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PDF Viewer App for iOS

This project is now deprecated - it will no longer be maintained and will only be kept around for a short time. Please see the UXReader PDF Framework for iOS project for its replacement.


This iOS PDF viewer app is based on the open source iOS PDF reader code from the https://github.com/vfr/Reader repository on GitHub.


  • Universal: runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Uses Core Data to keep track of PDF documents.
  • PDF documents can be organized into folders.
  • Supports iTunes File Sharing for file transfers.
  • Handles "Open In..." from other apps (Mail, etc).
  • Multithreaded giving it a responsive UI.
  • In-App HTML-based help.
  • Localization ready.
  • iBooks-like document navigation.
  • Device rotation and all orientations.
  • Encrypted (password protected) PDFs.
  • PDF links (URI and go to page).
  • PDFs with rotated pages.


Current development and testing of the PDF Viewer App is under Xcode 7.2, LLVM 7.0 and iOS 9.2. The code uses ARC memory management and should work under iOS 6 as well.

Please see https://github.com/vfr/Reader/blob/master/README.md for notes on the core code that the PDF Viewer App uses.

Contact Info

Website: http://www.vfr.org/

Email: joklamcak(at)gmail(dot)com

Twitter: @joklamcak

If you find this code useful, or wish to fund further development, you can use PayPal to donate to the vfr-Viewer project:


This code has been made available under the MIT License.

Screen Captures

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iPod Page

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