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Bot revolution lab
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Bot revolution lab repository

This repository contains the code and getting started info to walkthrough the Bot Revolution Lab for Codemotion 2016:

DATE: Friday, 25th of November
TIME: 11:30 am to 1:10 pm
LENGTH: 1:40 h


  • Have a laptop (Windows, Linux or Mac) with Node.js runtime > 10.0 installed. Find instructions available here
  • Install the Bot Framework Emulator (Windows, Linux and Mac) from here
  • You need to run tunneling software so that your bot can accept incoming requests from the outside world when hosted in your computer behind a firewal. Install ngrok tunneling software from here
  • You need a Microsoft Live account if you want to connect your Bot to external channels (i.e. Skype, Telegram, Facebook, Slack, etc.) and to create your own Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) model. If you don't have a Microsoft account yet, go here
  • For the channels you want your Bot to work on, you need a user account on each of them. We also suggest you to install the desktop applications for the major channels (Skype, Telegram and Slack).
  • To speedup the setup phase, you might install the prerequisite Node.js packages in your local woking directory:
    • npm init
    • npm install botbuilder restify dotenv-extended --save

Lab slides can found here

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