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Very Good Security Sample & Example Projects

Various examples of how to integrate and use Very Good Security

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  1. vgs-nodejs-sample vgs-nodejs-sample Public

    Simple integration of node.js app with VGS

    HTML 15 11

  2. vgs-collect-examples vgs-collect-examples Public

    VGS Collect use cases

    HTML 13 48

  3. netlify-addon-demo netlify-addon-demo Public

    Demo of Netlify <> VGS addon integration with Checkr and Stripe

    HTML 8 6

  4. netlify-addon-example netlify-addon-example Public

    Example of using VGS as a netlify addon

    CSS 7 9

  5. vgs-proxy-examples vgs-proxy-examples Public

    Examples of using vault proxy and APIs in different languages

    Java 6 10

  6. vgs-django-sample-id-verification vgs-django-sample-id-verification Public

    Python 4 6


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