Using Pixar's build script on Windows

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There are several prerequisites for building USD with Pixar's script found at USD/build_scripts/

These steps are tested with VS2015 and VS2017. Be sure you run all steps from within the VS2015/VS2017 x64 Native Tools Command Prompt. Running from within a different shell can cause difficult to trace problems.

It is a good idea to verify the success of each installation from within the x64 command prompt before proceeding to the next.

  1. Install CMake and make sure its on your %PATH%
  2. Install the 64 bit version of Python 2.7.x and Pip. When using the python.msi installer, installing pip, and putting Python in %PATH% are both options that should be selected.
  3. pip install PySide
  4. pip install pyd (unclear if this is necessary or not)
  5. Ensure PySide tools (in python27/scripts) are visible on %PATH%. pip probably put it there already.
  6. pip install pyopengl (required for usdview)
  7. Install NASM from Make sure it's on your %PATH% in the working terminal
  8. Install 7-Zip, make sure 7z is on your %PATH% in the working terminal

Once the prerequisites above have been satisfied, follow the instructions in the USD readme.

If there are issues, rerun the script with the -v flag in order to see what went wrong.

Developing your own schemas

If you are going to develop your own schemas, then you will also need flex and bison. They are not required to build and use USD using only the standard schemas.

  1. Download & unzip win-flex and bison from, put them in the %PATH%.
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