Chat module developed as a web component embeddable in any website.
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Polymer-chat is a very simple, proof-of-concept, web component for embedding an unobtrusive chat widget in your website.  I'm having fun building it using Google Polymer and its server side companion project is called nodeChatServer.

Please note that this project is born as a self teaching experiment and therefore is not meant at all to be released in the wild as-is!

Every feedback is very well accepted as well as pull requests.

How to use it

Polymer-chat at the moment relies on a Primus node server to connect to and its address is hardcoded into the polymer component. Therefore if you wish to use this component you need to either supply your own server and modify the URL, either git clone my other repository nodeChatsServer and start it up. Once this is all done, you only need to reference Polymer and the element itself from within your HTML file:

<!-- Place your HTML imports here -->
<script src="bower_components/platform/platform.js"></script> 
<link rel="import" href="elements/chat.html">

How to build and play with it

To build the project just clone the repository and issue command   npm install

followed by 

bower install

To launch the example page, simply type

grunt serve

You will need to have both npm and bower installed.