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It ain't much, but it's honest work

App :

Original work: listing + review service in partnership with MCN Ventures

Please seee for more details on this service.

How to run locally

Fork the repo and clone it to your PC, or just clone the original. Run npm install (once) and npm run dev

This should bring up the interface at localhost:3000 after a minute or two.

How to submit a new project, or any changes

  • Fork the project
  • Clone your forked copy onto your PC
  • Create a new branch, make the required changes, test it locally using the above method
  • Commit to your branch and push to your repo
  • Go to your repo's github page and click Submit a pull request

This article is also a good explainer on the pull request system:

If you need help with the above process you can contact me on twitter, or telegram, vfat0 on both.

If you are unable to submit a new project this way, you can open a new Issue Please include your project's URL and farming contracts (Masterchef, Synthetix Staking, Vaults), in the form of links to etherscan/bscscan/etc. Contracts need to be verified. After submitting an issue, please be patient for it to be processed by one of the contributors. Please note that projects with non-standard farming have to be submitted via pull request.

Typical changes required

For most new pages you will need three things:

  1. A new folder in src/views/pages and an index.ejs file in there for the view
  2. A js file with the logic in src/static/js
  3. Adding the project to the index for that chain, e.g. src/static/js/bsc.js * **

* Please note project are added chronologically, newest at the bottom.

** Please do not add any projects to the front page index, if on ETH use all.js


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