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<- handle change in tcl 8.5.8:
in xotcl:
* when e.g. the parent namespace is deleted with a "namespace delete", the change
above causes, the no xotcl methods could be resolved (and called) anymore.
* therefore, e.g. a "C dealloc c1" did not work, since dealloc passes
c1 via tcl_obj, and the tcl_obj is as well converted to an xotcl object via
Tcl_GetCommandFromObj(), which fails as well.
- to bypass this problem, xotcl has now a C-function DoDealloc(), which
is called, when this situation is detected.
- some more cases, where xotcl could reference already freed memory
were fixed (thanks to enable-symbols=mem)
- as collateral damage, parts of the regression test don't work currently
- added refcounting in ObjectDispatch() to make sure, obj survives until
the end of the function
- added existence test for slot extractor (needed for 8.5.8)
- added refcounting CallStackDoDestroy() to ensure existance of
object until end of function
- make sure to call PrimitiveDestroy() before DeleteCommandFromToken(),
otherwise e.g. unset traces on this object cannot be executed
- regression test works again
- get rid of rst->deallocCalled (not needed due to reference counting
on xotcl objects)
- reduce verbosity
- reactivated XOTclErrInProc()
- renamed "ClassName info instmixinof ?-closure? ?pattern?" into
"ClassName info class-mixin-of ?-closure? ?pattern?"
- renamed "ClassName info mixinof ?-closure? ?pattern?" into
"ClassName info object-mixin-of ?-closure? ?pattern?"
- added emulation "ClassName info instmixinof|mixinof" for xotcl1
- update to TEA 3.7 (from TEA 3.5)
- use of INT2PTR to avoid warnings about different sizes on 64bit
- defined HAVE_INTPTR_T as a macro to make definition of INT2PTR working
- use INT2PTR and PTR2INT macros in generated stubs
- use ::xotcl::setinstvar instead of ::xotcl::setinstvar in serializer
- change and rename cmd instvar
::xotcl::instvar -object someObject newVar
::xotcl::importvar someObject newVar
Rationale of change:
only needed in xotcl2 for importing variables
from different objects
- changed assertions:
old (xotcl1) interface: 3 methods + 3 info methods
* <object> check Options
* <object> info check
* <object> invar Conditions
* <object> info invar
* <class> instinvar Conditions
* <class> info instinvar
new (xotcl2) interface: 1 cmd (similar to ::xotcl::relation)
::xotcl::assertion check|object-invar|class-invar ?arg?
- added emulation for xotcl1
- deleted namespecific C macros:
isInfoString, isInstinvarString, isInvarString, isInstprocString, isProcString
- made some more xotcl2 methods protected
(no big need to call these from different objects):
unknown, uplevel, upvar
- added ::xotcl::exists as cmd
- added ::xotcl::method as cmd instead of methods object-method and
- added ::xotcl::forward as cmd instead of method
now, all method-defining-methods (alias, method, forward, setter)
are defined as cmds (this should make life of serializer easier)
- moved "-per-object" consequently immediately after obj in the
following commands
: ::xotcl::alias, ::xotcl::methodproperty, ::xotcl::setter
to achiev conformance with ::xotcl::forward and ::xotcl::method
nach methodName:
vor methodName: alias forward method methodproperty setter
- added experimental flag for alias "-noleaf" to force a stack frame
to be written (e.g. necessary for "next"). makes only sense for
aliases to c-implemented cmds
- fix inconsistent behaviour of dotVarResolver
"o eval {set .x 1}" was setting var ".x" instead of "x"
The problem was due to a interaction between
the namespace varResolver() and the DotVarResolver()
- fix for DotCmdResolver during compilation of a proc by Tcl.
- extended regression text
- found 2 potential bugs (not fixed yet)
- fix eval method with requirenamespace
- removed dependency on proc/instproc in copy/move.
code is now independet of class system
- changed results of "filtersearch" and "self next" to new naming
Caveat: for xotcl1, there is no mapping for the names to the
old style in "self next" and "self filterreg"
- backwards compatible mapping of filterseach in xotcl1
- removed XOTclInstVar from the C-level API.
todo: add all xotcl*cmds to C api, including importvar
- removed all unreferenced entries from XOTE_*
- regrouped XOTE_* for easier comprehension
- used XOTE_* on more occations
- used XOTclCallCommand() for calling Tcl
"format" and "interp"
- added option "arg=.." to parameter options; this argument
can be passed to converter; used currently for "type=relation"
to flag, that the relation type is different from the parameter
- extended "objectparameter" to handle such cases
- removed relationtypes "mixin", "filter", "instfilter" and
"instmixin" since not needed due to converterArg
- xotcl.c: removed all names starting with "inst"
(exception: instvar)
- added option "-application" to "info callable" to
omit methods from base classes
- extended regression test
- changed naming of methodtype "system" to "builtin"
- added "info methods" to migration guide
- added "info method" to migration guide
- modernize test a little: all local definitions of proc "?" are gone.
- added interface to test: "Test parameter count SOMEVALUE" to
specify conveniently e.g. the number of tests the be executed
- add XOTCL_CM_NO_UNKNOWN to dispatch of defaultmethod
- added option "objectsystems" to ::xotcl::configure to
obtain the currently defined object systems
- added option "baseclass" to ::xotcl::is to check, whether
a class is a baseclass of an object system
(root class or root meta-class of object system)
- changed result of "... info methods -methodtype scripted"
to return only truely scripted methods (no aliases)
- some more cleanup in regression tests
- first version of serializer for xotcl1 + xotcl2
- serializer: move checking of the requested objects
to be exported to the invocation of "Serializer all"
- replace "namespace import ::xotcl::*" by "xotcl::use xotcl1"
- make allocation sizes for dynamically allocated parameterContexts
consistent between alloc and realloc
- added sanity check in getAllClassMixinsOf()
It seems as it would be possible with __defaultSupeclass to define
a class which has itself als a subclass. Just a quick
fix, we have investigate more on this.
- improved naming of resolvers: use InterpDot*Resolver and
NsDot*Resolver for interp wide and namespace specific resolvers
- added possibility to escape the call of commands starting
with a dot from method bodies by prefixing with a second dot.
- make sure to have an xotcl frame pushed, when byte-code-compiler
is invoked. This is necessary for providing the context for
dotCmd resolvers
- use uplevel in slot add/delete to evalute in calling namespace
(for not fully qualified object names)
- determine namespace in test method "?" to allow its execution
in an "namespace eval"
- added regression tests
- NsDotVarResolver: don't create variables on CMETHOD frames
when their names do not start with a "."
- general overhaul of XOTcl_PushFrame()XOTcl_PopFrame():
new functions:
* XOTcl_PushFrameCsc()/XOTcl_PopFrameCsc(): for CMETHOD fames
* XOTcl_PushFrameObj()/XOTcl_PopFrameObj(): for OBJECT frames
- preallocate obj->vartable in XOTcl_PushFrameObj() to
avoid situations where to non-existing vartable is created
on demand at different places (e.g. on stack and in
var resolver)
- caller of convertToRelationtype(): make sure that last argument
keeping the result is large enough to held pointer (in case of
sizeof(void) != sizeof(int)
- Serializer: include ObjectSystemSerializer in "Serializer all"
- Serializer: use class-mixin in dependency order
- Serializer: add appropriate "::xotcl::use xotcl1|xotcl2"
- Serializer: fix syntax in exportMethods
- Serializer: provide limited support for exporting aliases for xotcl1 objects
- add calltype to tcl85showStack
- keep orignial objc/objc in call stack context such that
next/self args works with canonical args (allow e.g.
different order of nonpos args in a next)
- make naming in xotcl.c more consistent
- ensure to return empty, when "info callable -which" fails
- extend regression test
- exithandler is different in xotcl2 -> comment, check openacs
- ensure relation filter/instfilter etc. mit guards
- extended migration guide
- defined eval in predefined via "-nonleaf", used at various places
- added "info mixinof ?-scope all|object|class? ?pattern?", dropped
"object-mixin-of" and "class-mixin-on" from registerd method
- extended regression test
- xotcl1: make "-volatile" invoked via unknown behave correctly
- provide minimal xotcl2 compatibility
- added non positional parameter "type" to "get_parameter"
- removed "required" from parameters, which is in XOTcl 1 just a comment
- minor cleanup
- experimental change of resolver name prefix char from dot to single colon
- making methodDefinitions NULL terminated
- passing optional arg to user-defined argument converter
- refuse to redefine type converters for a single parameter
- adding regression test for parameters
- added instance variable arg for interfacing with parameter
interface. "arg" acts like a clientdata for type converter
- added multiple parameter options handling to method "parameter"
to obtain similar functionality from object parameters
as from method parameters
- added conveniance method "??" to test to indicated test
that should fail with an error
- added severy type converters to achieve same
object type checking as in ::xotcl::is
(these are currently in the regression test, should move
finally into predefined.xotcl)
- extended regression test
- new function ::xotcl::parameterFromSlot (used in argument checker as well)
- use ::xotcl::forward in Slot constructor (instead of dispatch)
- checking methods on slots for single- and multivalues slots
(can be optimized)
- extended regression test
- don't run multiple queries in "??"
- fixed last changes to regression test as usual
- added "multivalued" to parameter options
- made error message produced by XOTclObjErrType look like Tcl's error
- extended regression test
- test utility: changed "?" to return error msg in case of error
- checking multivalued types in "-parameters" by using argument
- some cleanup
- extend regression test
valuecheck.001: 5.27 mms, ::xotcl::valuecheck object o1
valuecheck.002: ::xotcl::valuecheck object 1 ok
valuecheck.003: 3.06 mms, ::xotcl::is o1 object
- new cmd "::xotcl::valuecheck <valueConstraints> <value>"
where "valueConstraints" is whatever is allowed in e.g. parameters
(including user defined types)
- new Tcl_ObjType "xotclParam"
- parameterFromSlot returns now pair object-param & method-param
- define dissallowed parameter options for object parameter, method
parameter and valuecheck command
- make canonical table of parameter options (currently in
- extend regression test
- systematic checking, what valueconstraints should be allowed/not
allowed in valuecheck
- pass arg from objectparameter as first argument to objparms
(similiar to client data)
- support for parameter spec of form "type=XXX" to denote that
the parameter must be an object of the specified type (class;
directly or indirectly)
- new built-in converter: convertToObjectOfType()
- keep parameterObj (source for conversion to XOTclParam)
for making introspection less work. However, this is
only used for XOTclParams generated via ParamParse().
- extending regression test
- name XOTclObjects always "object" instead of "obj" to avoid
potential confusion with Tcl_Objs
- remove unneeded push and pop operations in ListChildren() and
- allow syntax "object,type=::SomeClass" and "class,type=::SomeMetaClass"
(currently identical, we should as well check for class/meta-class
in case of "class,type=SomeClass")
- define everything concerning basic slot setup in a single
"namespace eval ::xotcl {...}"
- undefine ::xotcl::createBootstrapAttributeSlots after this block
- fix default DefaultSuperClass() with isMeta==1 in cases,
where we are already at the root meta class
- use "-parameter" in xotcl1 instead of createBootstrapAttributeSlots
- cleanup of legacy stuff in slot management.
* merged InfoSlot and InterceptorSlot into RelationSlot
* get rid of legacy "mixin set ...." command
- renamed "parameterSlot" into "methodParameterSlot" to avoid
potential confusions
- refactor Slot class hierarchie
- new methods in ObjectParameterSlot "toParameterSyntax" and
- some more cleanup
- removed legacy syntax for "-parmeters"
- moved slot optimizer from ::xotcl::ObjectParameterSlot::Optimizer to
- support for all string constraints provided by "string is ... $value"
in object and method parameters ("alum", "alpha", ..., "xdigit").
Technically, these types are tclobjs (using converter convertToTclobj)
having pParm->converterArg set to the constraints.
- extended regression test
- get rid of convertToObjectOfType(), make convertToClass() and
converterToObject() more general, accepting type constraints
- predefined.xotcl: move toParameterSyntax and objectparameter to
a position, where basic slot definitions are provided
- fixed default value setting in bootstrap code
- provide more precise error message in converter,
when object type are used
- extend regression test
- added error message when substdefault is specified without a default value
- extend regression test
- added parameter option slot= to pass slotobj to a certain parameter
- use slot option to keep relation between parameter and slot
- object parameter dispatch type checker on slot objects
- allow transformation via user-defined converter (can be use to
standardize parameter values)
experimental implementation, refcounting has to be looked
in detail, maybe we need a different interface for the converters
- provide checker-methods for
-> objectParameter
-> methodParameter
- slotobject specific checker-methods
- treat currently unknown converters in valuecheckcmd as error
- fix the regression test from the last changes
- added argument for converter to return the converted tcl_obj, which
should be passed on (currently only used for viaCmd); this way,
we could remove the kludge of querying the converter after the conversion
for special handling.
- handle multivalued + values converted viaCmd converter the new
output list is only built when needed via ArgumentCheckHelper()
- fix counter initialization in ::xotcl::importvar
- register alternate "new" method in "contains" for xotcl2 and
(if available) for xotcl1 objects
- provide error message for cases, where parameter options are not
allowed (or ignored)
- move methodParameter checkers for "mixin", "baseclass" and "metaclass"
to predefined.
- deactivated checkMethods in gentclAPI.decls and in xotcl.c
- renamed "::xotcl::is ... mixin ..." to "::xotcl::is ... hasmixin ..."
(effects parametertypes as well)
- made error messages for failed conversions more consistent
(note that tcl does not provide the parameter name in the error message,
but user-defined converters do)
- fixed valuecheck in connection with modifying converters
- extended regression test
- fixed compilation for tcl 8.6b1
- Allowed parameter specification for setters.
