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A collection of Python, SL, OSL, and C++ for RenderMan 19.


This project [will be] a Python module which contains RenderMan tools. It registers a series of entrypoints to initialize the pre/post-launch environment.

A make step [will be added] to python build to build the compiled tools.

This is rather fragile, and I apologize.

Patterns (RIS)

  • KSRisAOV: Write an arbitrary colour or float to a given AOV.
  • KSRisSides: Front and back colour switch.

Code Stubs

  • pattern/KSStubExprPattern.args: Example of an SeEXPR pattern (for RIS).
  • pattern/KSStubOslPattern.{osl,args}: Example of an OSL pattern (for RIS).
  • rslt/KSExampleRSLTNode.h: Example of an RSLT shader node (for REYES) using RSL.
  • rslt/ Example of an RSLT shader root node (for REYES) using RSL 2.0.

We are missing a non-2.0 RSL root shader, which we think is possible but didn't find a good example of with RenderMan.