Audio Score Player Patch for Semblance of a Whole (Giles, 2015)
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Semblance of a Whole: Audioplayer

For ensemble with audio score.

For Pure Data Extended

Audio Score Player Patch for Semblance of a Whole (Giles, 2015).

Audio Score Rehearsal Patch for Semblance of a Whole (Giles, 2015).

Instructions for use are in the comments in-patch.

Score components:

  1. Audio (electronics) for listener only
  2. Notation.
  3. This player.


  1. Laptop with pd-extended
  2. Three sets of headphones/earphones (that allow instrument sounds through).
  3. Audio interface with at least three mono outputs
  4. At least three mono-feed headphone amp or other feeder system with multiple inputs.


There are two patch files here. The first: Semblance_Audioscore.pd corresponds to the first zip file below and is for rehearsal, if necessary. It includes click tracks for each player and the audio is broken up into sections. The second: Master_Audioplayer.pd is for performance, and corresponds to the second zip file below which has all audio as one feed for each player, with only structural points highlighted with clicks. There is a slow 2/4 count-in for instrument 1, and then each section or temp change is preceeded with two measures of clicks and concluded with one measure in the new section or tempo.

Downloads and Links:

[Zip file with audio for each instrument, plus patch. (For Rehearsal, sections split)] (

[Zip file of individual instruments with structural click tracks. (For performance; can be sequenced with DAW or )] (

[Semblance of a Whole (b), fixed-media version] (