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Visual Forensics and Metadata Extraction for Human Rights Researchers

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  1. vframe vframe Public

    VFRAME: Visual Forensics and Metadata Extraction

    Python 60 4

  2. dface dface Public

    DFACE: Redact faces in your browser using client-side YOLOV5 detection models

    JavaScript 29 1

  3. _vframe_v0_archived _vframe_v0_archived Public archive


    Jupyter Notebook 19 3

  4. _vframe_synthetic_archived _vframe_synthetic_archived Public archive

    VFRAME Synthetic Image Training Data (early prototype, archived)

    Python 11 4

  5. _vcat_archived _vcat_archived Public archive

    deprecated, new codebase coming soon

    JavaScript 7 1

  6. _vframe_search_archived _vframe_search_archived Public archive

    VFRAME Image Search (archived)

    Python 5 4


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