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Geany plugin to toggle the menu and status bars with a keystroke
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Geany Toggle Bars plugin

This is a plugin for Geany to show and hide the menu and status bars with a keystroke.

Most of the time, when using Geany, I don't need the menu and status bars; they are just noise. But occasionally I want to check the status bar (e.g. for the line/column number) or browse the menu. So I want to toggle their visibility with a keystroke. This plugin does that.

Because it's so useful to see the progress bar during a build, the status bar will be automatically shown whenever the progress bar is shown (and hidden afterwards).


  1. Install Geany 1.27+.
  2. Make sure that "Show status bar" (Geany preferences → Interface → Miscellaneous) is enabled.
  3. Install GeanyPy. On Debian/Ubuntu, install geany-plugin-py as well as python-gtk2.
  4. Put on your Geany plugin path, e.g. in ~/.config/geany/plugins/.
  5. Open Geany's plugin manager (Tools → Plugin Manager) and enable GeanyPy and Toggle Bars.
  6. Select Toggle Bars, click Keybindings, and set your preferred key for "Toggle menu and status bars".
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