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Example tool for exporting plate layout decisions applied in maya (filmBack_Translates/Rotate/Scale) to a camera in nuke. This translates the plate in nuke so the renders from 3d line up.

  • Why?

So the directors decisions of where to position the plate in a vfx shot is set early in the pipe and all artists work with that decision as early as possible(i.e. the lined up plate reflects it's position in the directors edit/avid ref). This then helps a vfx artists to show vfx savey directors playblasts from Maya by using the ImagePlane with the same filmBack_Translate settings.

  • How?

Adjust the Render camera in Maya with these settings to set layout position of plate in frame: -filmback.filmTranslateH -filmback.filmTranslateV -filmback.filmRollValue -filmback.postscale :link these values to a locater and export as fbx or whatever. -translateX=camera.filmTranslateH -translateY=camera.filmTranslateV -rotatetX=camera.filmRollValue -scaleX=camera.postscale :you will also need a matchmoveCamera and the render camera in nuke.

  • Notes:

  • Improvments and Alternatives:

If you dont need scale or rotation the easiset way to do this is not to use this method but alternativly use the filmOffSet settings in Maya as they import natively into Nuke via fbx2010 and then use this equasion: (thanks dekeKincaid & ivanBusquets) window translate u: (2/haperture)(mayaFilmOffset.x25.4) window translate v: (((root.format.h/root.format.w)2)/vaperture)(mayaFilmOffset.y*25.4)

-If you were developing a pipeline you would do this in a more sophisicated way, my recommendations would be either bake the data into an exr and get it from there, hackIvan's abc Importer, or develop a layoutCamera in Nuke that exports a matrix with exr and use that in nuke. (this would allow for full cornerPin type translates for perspective cheats)

-This could be made cheaper/efficiant by using a cameraPlane(cornerpin) instead of the scanlineRender.


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example tool for exporting plate layout in maya (image_plane/FilmBack_Translates) to a camera in nuke to translate plate.



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