One can define now a setter with constraints like e.g.
::xotcl::setter o a:integer
to define a setter named "a" for object "o" which
has to be integer.
- Extended regression test
- Followed naming conventions for several structures
- setterCmd(): Do not allow methodNames start with "-"
- setterCmd(): Do not allow defaults for setters
- extend regression test
- removed duplciate error message in "hasmixin" converter
- fixed refcounting in converting user-types in case of errors
- extended regression test
- added a "-nocomplain" option to ::xotcl::valuecheck
- changed semantic of ::xotcl::valuecheck: per default,
valuecheck raises an error or returns true.
If "-nocomplain" is used, valuecheck returns
0 or 1 like implemented befor this change
- extended regression test
- added parameter "incremental" to ::xotcl::Attribute:
when set, one can use "object paramname add|delete $value" etc.
- use setters with parameter constraints in slot optimizer
- as a consequence, setting attributes via slot names is about
twice as fast as before, when parameter constraints are used.
- extended regression test
- fixed returned method name when setter was used on objects
- reduce verbosity
- implemented "info method definition|parameter|args $name" for
settercmds (with parameter constraints)
- extended regression test
- fixed result resetting for user defined converters
- ::xotcl::valuecheck: moved "-nocomplain" to first position
(similar to e.g. unset)
- experimental: allow to shadow built-in types provided that
a) slot= is specified explicitely, and
b) the specified slot is not the default slot.
This should guarantee that we do not interfere with
the predefined converters for the c-level interface.
- incremented ref count on results of all-level converter
- extended regression test
- new methods for MetaSlot to factor out common code:
+ slotName (to ease name-construction, care about
slot container)
+ createFromParameterSyntax: essentially move from
::xotcl::Attribute to the meta class
- test environment: make sure to avoid confusions between
the "namespace" method and command
- added a version of the "attribute" method to predefined
- removed the following classes and methods
class ::xotcl::Attribute::Nocheck
- centralize fetching of tcl-obj-types in xotcl_init
- support for method modifier "object", "protected" and "public"
for method "attribute". One can use now e.g.
Class create C {
:attribute a
:public attribute b
:protected attribute c
:object attribute A
:public object attribute B
:protected object attribute C
"protected" and "public" refers to the registered accessor functions
- experimental checking function ::xotcl::is2 implemented, which generalizes
between ::xotcl::is and ::xotcl::valuecheck (it is a valuecheck -nocomplain
with an ::xotcl::is syntax and switched arguments)
- Unified on c-level "info class-mixin-of" and "info object-mixin-of"
to "info mixinof ?-scope all|object|class? ?-closure? ?pattern?
The former "info class-mixin-of"
is now "info mixinof -scope class"
- adapted xotcl1 layer for this change
- extended experimental ::xotcl::is2 to handle flags -type and -hasmixin
::xotcl::is2 <obj> object ?-type <type>? ?-hasmixin <class>?
- renamed old "xotcl::is" -> "xotcl::objectproperty"
- renamed old "xotcl::is2" -> "xotcl::is"
- we have now is tests for objects in ::xotcl::objectproperty
::xotcl::objectproperty $obj object
::xotcl::objectproperty $obj class
::xotcl::objectproperty $obj baseclass
::xotcl::objectproperty $obj metaclass
::xotcl::objectproperty $obj type XXXX
::xotcl::objectproperty $obj hasmixin XXXX
- "::xotcl::is" is the higher level command,
supporting string contstraints "e.g. upper", user defined type checkers
and as well object properties (every parameter type supported for object
and method paameter). Examples:
::xotcl::is $obj object ?-type $type? ?-hasmixin $mixin?
::xotcl::is $cl class ?-type $type? ?-hasmixin $mixin?
::xotcl::is obj metaclass
::xotcl::is $num integer
::xotcl::is $string upper
- implemented 2nd level reference counting for paramObjType
- defined "info is" as alias of "::xotcl::objectproperty"
- renamed ::xotcl::valuecheck -> ::xotcl::parametercheck
- replaced in predefined occurances of ::xotcl::is by ::xotcl::objectproperty
- fixed namespace handling on stack for objects with namespaces
(before, it was possible that a variable was created in
an object's namespace without -objscope)
- as a consequence, ListChildren() had to be adjused, since
it depended on the previous namespace handling on the stack
- fixed object sesolving in NsDotVarResolver()
(before, it was possible that NsDotVarResolver could
create variables in the wrong namespace)
- simplified NsDotVarResolver()
- more cleanup in name resolver
* USE_DOT is gone
* XOTclDotDotCmd() removed
* improved performance of InterpCompiledDotVarResolver()
* made LookupVarFromTable() obsolete and removed it
* renamed DotVarResolver() and friends to ColonVarResolver() etc.
- extended regression test
- call XOTclObject always "object" instead of "obj"
- initcmd: use for initcmds CMETHOD frames instead of OBJECT stack frames
- initcmd: skip parent-stack frame's objscope for initcmd
- changed hash-based lookup of children into a cmd-based lookup
- extended regression test
- cleanup in stack handlers (naming, arguments)
- XOTclCallStackFindLastInvocation(): return last scripted invocation
- use xotcl1 in webserver test to make rull regression test working
- make xotcl::use silent
- added option "-nonleaf" for method alias
- added introspection (for "info method definition") for "alias ... -nonleaf ..."
- removed obsolete ::xotcl::configure option "cacheinterface"
- removed XOTclCreateClass() and XOTclDeleteClass();
both are identical with XOTclCreateObject() and XOTclDeleteObject()
- renaming of instance variable specific primitiva for more
constistency with ::xotcl::importvar:
::xotcl::exists -> ::xotcl::existsvar
::xotcl::setinstvar -> ::xotcl::setvar
- requireNameSpace:
* fix potental crash in requireNameSpace in objscoped methods
by swapping all vartable references in objscopes on stack
to the vartable in the namespace, when it is created
- extending regression test
- working towards KEEP_VARS_IN_CMETHOD_FRAME
- enable compilation with assertion turned on (via NDEBUG)
- fix potentially uninitialized flags for ArgumentCheck()
- some further cleanup, tested with 32 bit under Mac OS X 10.6
- removed obsolete generic/xotclAppInit.c
- changed loading method in xotclsh from Xotcl_Init() to Tcl_PkgRequire()
- updating tcl.m4 to the actual version (TEA 3.7)
- minor cleanup (varresolution test and comment)
- defined "xotcl::current" as synonym for "::xotcl::self"
- new options for ::xotcl::current
current object == current
current method == current proc
current callingmethod == current callingproc
- "self proc" and friends are for backward compatibility for xotcl1,
"current method" and friends are for xotcl2
- namespace exported "::xotcl::current"
- use "::xotcl::current" instead of "xotcl::self" in predefined
- use "CONST char *" in generated interface and below
- further cleanup using "CONST char *"
- remove dependency from xotcl1 in handling of forwarders in method "copy"
- further cleanup using "CONST char *", improving on naming conventions
- added an experimental "info frame" handler, which appends "object" and
"class" pairs
- fixed wrong name for per-object filter in RelationSlot
- fixed condition in filter-incovation to top-level frames
- added frametype to information returned by "info frame"
- change frametype in "info frame" form bitpattern to symbolic names
- use a more recent version of unix/tclAppInit.c
- fix syntax in predefined
- let serializer call "init" of attributes, even if it is protected
- fixing "-parameter" with empty content
- more variable naming cleanup
- fix line breaking in serializer for "exportedObjects"
- call c-implemented methods directly, when this is safe
XOTE_CREATE, XOTE_DEALLOC); this improves create/destroy
speed by up to 15%
- allocate namespaces for objects less eager
- make nameing more consistent
(change newObj into newObject when variable is an xotcl object)
- get rid of misleading RCS: lines
- passing --prefix to subdirs
- regenerated configure files
- added stefan's expat library linking extension
- define RecreateObject() for internal call via direct invocation
- doCleanup is just called by recreate; merge it into
Is method cleanup necessary? is recreate not sufficient?
Delete "cleanup" from internally called methods in next,
keep it for compatibility in XOTcl
- make XOTcl_FrameDecls transparent (use variable declarations
in place instead of the macro)
- fix variable shadowing bug in error handling
(could cause crashes when initcmd lead to errors)
- call all truely essential methods directly if possible
(Object.destroy, Class.alloc, Class.dealloc, Class.create)
The basics of XOTcl can work now also in cases,
when these are not defined as methods.
- handling OBJECT-frames in CallStackPopAll()
(for handling exit with active stack frames)
- deactivate filters in finialize
- new method InvokeMethodObj() to replace finally CanInvokeDirectly()
- remove some more obsolete RCS Ids
- call Tcl_Objs "Obj", not "Object"
- replace all CanInvokeDirectly() by InvokeMethodObj()
- block call-stack deletes during XOTCL_EXITHANDLER_ON_SOFT_DESTROY;
however, this seems to create a small leak during exit
(revant for threads); so currently, debug still turned on
- fix last issue, with freeing objects, when exit happens from
higher stack frames
- first part of allowing arbitrary named internally called methods.
- move refcount fixing logic for exit from higher stackframes to new function: finalObjectDeletion()
- created new functions:
ObjectSystemFree(), ObjectSystemAdd(), ObjectSystemsCheckSystemMethod(),
ObjectSystemsCleanup(), GetObjectSystem(), CallDirectly()
for better separation of systems. We keep track which essential system
methods are defined and which which methods are potentially overloaded.
- replaced hard-coded method calls for XOTE_DEFAULTMETHOD, XOTE_INIT,
- renamed MethodObj() to XOTclMethodObj() (it is an exported symbol)
- eliminated XOTE_MOVE
- eliminated XOTE_UNKNOWN
- eliminated XOTE___UNKNOWN
- renamed __unknown to requireobject
- provide prefix for internally called methods to distinguish between
methods called on objects or classes
- handling of minimal object systems. For example, the
following three command create an object system around
::object and ::class ...
::xotcl::createobjectsystem ::object ::class
::xotcl::alias ::class + ::xotcl::cmd::Class::create
::xotcl::alias ::object - ::xotcl::cmd::Object::destroy
... where no internal message dispatch are used (e.g. no
constructor "init", and where just two methods ("+" and "-")
are used to create and destroy objects
- extended regression test
- get rid of reminder of tcl 8.4 compatiblity and remove range of
- rename CallStackPush() to CscInit()
- rename CallStackPop() to CscFinish()
- remove "buffer" from compiled var structures
- remove xotcl1 dependency from aol-tcl
- removed conditional var table creation by assertion
- make clean compile with assertions turned on
- xotcl 1.6.6: make sure to load always xotcl 1 versions when needed
- xotcl 1.6.6: make compilation clean when compiled with assertions on
- xotcl 1.6.6: more cases for the regression test, where we want to load xotcl1 not 2
- xotcl 1.6.6: one more cases for the packaging, where we want to load xotcl1 not 2
- replace hash-lookup in namespace in ObjectHasChildren() by pointer lookup
to reduce namespace dependency.
- fix memcopy size
- add check for optional match arguments in tcl stub generator
- fix potential memory leaks
all "definitely losts" from valgrind (except 24 bytes from Tcl_PkgRequire) gone
- fix a potential ordering problem with cyclic dependencies created by
namespace import commands
- Handle cases, where objects/classes are created with the name
of preexiting namespaces. Cases, where pre-exisitng namespaces
contained classes/objects lead to problems, since xotcl did not
see the object/classes of the pre-exiting namespace as children
of the new object/class.
- Allow to speficy last arg of objectparameter to replace scripted init
block. The redefinition of objectparameter allows us to specify whether
no/some/classical/altered/additional arguments should be allowed during
object creation
- Naming
file exension:
file names:
composite words with - instead of capitalization
package names
next::doc-tools # use - instead of _ or capitalization
use first name capitalized to distinguish from objects
typically, first charaction small
- next::core as namespace name not perfect for adressing variables:
set ::xotcl::version ${::next-core::version}
set ::xotcl::patchlevel ${::next-core::patchlevel}
do we need:
checkMethod "::next::core::cmd::ParameterType"
- namespace changes:
mostly due to marketing reasons, the naming of the top-level namespace
changed from "xotcl2" to "next".
reasons: xotcl is hard to pronounce for beginners, sounds like "exotic"
(but who wants to program in an exotic language) has a certain stigma
of strange namings (e.g. "instproc"), is seen as a precursor of tcloo,
the top-level namespace ::xotcl2:: is not very nice either, the separation
of framework and language is not clear.
We have now:
::next (the new object system, former ::xotcl2)
::next::core (framework, primitives)
::xotcl (former xotcl1)
- "::xotcl::use" no longer needed, use Tcl standard mechanisms instead
(e.g. "package req next"; "package req XOTcl", "namespace import ::next*")
- [self next] returns
instead of "proc" and "instproc" => "method"
instead of "parametercmd" and "instparametercmd" => "setter"
instead of "instforward" => "forward"
instead of "instcmd" => "cmd"
prefixed with the modifier "object" when needed
- [self filterreg] returns
instead of "instforward" => "forward"
prefixed with the modifier "object" when needed
- We have now:
::nx (the new object system, former ::xotcl2)
::nx::core (framework, primitives)
::xotcl (former xotcl1)
- naming next scripting framework
::nx::core::existsvar <==> nx::var exists
::nx::core::importvar <==> nx::var import
::nx::core::setvar <==> nx::var set
- copied infoObjectMethod and infoClassMethod decls as comments
to xotcl.c, aligned order of method definitions
- removed "[o exists varname]" from next scripting language
- reanimated "info vars" to show locals in eval method
- provide error messages for [objectproperty ... type ...]
