A Swift Command Line Interface to interact with Elgato Avea light bulbs.
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A Swift Command Line Interface to interact with Elgato Avea light bulbs.

The script currently starts up and looks for the first Bluetooth LE device containing the name "Avea". It then connects and sends the desired bytes to modify the bulb's color or brightness.

The implementation wouldn't be possible without knowing the details of which bytes to send, so kudos to Marmelatze for figuring that out.

Requirements: macOS, Xcode (command line tools), Swift 3+

🛠 Setup

Note: Xcode is required to compile the executable

  • Clone the repo

    $ git clone https://github.com/vfuc/avea-cli
    $ cd avea-cli

  • Run xcodebuild build to compile the binary

    $ xcodebuild build

The binary will be compiled to build/Release/

  • Run the binary

    $ build/Release/avea

or if you're feeling fancy you can
  • Link the binary to /usr/local/bin to be able to run it everywhere:

    $ sudo cp build/Release/avea /usr/local/bin/

🎛 Usage

Set the color

The color is set using red, green, blue and white values in the range of 0-255 with the set-color-rgbw command or its short form rgbw.

$ avea set-color-rgbw [red] [green] [blue] [white]
$ avea rgbw [red] [green] [blue] [white]
Set the brightness

Color and brightness are set independently of each other as they are two different commands sent to the bulb. Use values in the range of 0-255 with the command set-brightness or just b.

$ avea set-brightness [value]
$ avea b [value]
Turn the bulb off
$ avea off

Color descriptors

Because I'm too lazy to type out raw values I added color descriptors, they're pretty self-explanatory. The data is stored as JSON in the ~/.avea/avea-colors.json file

Show available colors
$ avea show-colors

Available colors: 

[blue] Red: 0, Green: 5, Blue: 255, White: 10
[green] Red: 0, Green: 255, Blue: 0, White: 10
[red] Red: 255, Green: 0, Blue: 0, White: 15
[yellow] Red: 255, Green: 255, Blue: 0, White: 10
[orange] Red: 255, Green: 75, Blue: 0, White: 0
[purple] Red: 200, Green: 0, Blue: 250, White: 0
[pink] Red: 220, Green: 0, Blue: 80, White: 10
[white] Red: 0, Green: 0, Blue: 0, White: 255
[white-warm] Red: 200, Green: 100, Blue: 0, White: 175
[white-cold] Red: 0, Green: 100, Blue: 200, White: 175
[white-pinkish] Red: 100, Green: 0, Blue: 100, White: 200
Setting color
$ avea set-color [descriptor]
$ avea c [descriptor]
Adding color
$ avea add-color [descriptor] [red] [green] [blue] [white]
Deleting color
$ avea delete-color [descriptor]

🤔 Caveats

At the moment I only have a single "avea bulb", so I haven't worked on multi-device support yet and don't know if it works with the "sphere" and "flare" products as well.

Occasionally, the bulb is not discoverable and the script will look for it indefinitely. This seems to be an issue with the bulb itself though, as I experience it with the iOS client as well.

🙋 Contributing

Issues and Pull Requests are welcome, of course :)

I included some basic default colors, but please add to them if there's a cool one you found!