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GTK+ 3.x manual wrapper for V
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What is this

This is a manual wrapper for gtk3 for V. The advantage compared to using C.<function> directly is that vgtk3 uses V structs and does it best to have a good V style when "translating" gtk3 to V. This is mostly why the functions aren't auto-generated, as this doesn't create any helpful structures nor does it splits the files, because it doesn't know what a container is, this wrapper knows it and offers a Container interface ready for use.

Notes: We are still combining everything together here, will be separated after everything is finished


  • GTK
    • AccelMap
    • ActionBar
    • Application
    • Box
    • Button
    • ComboBox
    • Container
    • Dialog
    • Entry
    • Grid
    • Image
    • Label
    • Menu
    • MenuItem
    • WidgetPath
    • Widget
    • Window
  • GDK
    • Device
    • Window
  • GIO
    • File
  • GLIB
    • Array
    • List
    • Node
    • SList
    • String


  • You need the latest GTK+ installed.
  • For now, this only work with clang compiler.


Gtk is available under the MIT License, please refer to it.

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