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JavaScript solutions for Advent of Code 2019
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Advent of Code 2019

I'm solving this year's puzzles with NodeJS again, and my goals are pretty simple:

  • Forget the leaderboard. Each puzzle is released at midnight Eastern, so 11pm my time. AoC is for fun, but not the kind of fun that moves me to sacrifice sleep.
  • Complete day 8. I've either gotten stuck by the puzzle or overwhelmed with life/work by day 7. The latter doesn't seem like a factor this year (fingers crossed), and I hope forgetting the leaderboard helps with the former. :)
  • Experiment. Last year, I started using new data structures I don't use on a daily basis, and I found out how helpful sets and maps can be. On top of that, I am the world's worst when it comes to testing code, so I'm using Jest to get better about it.
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