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Shopify Scaffold


  1. After cloning the repo, run the following command to install required development javascript packages:

    npm install
  2. Copy config.example.yml to config.yml and add application secrets from:


  3. Before you start development, start grunt watcher to watch for file changes and automatically upload them to shopify:


Note: Shopify does not allow subdirectories in /assets directory. All files in /assets/stylesheets, /assets/javascripts and /assets/svgs will be automatically compiled and added to /assets directory. The other subdirectories are ignored.

Images should be placed in /assets directory, without any specific subdirectory.

Adding dev dependencies

To add a development dependency, such as grunt dependencies (svgstore, uglify, etc.), find the npm package you'd like to add and run:

yarn add --dev <package_name>

If you don't have yarn, install it from npm:

npm install -g yarn

Adding runtime dependencies

To add a javascript/stylesheet library that will be used in production, such as jQuery or Zurb Foundation, find the bower package you'd like to add and run:

bower install <package_name> --save

Check /assets/javascripts/vendor directory and remove any unnecessary additional files that were downloaded.