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Rust Bindings Working Group

The Rust bindings working group is dedicated to creating a foundation for C and Rust bindings for C++ libraries used by the media and entertainment industry.

Goals of the WG are:

  • To collaborate with ASWF communities to create (or facilitate the creation of) C and Rust bindings which are consistent across projects.
  • Create tooling to help build the C and Rust bindings.
  • Define a set of conventions and rules to create a consistent and ergonomic C and Rust interface for the wrapped libraries.
  • To have the Rust bindings easily accessible through Rust's repository, and to give ownership of those bindings to the ASWF.

Non-goals of the WG are:

  • Re-implementing current C++ libraries in Rust.

The TAC member sponsor of this working group is Sean Looper


  • Bind Imath and OpenEXR with C and Rust bindings
  • Create a framework for binding the other libraries


This WG communicates on the following channels:


See the ASWF public calendar. This WG meets the first Friday of every month at 12 pm Pacific Time.

provide the Zoom/conference call details

In-person meetings

list if applicable, or skip if not

Meeting notes

Meeting notes, recordings, and any presentations made during WG meetings are available here.

Tracked Libraries

Name Status Repository Binding Development Crate
Alembic Not Started
Imath Not Started
MaterialX Not Started
Open Shading Language Not Started
OpenColorIO Not Started
OpenEXR In Progress
OpenImageIO In Progress
OpenSubdiv Not Started
OpenTimelineIO Not Started
OpenVDB Not Started
Ptex In Progress
SeExpr Not Started
USD In Progress


The repository for the group policies, style guides, and easy access to the projects statuses



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