encrypting/decrypting internal configurable passwords such as VNC server and LDAP server passwords (#87)
    • Extend plugin API by method for updating settings between versions
    • Move all platform-specific code from core to platform plugins
  • Service
    • Multi-seat/session capabilities for Linux and Windows (#270)
  • Master
    • Support for custom sort order of computers (#126)
    • Configurable update interval
    • Configurable background color
  • Network objects plugin
    • Add CLI support
    • Add CSV import support
  • LDAP/AD plugin
    • Encrypted LDAP server password in settings
    • Use standard-conform LDAP filters (do not omit round brackets)
    • Add support for LDAPS/TLS (#77)
  • Desktop services plugin
    • Run program feature: allow to configure predefined programs available in a sub menu
    • Open website feature: allow to configure predefined websites available in a sub menu
  • AuthKeys plugin
    • New plugin allowing to configure manage authentication keys (#190)
  • External VNC server:
    • Encrypted server password in settings

Veyon 4.0.x (Q3/2017)

  • Current stable release series receiving only bug fixes
  • Relaunch as "Veyon"
  • Rewritten core architecture with support for plugins
  • Completely revised Master application
  • New CLI (command line interface) tool for automating common operations
  • Full support for LDAP/AD integration
  • Fine-grained computer access control via access control rules
  • Improved demo mode stability and performance
  • Full support for Windows 7, 8 and 10
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