- replace 0 by NULL in calls to GetClassFromObj()
- extended regression test
- use size_t where appropriate
- added notnull annotations
- Implemented "Class info parameter" in Tcl, aliases for xotcl.
Now both definition of parameters and setting of __parameter are
in Tcl.
- get rid of ":::xotcl::use"
- renamed tests based on next from .xotcl to .tcl
- extended regression tests
- use namespace ::nx::test instead of ::xotcl::test
- use namespace ::nx::serializer instead of ::xotcl::serializer
- rename xotcl1.xotcl to xotcl.tcl
- some cleanup (version variables, etc.) in xotcl.tcl
- renamed tests/method-modifiers.xotcl to tests/method-modifiers.tcl
- changed "require xotcl::test" to "... next::test"
- changed "require next" to "... nx"
- changed "require next::test" to "... nx::test"
- changed "require next::doc" to "... nx::doc"
- added missing ./tests/var-access.tcl to git
- added section about registering filters and mixin to migration guide
- moved and transformed to next tests/mixinoftest.xotcl -> tests/mixinoftest.tcl
- moved and transformed to next tests/object-system.xotcl -> tests/object-system.tcl
- changed pkgIndex reference for .so file from next ot nx
- changed stubs from xotcl to nx
- first part of openacs updates
- changed "Serializer.xotcl" to "serializer.tcl"
(package name from xotcl::serializer to nx::serializer)
- added stub for xotcl::serializer for backward compatibility
- changed serializer to new namespaces
- renamed xotcl.tcl to xotcl2.tcl
- added proc finalize to xotcl2.tcl
- renamed mk_predefined.xotcl -> mk_predefined.tcl
- renamed predefined.xotcl -> predefined.tcl
- additional subcommand "info method parametersyntax <methodname>"
returns parameters in a syntax similar to the tcl man pages
- added ability to pass syntax for forwarded methods
via set ::nx::core::signature(::nx::Object-method-forward)
- fixed documentation system to work with actual version
- added undocumented methods for quality control in documentation
- added checks for documented, but unavailable methods in documentation
- added comparison of documented parameters vs. actual parameters in documentation
- added @properties and has_property to the documentation classes.
Current primary purpose: define, which methods are internally-called
- added internally-called to the method object template
- added redefine-protected to the object template
- added methodtype to object template
- some documentation updates
- some indentation/spacing improvements on xotcl.c
- let ".... info method .... METHOD" return values,
when METHOD contains namespace prefix. This can be
used to obtain the parmeter definitions from nx::core
- get forward definition from the original command
- created own directory structure xotcl under library
containing doc, tests, apps, lib etc. and moved
obvious content here.
- adjusted regression test and old documentation
system to work with new structure
old structure
new structure
- moved some more xotcl specfic tests to library/xotcl
- transformed forwardtest from xotcl to next
- moved slottest to library/xotcl
- added new Makefile target test-xotcl
- finished test migration for now
- deactivated __next for now
- iterated through doc.tcl-TODOs
- changed CheckVarName to allow array names like e.g. a(::b)
- extended regression test
- fixed serializer to handle subobjects of explicitely exported objects
- xotcl.c:
* new function GetObjectFromNsName() to obtail object or class
from a fully qualified namespace name used in method handles (such as e.g.
* new function MethodHandleObj() to return a tcl_obj containing the methodhandle
* removed obsolete method getFullProcQualifier()
* info methods obtain now object and/or class from fully qualified method
names (method handles) if possible
* return message handles in "current next", "current filterreg" and
"... info filter ... -order", which can be used in "info method .... "
for obtaining more details.
* change all occurrances of "self" in next regression tests to current.
- xotcl2.tcl
* implemented "self" as a proc to provide extensibility and
full backward compatibilty; this opens opportunity
to replace now e.g. "self proc" by "current method", etc.
* provide full compatibility for "self next", "self filterreg" and
"... info filter ... -order", returning old-style multiword method handles
(such as e.g. "::C instproc foo")
- changed "next" to current in documentation framework and templates
- updated migration guide, added section for callstack introspection
- updated serializer for new names
- Introduced $xotcl_target_doc_dir for generated xotcl documentation.
Generate xotcl documentation in this directory.
- moved more (hopefully all) xotcl doc components into library/xotcl/doc
- added interp alias "nx::self" to "nx::core::current method"
- changed "current proc" into "current method" in scripts and tests
- file extension for next scripting .tcl DONE
- changed ::nx::core to ::nsf
- made the "next scripting laguage" a own, loadable tcl package
(currently named nx, name is subject of change)
- predefined.tcl is now pretty minimal.
- updated to TEA 3.8
- moved all exports of nsf to predefined.tcl
- made imports in xotcl2 and nx explicit
- adjusted path in documentation system for nx/nx.tcl
- Implemented "interp alias" support for classes.
In some cases. interp-aliased classes worked already
without additional code, but e.g. in "... -superclass C ..."
it failed. Without this feature, one could not reuse a
class with a different namespace, unless it was explicitely
"namespace exported" in the source. The problem was the
implementation of "::nx::Attribute", which should not be
exported in nx (most people do a "namespace import ::nx::*")
because there is no need to do so, but ::xotcl::Attribute
should reuse it - without subclassing). .... However,
we still seem to have a problem, when the interp-aliased
Class is exported and imported to a different namespace.
- TODO: info methods shows finally "slots" and "slot". Wanted? Actually no.
- removed definition of slots from nx, changed regression tests
examples from slots to ::attribute
- replaced several occurrences of "eval" in nx.tcl and xotcl2.tcl
- implemented parameter option "allowempty"
- extended regression test
- commented out XOTCL_CMD_NOT_FOUND, since it seems to be obsolete by now
- extended regression test to avoid CallDirectly on dealloc (the last place,
where XOTCL_CMD_NOT_FOUND was used)
- implemented return value checker (for scripted and c-implemented methods)
- additional methodproperty returns (for registering a return value checker)
- support for incrementally adding stuff to paramDefs (such as slotobj or return value)
- new c-function ParamDefsNew()
- added regression test for return value checker
- upgraded to TEA 3.9
- nsf: provided scripted support for "require/provide methods"
- nx: new method ":require namespace" ":require method" "require object method"
- added regression test method-require
- removed requireNamespace from nx.tcl (still exists in xotcl)
- replaced "requireNamespace" by "require namespace" in nx regression tests
- updated migration guide
- removed method "autoname" from nx.tcl
- added "method require autoname"
- added "method require exists"
- removed method "filtersearch" from nx.tcl
- added "obj info method filter methodName" to nx
- updated xotcl2 to use new filtersearch imprementation
- updated migration guide
- renamed "info method name ..." into "info method handle ...",
since it returned already the handle
- renamed ListMethodName() to ListMethodHandle()
- changed output of "info callable -which ..." from definition to method handle
- renamed "info callable -which ..." into "info callable method ..."
- updated regression test to reflect the changes
- changed "info method filter ...." into "info callable filter ..."
- fixed "o info callable method" in some cases with mixins
- extended regression test
- updated migration guide
- made, Class.mixin, Class.filter robust against per-object
mixins from meta-classes
- extended regression test
- checked saftey of Class.method, Class.alias, Class.setter, Class.forward
- made Class.filterguard, Class.mixinguard, Class.attribute
robust against per-object mixins from meta-classes
- fixed mixin/filter delete methods with guarded operations
- extended regression test
- all methods defined on both, Object and Class are now safe in respect
to per-object mixins with meta-classes
- make slot optimizer more robust
- removed methods object-mixin and object-filter from the interface.
(Caused some duplication of logic in the method "object")
_ added option noforwarder to RelationSlots
- some minor cleanup
- default methodtype returns now everything, which is a true method
(except objects)
- methodtype -all includes objects
- the object "slot" does not appear now in the method listing per default
for classes having slots
- changed __invalidateobjectparameter from a method of class
to framework primitiv ::nsf::invalidateobjectparameter
- experimental method-property "class-only": this allows to
make object save against per-object mixins of meta-classes.
the flag is only used in the mixin-resolver
- used for the time being in nx only for,
but would apply as well for methods defined on both Object and Class.
- use now class-only for all methods methods of meta-classes.
Methods of meta-classes are intended to be applied on classes,
one should not change this via per-object mixins.
- respect class-only in "info callable methods|method"
- extended regression test
- provided relation name "object-filter" to slot filter.
- replaced "obj|cls filterguard name cond" by "obj|cls filter guard name cond"
- replaced "obj|cls info filterguard name" by "obj|cls info filter -guard name"
- replaced "cls object info filterguard name" by "cls object info filter -guard name"
- removed XOTclObjInfoFilterguardMethod()
- removed XOTclClassInfoFilterguardMethod()
- extended regression test
- updated migration guide
- replaced "obj|cls mixinguard name cond" by "obj|cls mixin guard name cond"
- replaced "obj|cls info mixinguard name" by "obj|cls info mixin -guard name"
- replaced "cls object info mixinguard name" by "cls object info mixin -guard name"
- removed XOTclObjInfoMixinguardMethod()
- removed XOTclClassInfoMixinguardMethod()
- extended regression test
- updated migration guide
- deactivated "abstract"
- implemented experimental delegating version of "object as method"
that keeps the original self.
- changed requireNamespace to "require namespace" in lib/make.tcl
- use prefix sub= for methods invoked on "object as method"
- change further instances of "my connection" to "[self]::connection" in xo*comm*
- implemented "object-methods-only" as alternative for prefix for
invoke "object as a method"
- added option "-returns" to Object.method
- added option "-returns" to Class.method
- added subcmd to method/object method in nx
- delete class methods in freeAllXOTclObjectsAndClasses() explicitly
to handle potential double-deletes
- extended regression test for subcmds
- started new interface bundles, objectInfoMethod and classInfoMethod
for using new infrastructure
- added object info methods filterguard, filtermethods, vars to objectInfoMethod
- added class info methods filterguard, filtermethods to classInfoMethod
- built a temporary solution for dispatcher "filter", since forward mangles args
- nx: we have now "obj info filter guard name" instead of "obj info filter -guard name"
- nx: we have now "obj info filter methods ...." instead of "obj info filter ...."
- added object info methods mixinguard, mixinclasses to objectInfoMethod
- added class info methods mixinguard, mixinclasses to classInfoMethod
- built a temporary solution for dispatcher "mixin", since forward mangles args
- nx: we have now "obj info mixin guard name" instead of "obj info filter -guard name"
- nx: we have now "obj info mixin classes ...." instead of "obj info filter ...."
- updated migration guide
- changed info to new interface (partly done for nx, migration for xotcl to be done)
- fixed "info methods" and added "-methodtype all" for setting class-only
- regression test works now until first XOTcl reference
- Changed handling of "child objects": now, they are shown by default.
- At the same time, the subobject "slot" was made protected to avoid
its listing per default in "info methods"
- unified slot parent-object creation handling
- changed XOTcl info to new interface
- reanimated 5 tests in xotcl/tests/testx.xotcl
- reanimated 5 tests in tests/destroytest.tcl
- changed resolve_method_path to __resolve_method_path and made it protected
- fix requiredness of last argument in parametercheck
- return "object" for "info method type ...." when method is an object.
- return valid creation command in "info method definition ...."
when method is an object.
- extend regression test
- eliminated "info classparent" and "info classchildren"
- added tests to xotcl/tests/testx.xotcl to assure equivalence
- backported fix for xotcl 1.6.6 reported by kristoffer lawson,
which helps just partly here
- extended regression test
- added class ::nx::EnsembleObject
- factored out DispatchUnknownMethod()
- added flag XOTCL_CM_NO_OBJECT_METHOD to ObjectDispatch() and friends
- added tests/subcmd.tcl
- added methods "defaultmethod" and "unknown" to ::nx::EnsembleObject
(together with a set of helper methods to provide user-friendly information)
- scripted "info slotobjects" to return only objects of class ::nx::Slot
- fixed test with UnknownClass in xotcl/tests/testx.xotcl
- fixed silent (scripted) unknown handler.
- reavtivated corresponding regression test
- extended regression tests (call unknown method
with filter with and without unknown handlers)
- make sure to test next to non-existing shadowed
method in connections with filters and unknown handlers
- documented incompatiblity of object-invocation via method
interface (due to ensemble objects) in migration guide
- implemented XOTclObjInfoHasMixinMethod() and XOTclObjInfoHasTypeMethod()
- renamed "$obj info hasnamespace" to "$obj info has namespace"
- added "$obj info has mixin $class"
- added "$obj info has type $class"
- extended regression test for parametercheck/objectproperty/is
- updated interface definitions for info methods, sort these alphabetically
- removed "objectproperty .... hasmixin"
- removed "nsf::is ... -hasmixin ...."
- removed type-converter "type=hasmixin"
- adoped emulation layer in xotcl2 accordingly
- added two tests for "info has mixin" to regression tests
- removed "objectproperty .... type"
- renamed isSubType() to IsSubType()
- adoped emulation layer in xotcl2 accordingly
- added two tests for "info has type" to regression tests
- removed "nsf::is ... -type ...."
- adoped emulation layer in xotcl2 accordingly
- extended regression test
- introduced ::nsf::isobject
- replaced in all scripts "::nsf::objectproperty ... object" by isobject
- removed "infoObjectMethod" and "infoClassMethod"
- replaced ::nsf::cmd::ClassInfo2 by ::nsf::cmd::ClassInfo
- replaced ::nsf::cmd::ObjectInfo2 by ::nsf::cmd::ObjectInfo
- changed argument order on objectproperty to make it conformant with Tcl conventions
- updated migration guide
- changed argument order on nsf::is to make it conformant with Tcl conventions
- removed objectproperty, replaced it by ::nsf::is
- move functionality of objectproperty to make "obj info is ..." more efficient
- report "invalid parameter" in nsf::is and parametercheck, even when
no-complain is used.
