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libxmljs-easy is a Node.js module which simplifies XML traversing, similar to E4X.

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 npm install libxmljs-easy


Note that latest version requires Node.js 0.11.x or 0.12.x and --harmony-proxies option. 0.1.x versions of this module used node-proxy module instead.

Use module

 var easy = require("libxmljs-easy");

Parse XML

 var xml = easy.parse('<books><book name="Lord of the Rings">' +
                         '<author name="J. R. R. Tolkien" />' +
                         '<language>English</language>' +

Select elements from collections explicitly

 assert.equal([0].$name, "Lord of the Rings");
 assert.equal([0].author[0].$name, "J. R. R. Tolkien");

Use shorthands (works well for case when there is single child element with given name)

 assert.equal($name, "Lord of the Rings");
 assert.equal($name, "J. R. R. Tolkien");

Basically the idea is that you construct a path from tag names, which can optionally end with attribute name prefixed with "$".

When index is ommited – the array of elements is matched. When attribute is accessed on such array, its value is concatenated string of attribute values for each of elements in the array.

There is also original DOM element available as "$" property of individual converted elements.

 assert.equal([0].$.text(), "English");

Further info