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All you need is here: http://grmmph.com/ghostscroll/

Call for contributions

What's started as a small project of mine seems to grab more attention than expected. So why not totally open it for further development.

I have in mind few features that would be nice to have on GhostScroll which are listed below, but if anyone have any more ideas for improvements, please file and issue and I'll add them here.

The thing is that I don't have the time to work on this alone. So if you have the time and feel like contributing and working on the to do list, you will have my gratitude and of course eternal fame and glory for all times.

To do list

  • Add scrolling parallax feature for the header image.
  • Create a color scheme picker plugin. (can be a ghost plugin or en external code generator).
  • Easier markup for FontAwesome (instead of <i class="icon-rocket icon-4x"></i>, make something like $!rocket-big).

Some experimental thoughts

Maybe it will be interesting to take ghost source code and modify it a bit to fit this single-page purpose. Anyone interested?

P.S. To make development workflow even faster, I have GhostScroll's git also here: https://codio.com/grmmph/GhostScroll