- fixed reference counting problem with user-defined converters
- added flag -complain to ::nsf::is
- removed ::nsf::parametercheck
- new parameter option "convert" to signal that an application
specific parameter checker should convert the value
(takes the result of the methods as conversion result)
- added parameters for slots "allowemtpy" and "convert"
- extended regression test
- added handling of parameter options "allowemtpy" and "convert"
in createFromParameterSyntax
- renamed slot attribute "noforwarder" to "nosetter"
- method parameter can now use option "nosetter" to allow
object parameterization witout providing a setter method
(example: "Class create C -parameter {x:integer,nosetter}")
- extended regression test to include "nosetter"
- new flag for configure: "nx::configure checkresult on|off"
- turn off result-checking for non-converters, when checking is off
(per default, it is on)
- extended regressi
- new flag for configure: "nx::configure checkarguments on|off"
- turn off argument-checking for non-converters, when checking is off
(per default, it is on)
- extended regression test for optional argument checking
- reflected changes in /is/objectproperty/info has/info is/ in migration guide
- changed stub naming from "[Nn][Xx]*" to nsf (for next scripting framework)
- checked "my" vs. "nsf::dispatch" in nx.tcl and xotcl2.tcl
- "child objects" are showed per default in "info methods"
- big renaming orgy (BRO):
- changed filenames starting to "xotcl" into filename starting with "nsf"
- adoped Makefile insfrastructure accordingly
- removed compile flag XOTCL_METADATA and generic/xotclMetaData.c
- changed compile flag PROFILE into NSF_PROFILE
- BRO continues:
- changed all XOTCL_ into NSF_
- changed all XOTCLINLINE into NSF_INLINE
- changed all XOTcl_ into Nsf_
- changed all XOTcl([A-Z]) into Nsf\1
- changed all xotcl into nsf
- changed changeClass into ChangeClass
- changed XOTclpGetObject into GetObjectFromString
- changed XOTclpGetClass into GetClassFromString
- changed callDestroyMethod into DispatchDestroyMethod
- BRO continues:
- overworked function prototype definitions in nsf.c
- renamed some static definitions on the way to follow
Tcl conventions (start with a capital character)
- added flag "-type" to NsfObjInfoChildrenMethod
- added flag "-type" to NsfObjInfoSlotObjectsMethod
- removed dummy argument "pattern" from NsfObjInfoSlotObjectsMethod
- removed NsfClassInfoSlotsMethod (implemented via "children ... -type ...")
- moved "info slots" from nx::Class to nx::Object
(to report e.g. per-object attributes)
- extended regression test
- [::nx::Object info method parameter info] returns now empty instead of error.
- extended regression test
- splitted "info callable" into an ensemble
(submethods have quite different signatures)
- added "info callable slots" with functionality of "info slotobjects"
- removed "info slotobjects"
- handle aliases to (sub)ensemble objects during final
cleanup to improve sharing of logic.
- share definition of "info callable" and "info has" ensemble
between object info and class info
- new function AliasDeleteObjectReference() to delete
aliases to objects
- removed some obsolete functions
- changed "info available" into "info lookup"
(and accordingly c definitions, migration guide)
- pass tclobj instead of string to NsfObjInfoMethodMethod and NsfObjInfoMethodsMethod
- first part of ensemble name resolver. We can resolve now e.g.
[nx::Object info method parameter "info lookup methods"]
- second part of ensemble name resolver, distinguish between
registration object and definition object
- new functions: GetRegObject()
- extended regression test
- fixed handles with subcommands used on objects without namespaces
- new functions: GetRegObject()
- fixed handles with subcommands for class methods when called on classes or objects
- extended regression test
- changed "cls object method ..." and friends into
"cls class-object method ..."
- added "info method subcommands ..." to return list of subcommands (of the ensemble)
- extended regression test
- use always NULL instead of 0 when assigning to a pointer variable
- improve comments in nsf.c
- follow closer naming of Tcl style guide
- removed overhead on ::nsf::dispatch when called with absolute paths
- absolute paths have to start with ":".
- checked equivalence of the following two commands
in respect to fully-qualified names
::nsf::dispatch $obj ::nsf::cmd::ObjectInfo2::hastype $class
::nsf::parametercheck object,type=$class $obj
extended regression test (parameters.tcl)
- renamed "parameter" into "attributes" in nx
- renamed "info parameter" into "info attributes" in nx
- updated migration guide
- fixed several common typos
- documented behavior of upvar/uplevel with aliases on scripted procs
through regression test
- implemented next within ensemble methods
- added regression tests for next within ensembles
- added regression tests for upvar with ensembles
- refactored next and argument passing (new methods
NextGetArguments(), NextSearchAndInvoke() and
- doing an internal next in cases where a method
ensemble does not contain the called submethod
- added regression tests for partial ensembles
- renamed "... info ... subcommands ..." into "... submethods ..."
- rennamed tests/subcmd.tcl info tests/submethods.tcl
- moved relevant tests from tests/parameters into tests/submethods.tcl
- renamed functions in nsfStack.c to follow Tcl naming guidelines
- call internal NextSearchAndInvoke (without NextGetArguments)
from the implicit next in ensemble methods
- made NsfNextMethod() obsolete to ease different noarg handling policies
- new nsf::next cmd. receives 0 or 1 argument, which might be a list
of arguments. This avoids ambiguity of ::xotcl::next with "--noArgs".
- renamed namespace_copycmds and namespace_copyvars to
nscopycmds and nscopyvars (we don't use "_" in nsf::*-names as delimiters
- renamed __qualify to qualify (it is a non-exported cmd)
- handle next in ensemble with arguments
- extended regression test
- removed obsolete code
- made methods (for now just scripted methods) by default protected.
- provide methode __default_method_protection to obtain the default
method protection when neither protected or public is used.
- per default methods are now protected
- provide ::nx::configure defaultMethodProtection true|false
as conveniant interface
- update regression test and serializer to handle default protection
- decide on paths for documentation of next and xotcl 2, with
version numbers; what should be included in distro, what on web-site
- decide on syntax subcomponent. Candiates are
* Object.method
* Object->method
* Object#method
- handling namespaces in documentation
# @object ::nx::Slot
# @object Slot
(best allow both variants, write fully qualified name via introspection)
- why only @object? there seems to be no @class. what to do with metaclasses?
- systematic way of specifying results of methods
- systematic way of reporting results in documentation
- handle line-breaking in long @definitions (e.g. @param; e.g. via indented next line)
- danger, tcl-commands in comments (see :method get_unqualified_name)
expecially for code commented out....
- kann man "[:? {[$attr eval {info exists :default}]}" durch "[:?var :@param ..." ausdrücken?
oder vielleicht besser die variablen mit leerstring initialisieren + infrastrukt anpassen?
- listing von methoden im left-bar, ähnlich
- "Objects" im left-bar irreführend, sollten eher "Classes" sein. Allerdings sollten
auch objekte dukumentierbar sein
- doc-tools: was machen die argumente von :? (bspw. ops?); ich nehme an, das ist work in progress.
sinnvoll wäre: [:?var obj varname body], da viele (die meisten) operationen
auf anderen objeken ausgeführt werden
- die Dokumentation der Objekt- und Klassenmethoden muss aus gentclapi weg
und in predefined.tcl und xotcl2.tcl hineinwandern. Es werden nicht alle
möglichen methoden in next und/oder xotcl2 registiert, ein paar namen sind
anders, etc.
- fixed a crash for tcl 8.6b1 in return value checking.
now it complains about missing cmdPtr; it is not clear, why this
is missing at the first place in 8.6b1 while working in 8.5
- improved library/lib/make.tcl once more
- fixed handling of TclNRRunCallbacks, such that coroutines can be easily
used (more testing required)
- added temporary routine ::nsf::yieldcheck for coro debugging
- renamed Tcl85showStack() to TclShowStack()
- Big internal changes for handling nre-enabled procs in more
situations. Handles now all nx regression tests, but fails in
testx.xotcl (just nre-enabled)
- passing part of dispatch flags in cscPtr->callType
- runs now full regression test NRE enabled, but still much debugging and
options for less conservative behaviour
- some cleanup concerning TCL_STACK_ALLOC_TRACE
- make ::nsf::next and ::xotcl::next NRE-enabled
- make coloncmd are NRE-enabled
- make every internal method invokation (NsfCallMethodWithArgs()
and CallMethod()) NRE-configurable
- use "Nsf" prefix for global vars to avoid potential conflicts
- minimal support for sane-NRE patch
- failed so far to make my NRE-enabled
- new compile-flag for tracing: NRE_CALLBACK_TRACE
- extended regression test (added test for 8.6 apply)
- renamed tests/coroutines.tcl to tests/tcl86.tcl
- some refactoring for making code structure more sane for NRE
(but not done yet)
- save snapshot; refactoring in order to ease NRE
development with unified method and dipatch exit.
- named debugging cmds __db_*
- new cmd __db_run_assertions to perform checking of the internal state
- simplification and unification of unknown handling and method finalization
- some cleanup
- make "createobjectsystem" more robust (allow to provided not fully
qualified names).
- added tcl-cool as an additional sample-object-system for nsf
- changed internal method name requireNamespace to "require_namespace"
- changed debug command __db_yield (unporable between various 8.6b* version)
into __db_show_stack
- some more cleanup
- provide flag for DispatchDefaultMethod() to control immediate execution.
- nre-enable DispatchDefaultMethod() for simple cases
- removed TCL85STACK_TRACE
- renamed cscPtr->callType to cscPtr->flags, since this is now more appropriate
- some more minor cleanup
- changed "info method lookup -application" into
"info method lookup -source application"
- introduced "info method lookup -source application|baseclasses|all"
- updated migration guide
- extended regression test
- provide debugging output when varFramePtr in GetSelfObj() is NULL
- filter misleading "proc" entry for "info frame" for nsf-stack entries
- add "method" for "info frame" for nsf-stack entries
- defnied SKIP_LEVELS to omit optionally skipping of
tcl-stack entries in GetSelfObj()
- added scripted replacement for binary nxsh
- new define SKIP_LAMBDA to make apply tests working without SKIP_LEVELS
- renamed ::nsf::cmd::ObjectInfo into ::nsf::methods::object::info
- renamed ::nsf::cmd::ClassInfo into ::nsf::methods::class::info
- renamed ::nsf::cmd::Object into ::nsf::methods::object
- renamed ::nsf::cmd::Class into ::nsf::methods::class
- removed capitalization from exit handler interface
- reduced interface of exithandler to
::nsf::exithandler set|get|unset ?arg?
- renamed/removed remaining ::nsf::commands with capitalized names:
parametersFromSlots ==> parametersFromSlots
unsetUnknownArgs ==> __unset_unknown_args
infoError removed
- renamed predefined.tcl into nsf.tcl
- remaining cmds in nsf (except __*) containing
"_": ::nsf::provide_method, ::nsf::require_method
- moved return-value checking into ObjectDispatchFinalize()
- perform invariants checking after cmd execution, not additionally before
- commented dispatch machinery
- added (scripted replacement for former xowish)
- added (scripted replacement for former xotclsh)
- added (scripted replacement for former xowish)
- added error handling to all scripted shells
- removed old and (from apps/utils)
- altered xotcl.m4 to nsf.m4 in
- removed traces of xotcl.m4
- removed build flags with-nxsh, with-xowish
(since these are scripted now)
- removed flag --with-tk (not needed anymore)
- removed NXSH and XOWISH from
- used Tcl_ObjCmdProc in prototypes
- allow CMETHOD to be target of calling-object/calling-level
- added NSF_CSC_CALL_IS_TRANSPARENT to handle proc aliases transparently
- access self in NsfProcAliasMethod() from tcl->object;
- added public|protected to output of "info method definition"
(needed to make serializer more sane, neccessary on the longer range)
- reduce size of output of serializer
- make nx::Object.serialize public
- XOTcl 2: allow info slots for objects as well
- serializer:
* added support for ordering on aliases referencing other objects/classes
* provide shared version of the method warn via alias
and removed direct output to stderr
- slots:
* change name "initcmd" of "experimental slot features" to
"defaultcmd" to avoid naming conflict the the initcmd executed
at the initilization of a slot object (effects XOTcl as well)
* make defaultcmd/valuecmd/valuechangedcmd working for nx
(absence of trace method)
* provide error message, when default/defaultcmd/valuecmd are used
* make sure to init per-object slots after copy operations
* make nx::Attribute.destroy more defensive
* extend test cases
- nsf: added flag NSF_DESTROY_CALLED_SUCCESS in addition
to NSF_DESTROY_CALLED to distinguish between attempted
and successful destroy method invocations (important for
- fix potential crash in
::nx::Object info method definition ::nsf::methods::object::instvar
- "info method submethods": return all submethods, independent
from protection
- serializer: experimental code to serialize submethods
- new option "-expand" for "obj|class info methods" to
return compound names (i.e. it lists the full ensemble names)
::nx::Object info methods -expand "*filter*"
filter {info filter guard} {info filter methods} {info lookup filter}
- allow ensemble names in nsf::methodproperty
- fix compound name lookups when aliases link to shared ensemble objects
- make objectName() NULL-safe
- fix option "-source application" when applied directly on base-classes
- extend regression test
- nsf.c: use name "varTablePtr" instead of "varTable" when referring to the table
- new option "slotcontainer" for "methodproperty" to flag slotcontainer to make
them easier to process in the serializer
. don't report slot container in "info methods -expand"
- new function "::nx::isSlotContainer" to centralize checking for slotcontainers
(used by serilaizer)
- support export of method ensembles in serializer
- "info lookup methods": order of non-pos parameters alphabetically
- added option "-expand" to "info lookup methods ". It collects
ensemble methods along the precedence path
- added support for ensemble methods in "info lookup method"
- extended regression test
- provide full set of ensemble methods from EnsembleObject.unknown
(i.e. from all classes along the precedence order. It was necessary
to pass calling object as first argument)
- "info method parametersyntax" returns now for all nonpos args the
type instead of "arg" when possible (eg ..... ?-x object? ....)
