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A simple SDL shooter space game (previously called SpaceNX)
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Space Game NX Build status

This is a port of Space Game to the Nintendo Switch.

The game is currently fully playable, but there's no music, enemy count is limited to compared to the Wii U version, and some Switch-specific features are planned.

For a more simple SDL2 switch example, you can see sdl-hello-world.


For Switch

A spacenx.nro file will be produced, which can be used on the switch through hbmenu. It can be compiled using libtransistor or libnx.

Using libtransistor

Clone and setup libtransistor, for more detail see this post. Then run the following command:

make -f Makefile.switch

Notice: currently libtransistor builds are crashing on 5.x. The latest release uses libnx for now.

Using libnx

Setup libnx and devkitarm64 using the installer. At the time of writing, this code uses devkitA64 r10-2. Then run the following command:

make -f Makefile.libnx

For PC

This version of Space Game is ported to sdl2, so the same code can be compiled on the computer as well. Running make -f Makefile.pc creates a binary file that can be executed on the computer using the sdl2 library is required to compile it. It also plays using gamepad controls, so the keyboard won't work to control it.


This program is licensed under the MIT license, see the original repo for more information.

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