Take advantage of Flickr's new terabyte storage limit by turning it into a bad network filesystem with FUSE
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Flickr-fs is a fuse filesystem that allows you to upload your files to flickr as encoded .pngs. It's also really slow and liable to explode at any moment, so don't seriously use it.

To try this, create a folder somewhere (I suggest /[media|mnt]/[username]/flickrfs). Then copy sampleconfig.py to config.py and update the values to match ones you get from flickr's create an app page. Then, run python2 runflickrfs.py <folder>, where folder is the folder you created earlier. If everything goes well, after a few seconds you should get the message that it sucessfully mounted. You can then run a few simple operations like ls/cp on the filesystem.

The FS is pretty slow and unoptimized, but not unusable.

time /bin/ls /media/me/mntpoint
test  test1
/bin/ls /media/me/mntpoint  0.00s user 0.00s system 0% cpu 1.830 total

However, it has the tendency to stall out sometimes and crash with a 503. I'm not sure if that's because I'm doing something wrong or because Flickr is throttling me.

Requirements: python 2.7.3 beautifulsoup4 flickrapi fs PIL requests