- extended regression test
- factored out ParamGetType() to obtain from a paramPtr a type string
- parametersyntax:
* changed "... -x arg ..." into ".... -x value ..."
* changed multiple values notation from "list" to "..."
- nsf::current: new option "methodpath", returns the full name of an ensemble
method starting from the ensemble root.
- documented functions in nfsStack.c
- removed obsolete CallStackGetFrame(), replaced by CallStackGetTopFrame()
- push stack frame before calling the defaultcmd of an ensemble object to
make implementation more simple.
- simplified EnsembleObject.defaultcmd and EnsembleObject.unknown significantly,
scripted support methods are removed.
- extended regression test for "current methodpath"
- allow %method in forwarder.
- defined unknown methods as call-protected
- make __default_method_protection protected
- added syntax "?arg ...?" in parametsyntax output for "args"
- removed "info forward" from nx::Object and nx::Class
(can be replaced by "info methods" and "info method")
- Methodpaths can be used now in the definition of "method",
"alias" and "forward." We do not support it for "setter"
and "attribute", since these require a parameter spec,
which does not have clear semantics for a method path.
- scripted definition of nx::Object.forward and nx::Class.forward
- cleanup of __resolve_method_path
- change TclShowStack into NsfShowStack() to avoid possible interference
with the Tcl* namespace
- made the following function static to avoid pollution of the
global link namespace: CompiledColonVarFree(), GetRegObject(), ParamGetType()
- changed option -expand in "info methods" and "info lookup methods" into
"-path" to associate with the method path
- changed method property name from "protected" to "call-protected"
- changed nx::defaultMethodProtection to nx::defaultMethodCallProtection
- nx::defaultMethodCallProtection is used for
scripted methods, forwarders and aliases
- added nx::defaultAttributeCallProtection,
used for setter and attributes
- call scripted converters without checking protection
- removed defaultMethodCallProtection from tests/parameters.tcl
- Implemented built-in-converter for "baseclass" and "metaclass".
Change in performance for this call. >8 times faster
before: parameters/parametercheck.007: 19.49 mms, ::nsf::is baseclass C
after: parameters/parametercheck.007: 2.32 mms, ::nsf::is baseclass C
- remove scripted definition of "baseclass" and "metaclass"
- keep track of defaultMethodCallProtection and defaultAttributeCallProtection
in serializer
- cleanup aol-xotcl.tcl and document usage in aolserver and naviserver
- iteration over TODO file
- removed obsolete entries from generic/nsf.decls und generic/nsfInt.decls
- fixed aliasing warning for gcc 4.4.4
- removed CheckAllInstances()
- added functionality to show enumerated values in
"info parametersyntax"
- extended regression test
- added expermimental code to avoid "variable :x" crash based
on shadowCommands, but this does not work, when varible is
bytecompiled. deactivated for now.
- added support for aolserver (essentially Makefile + aol-xotcl.tcl)
- removed unneded content from serializer output
- the two flags "-objscope" and "-nonleaf" are for adding frames,
and they are mutual exclusive. Make them a single flag?
check if both options are in every case sensible.
possible realizations:
-scope object|method
-varscope instance|proc
-varscope instance|resolver|none
-frame object|method|default
* instance|object: within this method, all non-prefixed var names
refer to instance variables; the method can use most
probably not "next"
(actually, only needed for XOTcl)
* method|proc|resolver: within this method, we can use colon-prefixed
variables; the method can use "next"
"object" könnte mit dem -per-object (dem registierungpunkt)
leicht verwechselt werden. es ginge auch
-varscope instance|method
allerdings, meint method eigentlich "scripted method".
"none" would be dangerous for "-frame", since it could imply
to avoid frame stacking at all.
effected are:
alias, forward, dispatch
für "alias" betrifft das in gleicher form auch die cmds,
bei "dispatch" und "forward" gibt es dzt. kein "-nonleaf"
- replaced "-objscope" and "-nonleaf" by
"-frame object|method|default"
for nsf::alias and nsf::default
- added functionality for "-frame method" to nsf::dispatch
- made the order of argument in ::nsf::alias and method "alias"
the same (always first the method, then "-frame ...")
- extened regression test
- renamed some arguments of tcl interface to increase consistency
- make requiredness explicit for nsf::cmds
- introduce ::nsf::parametersyntax to provide syntax for potentially
missing definitions
- provided ::nsf::parametersyntax for 3 ::nsf commands
and 7 nx methods (from relationslots)
- fix requiredness of several info methods
- added "nsf::configure debug ?level?"
- use "nsf::configure debug" for
value 1: compain about protected
value >1: provide load messages for nx and xotcl
- unset unneeded variables in ::nx namespace
- copied decls for objectMethod and classMethod as comments
to nsf.c, fixed order
- documented a few functions
- enabled nsf::__db_run_assertions in nx::test
(lead before to false posigives in destroy-test)
- eliminated deleted objects and objects from deleted
namespaces in GetAllInstances()
- added handling of unstacked csc entries (removed all DEBUG warnings).
- made handling of unstacked entries optional by defining
- added macro NSF_DEVELOPMENT for toplevel handling
- cleanup of method-modifiers.tcl
- updated next migration guide
- follow current Tcl vonvention for patchlevel var:
- changed name of ::nsf::patchlevel to ::nsf::patchLevel
- changed content ::nsf::patchLevel from eg .0 to full
number including release details
- fixed bug in ::variable with colon-prefixed name
(shadowCommands does not help, see above)
- removed traces of Nsf_VariableObjCmd()
- extended regression test
- provided parametersyntax definitions for XOTcl 2.0
similar to nx for all methods without a spec
(e.g. fur builtin Tcl cmds, forwarders)
- make sure not to return CompiledLocal vars
from InterpColonVarResolver() when TCL_NAMESPACE_ONLY
is requested.
- delegate always from InterpColonVarResolver() to
other resolvers, when TCL_NAMESPACE_ONLY is requested.
- implemented exported command ::nsf::self as fast conveniance
replacement for "::nsf::current object".
- removed bug-alert from nx.tcl (wrong false-positives for
compiled locals in slots)
- added a few small optimization. nsf appears to run on
the shootout benchmark the same speed like a year ago
(which much less functionality)
- added a few more small optimization.
- code-generator: don't call argument parser,
when no arguments are specified
- fixed bug when calling aliased proc not via method interface
- fixed bug when calling destroy in initcmd
- allowed public|protected for method deletion
such as "Object public method foo {} {}"
- removed defaultMethodCallProtection in alias test
- extended regression tests for aliases to procs
- renamed nx regression tests .test to follow tcl conventions
- added regression tests for destroy-during-init
- removed debugging from NsfCleanupObject when compiled without DEVELOPMENT
- removed debugging from CscFinish when compiled without DEVELOPMENT
- changed CallStackGetActiveProcFrame() to return also CMETHD frames
This allows to execute :volatile in a initcmd and to delete the
object at its end. As a consequence, code like
[CopyHandler new -volatile] copy [::nsf::self] $newName
has to be changed to
CopyHandler new {
:copy [:uplevel ::nsf::self] [uplevel set newName]
- renamed CallStackUseActiveFrames() to CallStackUseActiveFrame()
and ctx->framesSaved to ctx->frameSaved to reflect implementation
- new function MethodNameString() to obtain name without colon prefix
from tcl_obj
- fix bad interaction between filters and cmd name resolvers
- output object frame to ease interpretation of [info frame]
- fixed scoping issue, when "-volatile" was used for object creation
- added regression test for interaction between filters and
function resolver (and volatile)
- reactivated new volatile test in destroy.test
- undone temporary fixes for volatile in serializer and nx.tcl
- impoved NsColonVarResolver, made some assumptions explicit
- gentclApi.tcl: added optimizer rule for single argument of type tclobj
- improved speed of CompiledLocalsLookup slightly
- added an experimental code for setting parent namespace path as
default for child-objects. At the time when an object namespace is
created, the namespace path of the parent object is copied to the
child as default value.
- added new contains definition based on "apply" instead of
"namespace eval". Main intention is to replace SKIP_LEVELS
- added functionality to use ":attribute contains:method,nosetter"
- added regression test for contains and attributes of type method
- activated SKIP_LAMBDA in nsfCallstack. As a consequence, we
disallow resolving self/my ... from tcl-proc frames
(use uplevel if necessary, avoid "namespace eval")
- improving error messages from argument parser
- test "namespace current" and "self" in "contains" and "slots" regression test
- added "nosetter" automatically, when attribute "<name>:method" is used
- fix a bug, where "o configure" (without arguments) resetted
initialied values to the defaults.
- show "unwind unstacked entry" message appear only when debug level>0
- removed fixed TODO entries
- New function NsfNamespaceInit() to initialize pre-existing
namespaces in PrimitiveOInit() and in RequireObjNamespace()
- provide error message, when provided setter name starts with a colon
- Make sure that DispatchDestroyMethod() calls as well protected destructors
- New function NSCheckNamespace() as replacement for NSCheckForParent()
- pass parentNsPtr around instead of recomputing it in NSCheckForParent()
- removed unneeded argument from NSGetFreshNamespace()
- switched to dstring operations in NameInNamespaceObj() (seems slightly faster)
- factored out NSRequireParentObject()
- by the measures above, we obtained some speed improvements
- moved some more debug output to be controlled by the debuglevel
- extended regression test with testcases for creation of parent
objects via method "__unknown"
- disallow object parameter of type "switch" to avoid possible
confusion between (a) providing a value for the o.p., (b) calling
it as a setter, and (c) calling it as a getter. For providing a
value, no arg is used for switch. For calling a setter, it is
necessary to provide a value even for a switch.
- disallow type "switch" in setter definiton (use boolean instead)
- disallow type "switch" for positional arguments (use boolean instead)
- extended regression test
- removed --with-tclinclude option, since it
appears to be included in tcl.m4 (since a while). Many thanks
to Victor Guerra for noticing it.
- perform relation handling in objectparameters outside of object-frame
- For preexisting namespaces, we do not set the deleteProc. Is this
desired? Should nsPtr->deleteProc be moved to NsfNamespaceInit()?
.... It is ok on the current labor distribution between object and
namespace: if an object is deleted, it takes care about the deletion
of subobjects, not the namespace. However, it might be an option in
the future to overthink this strategy and to bush (sub)object
deletion into the namespace deletion.
- work on replacing SKIP_LEVELS by SKIP_LAMBDA for openacs (works with
regression test, has problems with OrderedComposite::ChildManager.init)
Note concerning treating CMETHOD_FRAME like METHOD_FRAMES: we did
this change for NsfCallStackFindLastInvocation(), but nsfStack.c has
still several occurences, where they are treated differently.
- changed relation handling by evaluating the relationcmd in the parent
context to keep evaluation order.
- extend introspection "nsf::configure objectsystem": the command
returns now all system methods in the syntax of nsf::createobjectsystem
- "nsf::createobjectsystem" creates now a warning when an existing
objectsystem is redefined and ignores the new definition attempt.
This was done with the purpose to allow
"package forget nx; package require nx"
- Allow overwriting of redefine protected method during bootstrap
to ease "package forget nx; package require nx"
- forward had just "-objscope", no general "-frame method|object".
Since forwarder have client data, they always push a method frame.
So, the situation is different to nsd::alias and ::nsf::dispatch.
Therefore, the flag "-objscope" was renamed to "-objectframe"
to provide better consistency with "-frame object"
- fixed bug, where error handling of invalid options in
ForwardProcessOptions() could lead to a crash
- return forwardoption "-earlybinding" via instrospection
- extended regression test
- provide a more explicit way to handle resourcing after a "package
forget" in the info methods (similar to Stefan's suggestion).
- xotcl2.tcl: added empty namespace eval to make package indexer happy
- nx.tcl: removed debugging output
- nx.tcl: added syntactic sugar to "method" and "alias" for
return value checking. One can write now:
Class create C {
:public method foo {a:int b:int} -> int {
return [expr {$a + $b}]
- extended regression test
- changed returns syntax from '->' to '-returns'
- xotcl2: fixed and completed results of "info instforward" and "info forward"
- serializer: fixed handling of nsf::configure options
- nx: added "-returns" to forwarder
- added regression test for forwarder and returns
- rebuild pkgIndex.tcl more eagerly
- added error handler to pkg_mkIndex when called via "make libraries-pkgindex"
* just show warning and errors when rebuilding pkgIndex files
* stop make in case of errors in pkg_mkIndex
- don't leave error message when __default_superclass (or
__default_metaclass) is not set
- Fixed switching between INACTIVE_MIXIN frames to ACTIVE_MIXIN frames
- Extended regression test
- make handling of redefinitions in system methods more robust
- follow Tcl naming convention (uppercase functions)
- Don't allow to call objects as methods (for the time being) via
absolute names. Otherwise, in line {2} below, ::State is
interpreted as an ensemble object, and the method "unknown"
won't be called (in the XOTcl tradition).
