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Add additional Perlbrew aliases

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1 parent af70f18 commit 48b83fae7b0379b204cb760b862c7b9448db4f76 @sorin-ionescu sorin-ionescu committed Jun 12, 2012
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4 modules/perl/init.zsh
@@ -45,9 +45,13 @@ alias pd='perldoc'
alias pe='perl -wlne'
# Perlbrew
+alias pb='perlbrew'
+alias pba='perlbrew available'
alias pbi='perlbrew install'
alias pbl='perlbrew list'
alias pbo='perlbrew off'
+alias pbO='perlbrew switch-off'
alias pbs='perlbrew switch'
alias pbu='perlbrew use'
+alias pbx='perlbrew uninstall'

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