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@ValleyBell ValleyBell released this Dec 25, 2018 · 21 commits to master since this release

Important updates:

  • accurate QSound emulation (thanks to ctr)
  • slightly improved emulation of YMF278B, YMF271, SAA1099 and C352
  • added Nuked OPN2 sound core (cycle-accurate YM2612 emulation, thanks to Nuke.YKT)
  • in_vgm: fixed some bugs
  • in_vgm: made "Tag fallback" option work
  • in_vgm: fixed display of outdated tag information
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@ValleyBell ValleyBell released this Aug 4, 2017 · 98 commits to master since this release

Updates since (04.05.2016)

  • fixed looping samples in YMF278B (was broken since
  • fixed OKIM6258 ADPCM algorithm (thanks, XM6 source code)
  • "fixed" some Project2612 VGMs (worked around incorrect register order in the initialization block of Kega Fusion logs)
  • [VGMPlay] fixed YM2608/YM2610 "MutePCMCh" option not working
  • fixed bug with YM2612 "PseudoStereo" option
  • fixed YMF278B FM<->Wavetable volume balance, added code to emulate the "FM mix" register
  • fixed YM2151 to use 10 bits per channel instead of 9 (improves Toms in Sharp X1 Space Harrier), thanks MovieMovies1
  • improved GameBoy emulation by porting current MAME core (ported from libvgm)
  • improved C352 emulation by porting ctr's updates from libvgm
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@superctr superctr released this May 4, 2016 · 111 commits to master since this release

Updates since 0.4.0u6 (30.05.2015)

  • fixed SAA1099 muting (muting channel 1 or 4 prevented the envelope generator from running, thus muting 0-2 or 3-5 respectively)
  • made SAA1099 output bipolar
  • [VGMPlay] fix compiling under Linux (broken since Wide-Charcter file name support)
  • fixed ES5503 sample rate (divider was off by one)
  • applied fix from VOGONS that makes the SAA1099 core actually use the chip clock
  • fixed YMF278B's FM part being emulated at wrong sample rate
  • fixed Irem GA20 channel muting
  • fixed playing non-NMK banked OKIM6295 VGMs after NMK-banked ones
  • fixed SN76489 PSG muting (muting didn't work if the frequency was set to 0 to play PCM)
  • [misc] added vgm2wav (thanks libertyernie)
  • improved DAC Stream Control for HuC6280
  • [VGMPlay] added warning for zlib seeking bug
  • [VGMPlay + in_vgm] fixed bugs with .ini file reading
  • fixed YMF278B sample looping
  • repalced C352 sound core with new one written by superctr
  • added option to disable rarely used C352 rear channels
  • [in_vgm] added option to disable caching of VGM info (tags/etc.)
  • added option to enforce silence at the end of <1.50 VGMs
  • fixed memory leak when seeking back in songs that use the YM2610 (thanks to GTheGuardian for reporting)
  • fixed bug with X1-010 PCM loops
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May 30, 2015
add ES5503, ES5505/6, X1-010, C352, GA20

@vampirefrog vampirefrog released this Nov 10, 2014

This github release mirrors the 0.40.5 version of vgmplay

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