{1} Class ::State
{2} Class ::State -parameter x
- Converted migration guide to asciidoc
- Overhaul of several sections in asciidoc
- Developed styles for nx for migration guide (.css and source-highlight)
- fixed bug in xotcl 2.0 "info forward"
- extended regression test
- NSDeleteChildren: delete objects before classes
- NSDeleteChildren: delete here aliases as well
- fix potential crash when "next" is called from a non-proc frame.
- nx.tcl: cleanup of forward implementation
- xotcl2.tcl: cleanup of forward implementation
- xotcl2.tcl: provide debug version of default init method
- nsf.c: acquire parameter structure for returns more lazily
(otherwise, a serializer handling returns would acquire the
structure for every argument)
- extend regression test
- xotcl2.tcl: fix the default init handler
- nsf.c: provide warnings when unchecked parameter values might conflict with nonpos args
- provide a generic logging interface
* predefined for plain Tcl and aolserver/naviserver
* C-level: NsfLog()
* Tcl-level: ::nsf::log
- quote name of referenced parameter in error message to ease reading
- new parameter checker "parameter", performing an approximate checking
for valid parameter specs
- set NSF_ARG_CHECK_NONPOS only when there are multiple arguments
- remove space checking in values for NSF_ARG_CHECK_NONPOS in favor of parameter checker
- make "... info children ?pattern?" compliant with XOTcl 1;
if pattern contains no wildcard and is no absolute path, nsf completes it.
(eg. Object create o; Object create o:x; o info children x" will return ::o::x)
- extended regression test
- introduced a few forms of multiplicity
* 0..1 allow empty value
* 0..* list, can be empty (equivalent to 0..n)
* 1..* list, cannot be empty (equivalent to 1..n)
- deprecate multivalued in parameter specs in favor of multiplicity
- deprecate allowempty in parameter specs in favor of multiplicity
- adjust regression test
- fixed bug with required last object parameter without provided value
- extended regression test
- new printf-style error message generator: NsfPrintError()
- simplified error handling: removed NsfVarErrMsg() and NsfErrMsg()
and replaced it by NsfPrintError()
- testx.xotcl: fix messages when test fails
- further cleanup of error procs: eliminated NsfObjErrArgCnt()
- improve error message, when too many arguments are passed
- extended und overworked migration guide (added e.g. multiplicity)
- extended regression test
- added returns handling for nx in serializer
- extended regression test
- provide warning if non-positional argument is passed more than once
- made error messages more consistent
- improved error messages for "returns" and "nsf::is" (omit parameter name)
- streamlined error messages
- removed NsfErrBadVal() and replaced it with a generalized version of NsfObjErrType()
- "/obj/ info method parametersyntax /method/": return results of
::nsf::parametersyntax in case, the parametersyntax cannot obtained
from a parameter definition (e.g. the method is a forwarder to a tcl
- interfaces in documentation for slots (see for more details
::nx::Class#superclass in nx.tcl)
- handle object methods as well in quality checks
- why does one have to specify @superclass rather than determining the
superclass via introspection?
- use tcl parametersyntax for short description of commands/methods
- deal with interally-called methods (can be overloaded by the application)
* user-called and internally called (e.g. from "create" or "new")
XO_c_create_idx, XO_o_destroy_idx, XO_o_move_idx,
* not documented yet:
XO_c_requireobject_idx, XO_o_defaultmethod_idx, XO_o_init_idx,
XO_o_objectparameter_idx, XO_o_unknown_idx
* only XOTCL2:
XO_o_cleanup_idx, XO_o_residualargs_idx,
- use term "callprotection" in documentation for public|protected
(to be consistent with "... info methods ...")
- reduce indenting for code examples in documentation
(high indentation makes readability worse).
i use usually just 2, 4 are ok as well; we should decide.
- removed method "setter" from nx
- removed method "setter" from migration guide
- nx method "attribute": changed name of nonposarg from "slotclass" to "class"
- fix bug for "C class-object attribute foo" (incorrect forwarder)
- extended regression test
- doctools: changed "-slotclass" to "-class"
- nx::test: made differences in regression test easier to read
- serializer: updated serializer to avoid calls to "setter"
- extended regression test
- fixed in bug in ensemble-next (removed colon-prefix from methodname
in next)
- extended regression test
- Experimental Object-System specific resolver in method bodies
(allows resolving to the "right" next, self, etc. without
namespace imports/paths)
- deactivated automatic namespace path copying for child-objects
- extended regression test
- added deletion functionality to nsf::mixin
- moved handling of methodNames of c-cmds to ResolveMethodName()
- extended regression test
- nsf.c: renamed MethodNameString() to MethodName() (for consistency
with ObjectName() and ClassName())
- raise error, when "obj :method ..." is invoked (colon misleading und not necessary)
- remove colon from method name in error message "unable to dispatch method ...."
- extended regression test
- nsf.c: code cleanup and documentation improvements
- made assertion code optional
- added and renamed additions compile flags
- defined nsf::deprecated as tcl proc, using ::nsf::log
- some minor refactoring
- "info parameter": return :switch as parameteroption for
C-defined cmds, when a nonpos-arg gets no arguments
- updated regression test
- added experimental ::nsf::proc for realization of procs with next
scripting argument passing. These nsf::procs improve the
orthogonality of the code (using e.g. nonpos args and value checker
for procs) and allows the same introspection interface (info method
parameter|parametersyntax, ...)
- removed unneeded functions: NsfComputePrecedence(), NsfComputeDependents(),
Nsf_SetVar2Ex(), NsfOSetInstVar(), Nsf_ObjGetVar2(), NsfOGetInstVar(),
- removed unneeded external declarations: NsfClassListAdd() NsfClassListFree()
- make extern declarations explicit
- grouped most extern definitions together
- improved documentation
- moved variable declarations to inner scopes
- removed warning from cppcheck()
- added block for none-one-liner if statements
- added methodtype "nsfproc" to "... info methods ...",
to be used with namespace qualified names
- return "nsfproc" as methodtype for nsfprocs
- refactored InvokeShadowedProc()
- some minor code cleanup and improved documentation
- added flag "-ad" to ::nsf::proc for obtaining the semantics of
ad_proc in OpenACS (boolean with no arguments, append "_p" to
variable names)
- added "... info method definition ..." for nsfprocs
- new function DStringAppendQualName() to append qualified name
to a DString
- removed obsolete function NSCmdFullName()
- serializer.tcl: export nsf::procs via "Serializer all"
- nsf::proc: alloc shadowed methods in ::nsf::procs
- new helper function ::proc strip_proc_name to strip nsf::procs prefix
- improve error messages
- reduce verbosity
- removed the following obsolete macros:
- some refactoring of the argument parser
- argument parser handles now as well OpenACS like single-word
parameter values (such as ... -flag=1 ....)
- improve error messages and warnings for nsfprocs
- extended regression test
- no need to define "-class" as objectparameter
- no need to define "Object.cleanup" as a method
- let "obj class NEWCLASS" return NEWCLASS
- doc-tools: added "-where" to !get
- doc-tools: title to internal links, provided css class, added nicer label
- updated reference doc
- removed leftover -public flag in nsf::method
- general cleanup: removed unused arguments
- defined UNUSED macro to get more checking on unused arguments
- nx::pp: added flag "-linenumbers on|off" to render method
- added first version of next-tutorial.[txt|html]
- xotcl2.tcl: defined ::xotcl::MetaSlot
- make sure, that classes of the intrinsic class hierarchy are
of the same object system
- add regression test
- removed c-implementation of method vwait, it was replaced
by "vwait :varName". We had to allow flag TCL_GLOBAL_ONLY
in InterpColonVarResolver(), since Tcl vwait implementation
calls it with that flag.
- added a scripted implementation for vwait in xotcl2
- added regression test for vwait
- removed TCL_VWAIT from the code, since we have it in git
- nx.tcl: defined method unknown as protected
- nx.tcl: never pass "substdefault" to a setter
- nx.tcl: define a minimal valuechecker any to suppress warnings
for potential conflicts with non-positional parameters, when the
values start with a dash
- doc-tools.tcl: make -name parameter of method new always required and "any"
- doc-tools.tcl: make object parameter of Entity of type "any"
- nsf.c: added wideinteger to list of valuecheckers
- nsf.c: provide context for warning messages
- extended regression test
- next-tutorial: documentation updates
- add explicit reference counting for oacs-style flag value passing
- parameter specs: use "arg=" in object parameter type "method" as
name of a called method to allow to call unregistered methods
- eliminate protected method "noinit" for nx and allow it just as an
object parameter
- added first implementation of object parameter type "forward"
- renamed object parameter type "method" to "alias"
- removed parameter option "slotobj=" in toParameterSyntax
- renamed to [from|to]parameterSyntax to [from|to]parameterSpec
- serializer.tcl: reactivated methodSerialize
(used in api-browser of OpenACS)
- nx.tcl:
* new method requireClass to Combine two classes and return the
more specialized one
* make slot objects for parameter aliases and parameter forwarder
instances of ObjectParameterSlot
* get rid of attributes "isforward" and "isalias" and replace it
by "dispositon"
* complete list of predefined value checkers
* we have now three approaches for providing parameter
-object-filter and -object-method
Approach 1: create RelationSlot with nosetter
Approach 2: use parameter forwarder
Approach 3: use parameter alias
we switched from approach 1 to approach 3
- extended regression test
- fixed potential crash with missing parent namespace
- added shadowing for ::tcl::info::body to allow "info body"
to be called on ::nsf::procs
- commented nsfShadow.c
- added regression test
- removed NSF_INFO
- fixed potential access to freed memory (actually when checking if
namespace was removed by Tcl); found this problem when compiling Tcl
with SYSTEM_MALLOC (own modified version of tclThreadAlloc.c)
- fixed memory leak (namespace names and structures)
- nx.tcl:
* full rewrite of slot machinerie, much simpler structure
* relation handling via parameter aliases instead of pseudo converter
* mixinclass SlotOptimizer removed
* new class BootStrapAttributeSlot
- ConvertToRelation() and handling of parametertype "relation"
- Make CompiledColonVarFetch() more robust in case of
half initialized objects (create vartable on the fly if needed)
- allow empty parameter options in parameter parser
- removed nsf::parametersfromslots (became simple, part of objectparameter now)
- removed hardcoded objectparameter (attributes, volatile and noinit)
- updated regression test
- updated class diagram
- nx.tcl: needsForwarder is true, when method "get" is specified on a slot
- nx.tcl: Don't generate per-slot add/assign handlers, when not needed
- nsf.c: fixed a nasty bug within namespace deletion, when a deletion
of one tcl cmd caused implicit deletions of other cmds in the same
namespace. The classical idiom for looking over hash tables with
Tcl_GetHashValue() and Tcl_NextHashEntry(hSrch) can lead to crashes
(and has different behavior depending on the number of buckets).
- added regression test
- nx.tcl: added default/initcmd for ObjectParameterSlot
- added ::nx::Object as default for "superclass" slot
to make default superclass explicit
- unified interface for getParameterOptions
- extended regression test
- update class diagram of slots
- new function Nsf_NextHashEntry() simular Tcl_NextHashEntry(),
but handles triggered hash entry deletions
- fixed reference count in AliasDeleteObjectReference()
- nsf.c: changed handling of cmdPtrs in callstack content.
* we use now explicit reference counting using
* as a consequence, we do not need the following
functions Nsf_DeleteCommandFromToken() and
CallStackClearCmdReferences() any more.
* the flag NSF_CSC_OBJECT_ACTIVATED is not needed
anymore and was removed
- removed a small memory leak when a destroy method of an object o
deletes its grandparents namespace, containing also this class of o
(and its methods). Significantly eased by the change above.
- use NsfCommandPreserve/NsfCommandRelease for tcd->aliasCmd as well.
In case of epoched cmdPointers, refetch the cmd and it client data.
- added regression tests
- added flag to AliasGet() to leave optional error message if alias
data is removed
- some cleanup in NsfProcAliasMethod(): handle not existing alias data,
more careful refcounting
- added experimental flag WITH_IMPORT_REFS to deactivate automated
alias deletion (seems, that this solves all issues we had before)
- added flushing of bytecode on alias registration
- added regression test
- update slot uml diagram
- fixed incorrect (unwanted) call to unknown that caused creation
of objects names __unknown when classes could not be resolved
- nsf::relation: fixed error message when receiving and invalid
class for relation type "class"
- updated documentation
- reanimated NSF_PROFILE (when activated, needs more stack and slows execution slightly down)
- fixed a problem with object-level alias
- nsf.c: provide low-level commands for managing profile data
- nsfStack.c: provide hook to obtain callers information in profiling code
- nx.tcl: provide caching for computed values of object slots to make
method objectparameter nearly twice as fast; direct changes on slots
require a reconfigure call.
- nsf.c: removed SUBST from shadow commands (does not appear to be
necessary any more)
- nsf.c: fixing a memory leak (some substituted values were not freed correctly)
- nsf.c: fix potential crash for epoched cmds
- some minor updates for profiling support
- The fix of yesterdays subst reference counting bug triggered an
other problem: If the last arg was "args", the flags array for
checking the need for decr of refcounts was not extended. There are
multiple possible fixes, i have just extended the flags array for
now as well.
- When profiling is activated, perform now a more sane shutdown order,
all hash tables are now correctly freed.
- Improve behavior, when object system creation fails
- Drop function NsfProfilePrint()
- Altered Nsf_NextHashEntry() to re-init hSrchPtr when the number
of expected entries differs from the number of real entries. This
fixes a bug that Michael Aram detected, that happens when multiple
hash buckets exist, but on deletion of an hash entries triggers
some other deleted from the same hash table.
