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It's been a while, but here's the second release of the HBAS!

In particular, the 1.5 release seeks to address major crashing/freezing issues as well as a way to help sift through the growing number of apps on the store.

There are a lot of much needed changes in this build:

  • Icons are cached and no longer load asynchronously (#20 and #6)
  • Categories added based on web frontend (#13)
  • App loading restructured, more Stabiity™ (#14)
  • "Random" button added to help discover new apps
  • App re-themed to mimic the new
  • Elf is 35% smaller
  • Minor text fixes

You can download the files either below, the web, or via an in-app update.
If you have no homebrew setup on your Wii U at all, you can also get it at

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Here's the first release of the Homebrew App Store!

See the video here:

And get loads of information here:

To use, put the app in /wiiu/apps, and run via HBL. This version of HBAS is precompiled for pwsincd's WiiuBru repo, which I do not maintain.

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Here's round two!

Most notably here, the UI is finalized. The initial load is glitchy, but after all the icons appear in the "center", try to scroll and everything should snap back to normal.


  • Downloading/updating/deleting
  • Progress bars
  • Much more stable
  • Asynchronous load

Need to work on

  • Load icons separately from entires
  • Organizing initial list
  • Credits
  • Random crashes (such as being allowed to quickly install another app while another is installing, forcing a crash)

Once again, this is not stable yet, please do not distribute/post about it. I wish it wasn't as glitchy as well, but when once the glitches are fixed, it should have a strong release. 😄

See the older beta release for more information, and status on features.

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Here's a beta release of Homebrew App Store. This is "technically" fully capable.


  • Has Wiiubru repository configured
  • Can download, update, and delete apps to/from sd

Features needed before 1.0 release:

  • Show app permissions (#4)
  • Filtering of main list (#1)
  • Sorting of main list (#2)
  • Parse meta.xml for apps in the store (#3)

Bugs that need addressing:

  • Scrolling is buggy, try to scroll along the edge without touching any icons. I hope to have this feel more natural (like a smartphone) before 1.0, as well as joystick support (#7)
  • When you hit download/delete, everything looks like it freezes, (and home won't even work). It should be downloading/deleting, and you'll know when it's done when the window is dismissed (#5)
  • The initial load takes a while (10 seconds for me...) (#6)


  • I also intend to change the current music (currently: Slimers by (T-T)b)
  • I'll be away from this for the next few days ;-;
  • Please refrain from posting/sharing this beta. I want to do a release post/video/writeup once it's stable