Simple and autonomous image based web scripting layer
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Sikuli Spectre

Let's change autonomous web scripting!

Sikuli Spectre combines PhantomJS and Sikuli to allow the user to write PhantomJS scripts that render in the background but use Sikuli's image finding algorithms to interact visually with the webpage that isn't being displayed.


  • Sikuli IDE installed for your system
  • PhantomJS installed

Running the Demo

phantomjs sikuli.js

The code will open the specified site and write the behind the scenes output that the headless webkit is looking at to img/before_site.png

It will then run the sikuli script via If this line errors, you may need to customize line 2 of to the appropriate use Java 6 runtime.

The script will report back coordinates of img/apps_target.png in img/before_site.png to PhantomJS. This information is then applied as a click event

img/result_of_click.png is then written as just that- the result of the click

What next?

The method of interacting with sikuli through phantomjs is a bit complicated, and can result in an ugly script fast that is hard to follow.

Our primary goal is to make Spectre easier to use and interact with, much like Sikuli IDE does for the desktop. Simple and easy-to-use image based web automation will hopefully improve everyone's personal experience on the Internet.