- extended regression test.
- made default setting more compatible with XOTcl 1
* set variables to defaults only when not set already
* flag init_called already before init is called, not afterwards
(a call to "configure" within init does not clear the already
set instance variables)
- extend regression test
- configure: added flag --with-profile to enable profiling support
- cleanup and documentation of nsf-specific interp state
- nsf::configure: added an option "profile on|off" (per default off)
- profiling: return object data with method information
- the following is obsolete since valgrind 3.6
=========== reminder for valgrind testing
svn co svn:// valgrind
curl > 10.6.patch
mv 10.6.patch ./valgrind
cd valgrind
patch -p0 < 10.6.patch
./configure ./configure --build=amd64-darwin
sudo make install
- doc:
* This package contains 12 classes.... 3 objects ....
Why are all these marked with "mismatch"?
* (optional) protected method elimination in leftbar
* heading "Glossary" missing.
It ist not clear, what the list of items is, when one sees index.html
* make quality checks (missing documentation, ...) optional?
how to deal with non-resolvable quality checks?
* provide a renderer for XOTcl @-notation to produce object structure
for the new doctool (makes the old documentation usable, eg. for XOTcl2)
- first steps towards DTrace support
- DTrace:
* track objects in method invocations
* trace result codes in method-return
* add some DTrace sample scripts
* add DTrace header file dependency
* add --enable-dtrace flag for configure
* --enable-dtrace sets DTRACE_OBJ on mac os x empty (since not needed for mac os x DTrace)
* added "nsf::configure dtrace on|off" for skipping package initialization
(to be handled in D script)
* make compilation clean
* extended README file
* handle self->tracing in D scripts (and in dtrace/sample.tcl, tests/object-system.tcl)
* add probes for object creation and freeing
* add sample d-script for object bookkeeping
* renamed object-create into object-alloc (counterpart of object-free, no confusion with create)
* fire probes as well for classes created by the object system
- configure
* make "configure --help" more pretty
* simplify
- added first version of "nsf::methoddelete"
- extended regression test
- updated TODO
- fixed potential crash with -param:switch
- added "... info method exists ...."
- updated migration guide
- changed names of method handling commands in nsf:
::nsf::methodproperty => ::nsf::method::property
::nsf::method => ::nsf::method::create
::nsf::methoddelete => ::nsf::method::delete
::nsf::alias => ::nsf::method::alias
::nsf::forward => ::nsf::method::forward
::nsf::setter => ::nsf::method::setter
::nsf::provide_method => ::nsf::method::provide
::nsf::require_method => ::nsf::method::require
(updated regression test, docs, ...)
- Fixed cases of -flag=$value for type switch outside the context of
"nsf::procs -ad"
- extended regression test
- removed hardcoded name "init" from CallConfigureMethod()
- improved documentation
- removed isInitString()
- changed names of var handling commands in nsf:
::nsf::existsvar => ::nsf::var::exists
::nsf::importvar => ::nsf::var::import
::nsf::setvar => ::nsf::var::set
- improved misleading error message for method modifiers "public" and
"protected", as well as for "class-object"
- extended regression test
- serializer: catch for object-level alias apparently
not needed anymore (search for ns_cache_flush)
- silence compilation when compiled without DTrace
- nx:
* removed methods ::nx::Class.alloc and
::nx::Class.dealloc from predefined method-set
* added definitions such that these methods can be loaded via
::nsf::method::require ::nx::Class alloc
::nsf::method::require ::nx::Class dealloc
* make explicit that "method ... require" returns a method-handle
* removed misleading reference in error message, when a class-spefic
method was called on an object; solution is somewhat dangerous for
potentially unknown client data
* added regression tests
* removed methods ::nx::Class.recreate and
::nx::Class.recreate from predefined method-set
::nx::Object.configure from predefined method-set
* added definitions such that these methods can be loaded via
::nsf::method::require ::nx::Class recreate
::nsf::method::require ::nx::Object configure
* added CallDirectly() wrapper for calls to "init"
* reactivated "configure", since we plan to use it more prominently
* added a configure flag for "class"
* removed method "class" (should be used via "/obj/ configure -class ...")
* removed method residualargs from nx
* added C-implemented method "init" for orthogonality
* allow specification of system method handles in nsf::createobjectsystem
* automatically register alias, when system-method handle
was provided and a same-named method is defined
* provided a fast path implementation for "defaultmethod"
* provided default system methods for "init", "defaultmethod" and "unknown"
* provided handles for system methods "alloc", "dealloc", "recreate", and
* strip in dispatch invocations of "unknown" potential leading colons
* removed c-level implementation of init again, since scripted one can
be used now as well in registration of createobjectsystem
* reduced verbosity
* added definitions such that these methods can be loaded via
::nsf::method::require ::nx::Object unknown
* added methods ::nsf::methods::object::class and
::nsf::methods::class::superclass in order to make faster and nicer
looking objectparameters (compared with forwarders)
* nx: changed parameter -class to use ::nsf::methods::object::class
* ns: fixed chicken egg problem of method objectparameter needing
objectparameter by creating/destroying slot Class::slot::dummy;
otherwise default values for slots would not be available
* reduced verbosity of parameter forwarder
* Hopefully the last big naming change:
Instead of writing "C class-object method foo {} {...}"
one can write now "C class method foo {} {...}" to define
a class method named "foo" for class "C". This naming change
became possible by defining XOTcl's "class" (and "superclass")
as object parameter only. To change a class of an object o,
one has to use "o configure -class NEWCLASS". The term
"object-class" looks alien to language beginners, the term
"class" is much more straightforward. Changing classes
or superclasses is seldomly used by typical application programs.
For already existing nx scripts, changing "object-class" into
class should be straightforward.
* various documentation updates (migration guide, nx tutorial)
* fixed bad interaction between filter and parameter alias
* some documentation/todo updates
* fix compilation for tcl-head in fossil
* deactivate coro regression test, since it is apparently broken
for tcl-head in fossil (stack frame seems to be lost after a yield)
* make sure to create the cmds for objects with Tcl_NRCreateCommand()
to choose trampoline-path in the trunk version of Tcl
* The newest trunk version of Tcl in fossil has TclStackFree() and
TclStackAlloc() removed We had to substitute this
functions. Unfortunately, the lifetime of the strack structures has
changed, so we had shuffle some internals around.
- nsf.c: remove unnecessary test when compiled without NRE
- nsf.c: make sure, validCscPtr is always initialized
- tested all regression tests with valgrind against tcl-trunk
- gentclAPI.tcl:
* renamed "nsfCmd" to simply "cmd", since the code can generate arbitrary
tcl commands
* allow type "int" in the .decl files
- nsf.c
* move several functions from "static" to "external" to make
the code generator usable for submodules as well
- added flag ?-type ...? to "info lookup slots"
- made all useful converters external symbols
- added flag ?-type ...? to "info slots"
- delete accessor when slot is destroyed
- added pattern to "info slots"
- added to "info slot /attName/"
- Fixed dispatch of defaultmethod for ensemble methods
- Added compile flag DISPATCH_ALWAYS_DEFINED_METHODS (deactivated).
So far, nx just uses dispatch on overloads or filters, but not on
defines (possible to call e.g. "destroy" from a script, but
internally the direct dispatch is used, as long there is no
overload). The compileflag would force to use the slower
dispatch always.
- Extended regression test
- Improve locality
- Let "info slot" return the slot object
- nx::mongo: Initial commit of the experimental mongoDB interface for nx
- nx.tcl: fix handling of arg in converter
- nx::mongo:
* first step towards handling embedded objects
* one more example script: example-nx-bi.tcl
- nsf:c: fix dispatch of setter without current method
- extended regression tests
- nsf.c: added nsf::var::unset (provided so far just var::set)
- nx::mongo:
* added mongo::count
* obtain _id from mongo::insert
* added mongo::Object.delete method for embedded and
non-embedded objects
* handling of mongo-embedded objects when destroying objects
* simple bson pretty print function
* extended examples
* handle fetch of embedded objects
* added method count for mongo mapped classes
* improve documentation
* added handling of bson types for timestamps and dates
* provide setup based on mongo_db, mongo_collection and mongo_ns
* implemented type "reference" similar to "embedded"
* all referenced objects are for the time being auto-dereferenced
* new method "show" for mongo mapped classes
* added two new example files example-nx-reference-many.tcl and
* replaced "arg" by "type" in spec for mongo attributes to make
spec less strange
- nsf.c: made potentially unknown clientData more safe (error message,
when something is passed via clientData to a method expecting
an object/class as clientData).
- renamed NsfNoDispatchObjectError() to NsfDispatchClientDataError(),
extended interface
- fixed name methods.test
- nsf: renamed nsf::isobject to nsf::object::exists
- nsf: renamed nsf::qualify to nsf::object::qualify
- nx.tcl: added support for positional object parameter and
removed special handling of the last argument for the init block;
added attributes "position" and "positional" to ObjectParameterSlots,
removed last argument of method "objectparameter"
- nx.tcl: simplified createBootstrapAttributeSlots
(second round of default value setting seems not necessary)
- nx.tcl: some cleanup
- test.tcl:
* don't export Test per-default
* define Test as nx::Test
* make Test parameter count 1 the default, change to higher numbers where needed
- nsfmongo.c:
* upgrade to newest c-driver (version 0.3) from git.
* support connection to replica sets
* support attribute selection lists for ::mongo::query
(positive and negative selection)
- nx-mango.tcl:
* support for unique indices
* support for query operators "in" and "all"
- extended migration guide (introduction, feature lists, etc.)
- serializer:
* prefix warnings to ease tracking of warnings
* some cleanup for handling aliased methods
- nsf.c:
* moved implementation of ::nsf::method::delete to C
* produce same error messages when methods are delete
via nsf::method::delete and nsf::method::create {} {}
* Prohibit deletion of methods during shutdown. Otherwise
when destructors delete methods, some other destructors
depending on these methods will fail. Cleanup deletes
all methods anyway.
* Provided alternative (faster) way of dispatching
nsf::procs (can be tured off with NSF_INVOKE_SHADOWED_TRADITIONAL)
* renamed NsfMethodCmd() into NsfMethodCreateCmd() for consistency
* nsf works with OpenACS again (requires new nstrace.tcl,
aolserver-openacs.tcl, and 01-debug-procs.tcl).
- nsf.c:
* factor out NsfClassListAddPerClassMixins()
* factor out NsfClassListFind()
* let result of "cls info heritage" return per-class mixins
as well, otherwise it would be useless, since
"cls info superclass -closure" would return the same
* replaced loops with NsfClassListFind()
- nsf.c:
* handle direct dispatches for aliased methods
* new generalized error message: NsfNoCurrentObjectError()
- nx.tcl: replace loops ::nsf::methods::[object|class]::*
by explicit command registrations
- nsf.c:
* added NsfClassListNoDup() to allow just single inserts
* added NsfClassListPrint() for debugging
* info heritage returns no duplicates
* added prototype for NsfNoCurrentObjectError()
* report "no current object" when no object is
passed to a method.
* code cleanup
- extended regression test
- nsf.c:
* ensure that explicit per-object-mixins are kept at the front in "info
heritage" order and in "info precedence" when classes are added as
POMs and PCMs
* extended regression test
- nsf.c:
* renamed old flag "-order" of "info mixin classes" to "-heritage"
since it computes same heritage as in "info heritage" (but
potentially for a list of classes)
* added compatibility layer for xotcl2
* added lost option "-heritage" to "/cls/ info mixin classes"
(was only there for "/obj/ info mixin classes")
* extended regression test
- nsf.c
* first version of c-bases "info slots" for classes
* switch "-closure" just for class info method
* added switch "-source" to "info slots -closure"
and "info lookup slots"
(similar to "info lookup methods")
* extended regression test
* base objectparameter on "info slots"
- nsf.c
* added "pattern" to "info lookup slots"
* added "pattern" to "info slots"
* extended regression test
- nx.tcl, xotcl2.tcl: removed unsafe {*}$pattern
- added:
"info slot handle /name/"
"info slot parameter /name/"
- nsf.c: Since the method "objectparameter" is just based on the class
(and object parameters are invalidates as well over the class), we
moved the method from obj to class to avoid potential confusions
- nsf:c
* added C-implemented class level method
"info objectparameter list|name|parameter|parametersyntax"
* added enum to handle different print styles for parameters
* renamed ParamDefsList() to ParamDefsNames(), added true ParamDefsList()
- nx.tcl:
* removed "info slot handle" and "info slot parameter"
* added "info parameter spec", "info parameter list",
"info parameter name", and "info parameter syntax"
* extended regression test
- nsf.c:
* Added argument "-reg-object" to ::nsf::method::create to
distinguish between a registration and a definition object for
ensemble methods, similar as on other places. If no reg-object is
provided, it is the same as the definition object. One should
take care that the registration objects are deleted after the
definition objects, which is the case for the usages of the
reg-objects in nx/xotcl.
* The namespaces within plain scripted methods and scripted
ensemble objects are now the same.
* Extended regression test
* Code cleanup and documentation
- nx.tcl:
* added method "delete" to delete methods and attributes
* extended regression test
- nsf.c: removed all but one occurrence of Tcl_AppendElement()
- nsf.c: removed all occurrences of Tcl_AppendElement()
- nsf.c: passed around resultObj explicitly
- nsf.c: fix and document GetMatchObject()
- extend regression test
- nx.tcl:
* splitted method "delete" into a "delete method" and
"delete attribute"
* remove flag "-per-object" in method "delete"
* delete per-object methods of classes with
"/cls/ class delete method name" and
"/cls/ class delete attribute name"
* extended regression test
- added test cases for "info slots"
- nsf.c:
* handling of same named per-object and provided slots for Class objects
* per-object slots are saved now under <obj>::per-object-slot::*
* returning correct results when per-object slots are used
* removed obsolete functions: NsfObjectListFree(), NsfObjectListAdd()
* removed obsolete type NsfObjects
* transformed ComputeSlotObjects() into a more generic AddSlotObjects()
that can handle per-object slots as well
- nx.tcl:
* generalized slot object handling.
