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Testcases for vfmd

This repository hold testcases for verifying whether an implementation of vfmd (that outputs HTML) confirms to the vfmd specification.


The tests are organized in a folder/subfolder hierarchy, for e.g. block_level/blockquote, span_level/emphasis, with test .md files placed in the subfolders.

  • Block-level elements: Each subfolder contains tests for how the block-level element is parsed when standalone, and when intermingled with other blocks (i.e. followed by other blocks, containing other blocks, text that looks similar to other blocks, etc.).
    • Paragraph
    • atx-style header
    • setext header
    • Code block
    • Blockquote
    • Unordered list
    • Ordered list
    • Horizontal rule
  • Span-level elements: Each subfolder contains tests for how the span-level element is parsed when standalone, and when intermingled with other spans.
    • Link
    • Emphasis
    • Code span
    • Image
    • Automatic links
  • Text processing
    • UTF-8: Tests for handling of multibyte UTF-8 sequences
    • UTF-8 BOM: Tests for handling of the leading byte-order-mark in UTF-8
  • Mixing HTML with vfmd
    • Verbatim container elements: Tests for including pre, style and script elements in vfmd.

Running tests

To run the tests, you need an executable command that reads Markdown from stdin and outputs XHTML to stdout. Assuming that command is at /path/to/vfmd_impl, you can say:

./run_tests /path/to/vfmd_impl

You can also run specific tests from specific subfolders.

# Test just ordered and unordered lists
./run_tests vfmd_impl --dir="block_level/*list"

# Run all tests involving ref links
./run_tests vfmd_impl --dir="tests/span_level/*" --testcase="*ref_link*"


Per my assessment, the following tests are required to complete the test suite, but I have not managed to write them myself yet:

  • Text processing

  • Mixing HTML with vfmd

    • Verbatim starter elements: Tests for blocks treated as verbatim HTML because of a verbatim HTML starter element (like div or table).
    • Other elements: Test that other HTML elements
      • can contain vfmd span constructs
      • cannot be contained by vfmd span constructs
      • occurring in paragraphs make those paragraphs be output without p tags

    Please note that it is not necessary to include all relevant HTML elements in the above tests - just a few candidate elements should suffice.

    There is no need to have a test subfolder for phrasing HTML elements because that's already covered under the other span-level tests (in the tests/span_level/*/ files).


I'll be glad to receive tests from contributors that augument the current set of tests, whether it's a TODO item listed above or not.

If you have any questions, please contact me or open an issue.


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