* extended regression test
- xotcl2:tcl
* made "info heritage" in xotcl2 compatible with xotcl1
* fixed "info slots" in xotcl2
* extended regression test
- nsf.c: require NSF_IS_SLOT_CONTAINER for slot-container
- nx.tcl: ne proc ::nx::setSlotContainerProperties to handle slot
container properties in a uniform way
- reduce verbosity
- nx.tcl: improve code documentation
-nsf.c: added c-implementation of "/object/ info slots" to
share implementation details and reduce scattering
- migration guide
* included change in "info heritage"
* included "info slots"
* included "info parameter"
* included "delete method"
* included "delete attribute"
- nsf.c: NsfRelationCmd() returns per default list of actual
values, therefore mixin add|... return now as well the
actual values
- nx.tcl: added "info parameter slot" to return slotobject(s)
- added "info parameter slot" to migration guide
- extended regression test
- nsf.c: changes to use trunk-branch with and without TclStackAlloc()
- migration-guide: add third level to toc
- fix regression test for 8.6 to use nx prefix
- nsf.c: added cmd "::nsd::method::registered /handle/" that returns
the object on which the method identified by the handle was registered,
or empty.
- extended regression test
- bring defined commands in the source code in alphabetical order
- generate interface for NsfUnsetUnknownArgsCmd()
- delete some obsolete code
- added "link" from 2.4 (parameters) to "info parameters" in migration
- remove alias warnings from gcc under ubuntu (4.2.4)
- nsf.c: fixed possible crash in tcl8.6 with nsfprocs, still one inconsistency
- nsf.c: fixed bad interaction between mixins and ensembles in tcl8.6
- nsf.c: document two more functions
- nsf.c: removed unneeded casts to (ClientData)
- nsf.c: generalized disposition handling (forward, alias, initcmd) for
object parameter
* disposition is now an option for object parameters rather than
than an own type. Therefore, one can check the arguments passed
to the disposition cases
* changed specification of name of method from arg= to method=
* this way "type" info in "info parameter syntax" is handled automatically
- nsf.c:
* added a new converter for converting mixins with guards (named mixinspec)
* used mixinspec in nx.tcl and xotcl2.tcl
* extended nx regression test.
* added profiling support for nsf::proc when
- removal of unneeded flags "-incontext" and "-nomixins" from
* /obj/ info methods
* /cls/ info methods
These flags are correct for "info lookup", but unneeded for
"info methods"
- cleanup of ListDefinedMethods()
- nsf.c: use NsfObjectRefCountIncr() instead of object->refCount++
- nsf.c: fix small memory leak for nsf::is in error cases
- renamed converter from "mixinspec" to "mixinreg"
- Use mixinregObjType as well in NsfRelationCmd(), so this is the only
place, where mixin and guards are processed.
- Since the type converter converts Tcl-Objs, we have less context
information (e.g. we have no base class, on which we can decide to
call e.g. __unknown on on of the objects systems). - because of the
point above, i removed ::xotcl::Class->__unknown and
::nx::Class->__unknown in favor of a global proc ::nsf::unknown, for
which unknown handlers can be registered
- GetClassFromObj() receives as last argument "withUnknown" instead of
baseClass to indicate, when unknown should be tried.
- new function NsfCallUnknownHandler()
- moved mixin reg type converter to a new file (nsfObj.c)
- added NsfFilterregObjType, to provide a converter for filter
registration similar to mixin registrations
- replaced dummy dupIntRepProc and updateStringProc in nsfObj.c by NULL
- fixed memory leak in "... info mixin classes -heritage"
- added tests for integer, wideinteger and bignums
- added value checker type int32 (similar to "string is integer") and
changed value checker "integer" to accept all integers
- library/mongodb:
* use type int32
* updated to new nx/nsf interfaces
* updated for mongo-c-driver post 0.3
(supporting result MONGO_OK for mongo_cursor_next)
* factored out "mongo cond" from "mongo query"
- fixing part of the memleak introduced for bignum handling above
(for some unknown reasons, we see crashes from mp_clear)
- extend regression test
- improve bignum conversion handling further
- found memleak in tcl
- provided nicer registration and inspection interface for unknown handlers
- added documentation for unknown handlers in tutorial
- cleanup of __unknown
- added handling for provided arguments to positional object parameters with
disposition alias and forward
- provided better error messages for unknown parameter options
- provided error messages for multiple disposition parameters
- reduce redundancy by introducing macro NSF_ARG_METHOD_INVOCATION
- gentclAPI.tcl:
* renamed "nrArgs" to "nrParams"
* switched default for nrargs from 0 to 1
- gentclAPI.decls:
* added "-nrargs 0" where needed
* switched parameter logic from default for nrargs from 0 to 1
* simplified logic to detect additional arguments in argument parser
* improved error message for missing required argument
- regression tests:
* added disposition.test
* extended regression test
- xotcl2: use filterreg instead of plain arg for registration of filters
- nsf.c:
* improved source code documentation
* added parameter option "args" in order to get eventually rid of
hard-wired call to residualargs.
* improved a few error messages
* fixed object parameters consisting only of plain parameters
(previously, no parameters were returned in this case, e.g.
for method parameters; but object parameter code depends on it)
- extended and updated regression tests
- nsf.c:
* added refcounting to parameter definitions (needed, when
aliased object parameter redefined the actual objectparameters)
* removed hardcoded call to remaining args
* switched implentation of xotcl2 to use object parameter with
parameter option "args"
* removed residualargs from object system definition
* extended regression test
- nsf.c:
* Don't output non-consuming procs (which are always called)
via parametersyntax (shows, what a user can input)
* additional command ::nsf::object::initialized to check whether
an object is already initialized
* new function DispatchInitMethod() similar to DispatchDefaultMethod()
* let residualargs call init directly instead of doing it the inidrect way
* provided ability to call init with object parameters at arbitrary
* switch from Tcl_ObjCmdProc style interface (ClientData first)
to a C stype interface for DispatchDefaultMethod(), DispatchUnknownMethod()
* bring cmd definitions for nsf::object in right order
- extended regression test
- genAPI.decls and nsf.c: bring cmds in same order
- nsf.c: align naming conventions
- renamed gentclAPI.decls to nsfAPI.decls
- renamed tclAPI.h to nsfAPI.h
- added nsf.m4 to git for the time being
- mongdb:
* added preliminary gridfs interface
* refactored some code
* added new types for "gridfs" and "gridfile"
* added new example file example-nsf-gridfs.tcl
- nsf.c: no good reason to disallow user defined types for for alias,
forward or initcmd
- library/nx/nx-zip.tcl: added a zip file generator as package
- nsf.c:
* new file nsfPointer.c
* generic new value checker ConvertToPointer to handle c-level
conversions (which can be registed from nsf extensions)
* extern defined interface for the pointer converter:
Nsf_PointerTypeLookup(), Nsf_PointerTypeRegister(),
Nsf_PointerAdd(), Nsf_PointerDelete(),
Nsf_PointerInit(), Nsf_PointerExit().
- library mongodb
* changed mongoAPI to pointer converter interface
- C-code generator:
* additional parameter swith "-withObj" to allow passing
of internal representation and the according TclObj *
* c-implemented methods: report types in "info parameter" for
more builtin types.
* use "-withObj" in mongodb interface
* adapted regression test
- mongodb interface:
* mongo::gridfile::seek: added a seek command for gridfiles
* added example for the low-level interface to shwo how
to access gridfs via the plain mongodb interface, how
to add some additional metadata (e.g. dublin core meta
data) and how to retrieve this via the gridfile interface
- nsf.c:
* report only fully initialized slot objects via "info slots" to
avoid chicken-egg problem during method "objectparameter"
* added flag -array to ::nsf::var::exists to check, whether
the variable is an array (to avoid "o eval {array exists ...}"
in the serializer.
* provided flags to VarExists instead of multiple args
* don't add new pointer entries in Nsf_PointerTypeLookup()
- preliminary fix for volatile called through residual args
- new regression test file volatile.test
- fix the comparison with "unknown" in residual args
- provide backward compatibility for unknown method (when
method contains spaces).
- some minor cleanup
- extended regression test
- fix typos in string "unknown" (unknwon, unkown)
- reduce verbosity
- reduce scope of variables
- renamed ObjectParameterSlot attribute from nosetter => accessor
(positive formulation)
- nsf.c: make sure to always initialize variables
- first draft of separation of attribute -> variable + accessor
- library/mongodb:
* updated to current interface in git HEAD
* added flag timeout to mongo::connect
* added new index options "-sparse" and "-background"
- regularized more nsf::* names:
renamed "nsf::createobjectsystem" => "nsf::objectsystem::create"
renamed "nsf::unknown" => "nsf::object::unknown"
renamed "nsf::dispatch" => "nsf::object::dispatch"
- generalized "nsf::object::initialized" to
nsf::object::property objectName initialized|class|rootmetaclass|rootclass|slotcontainer
- nx: factor out method createFromParameterSpec
- method variable:
* check default value
* added shortcut, when no slot object is needed
* extended regression test
- nx::Attribute: changed method 'checkInstVar' to 'setCheckedInstVar'
- set only fresh variables via per-object method "variable" and "attribute"
- added flag -concomplain to per-object method "variable" and "attribute"
- extended regression test
- added support for "class variable"
- added tests for "variable" + multiplicity and "class variable"
- provide error message, when method variable is a noop
(e.g. no value provided and no accessor is wanted)
- added tests for object specific "variable" and "attribute
+ application defined value checker
- library/mongodb:
* updated to current interface in git HEAD
- nx.tcl: added switch "incremental" to "variable" and "attribute"
- added regression test
- nsf.c: improve performance (branch prediction) by using
likely/unlikely macros for gcc
- nx.tcl:
* added support for "variable" on the class-level
* added flag "noconfig" to object parameter options
* parameters with "noconfig" are omitted in
"info parameter syntax" and "info parameter list"
* used switches for all configurable boolean options for
"variable" and "attribute"
* regularized the interface of "variable" and "attribute"
* extended regression test
- fixed a possible crash in the ExitHandler:
Object create o {exit -1}
- nsf.c:
* added flag "-array" to nsf::var::set such we have
now "::nsf::var::set ?-array? object varName ?value?"
With "-array", nsf::var::set behaves like "array get"
or "array set" (on instance variables)
* use "::nsf::var::set -array" in serializer symmetrically
to scalar case
* extended regression test
- nsf.c:
* fixing compilation with NSF_MEM_COUNT
* New function DeleteProcsAndVars() to trigger deletion of
ParamDefs (fixes a small memory leak);
* improved comments
* improved INCR_REF_COUNT/DECR_REF_COUNT for easier
tracking of potential refcount errors
* added macros DECR_REF_COUNT2() and INCR_REF_COUNT2()
for easing the association of refcounts to locations
in the code by providing names for refcounts.
* fixed a refcount bug for valueObjs in non-NRE-enabled
versions in the argument vector of scripted methods
- nsf.c:
* refined refcounting debugging
* fixed various refcounting bugs, especially
in error cases.
* added explicit INCR_REF_COUNTs on Tcl_Objs
with 0-refCount to ease debugging
* added explicit names for refcounting for "paramDefsObj"
* added explicit names for refcounting for "freeList" (for forwaders)
* provide debug-refcounts for "NSNamespace"
* provide debug-refcounts for "nextArgumentVector"
* change DeleteProcsAndVars, such it deletes procs and vars
explicitely in all namespaces
* added more sanity checks for parameterContexts,
testing in ParseContextRelease() in DEBUG mode
* provide debug-refcounts for "pcPtr.objv"
* provide debug-refcounts for "pcPtr.clientData"
* provide debug-refcounts for "class.activationCount"
* provide debug-refcounts for "object.activationCount"
* deactivated CHECK_ACTIVATION_COUNTS oer default
* tested refcounts with Tcl 8.6b2, found bug in Tcl and submitted patch to sourceforge
- nsf.c:
* fixed a bug in "info parameter list|... name" when the named
parameter is not found (returns now empty, before, it was
returing the full list).
* added flag "-nocomplain" to nsf::var::unset
- nx.tcl
* added "delete variable" analogous to "delete attribute"
* unset instance variable for object-level "delete attribute"
* extended regression test
- library/mongodb:
* updated to current interface in git HEAD (resp.
"git checkout v0.4")
- nx.tcl:
* fixed copy for object created with new
* copy returns now the fully qualified name of the copied object
* extended regression test
- library/mongodb:updated to current interface in git HEAD
- nx.tcl: implemented copy without a provided name. If argument
of copy is omitted, the copied object is created with a fresh
name (i.e. created with the method "new"). Example
set x [o copy]
- extended regression test
- nx.tcl:
* added protected and public for "require method"
The following forms are now valid
"... require public method"
"... require protected method"
"... require method"
"... require public class method"
"... require protected class method"
"... require class method"
* extended regression test
- library/mongodb:
* replaced NsfMongoGetHostPort() with the newly available
function mongo_parse_host()
* updated error codes according to git head
* factored out mapping of error code to string
- nsf.c:
added cmd __db_compile_epoch for compile-epoch introspection
- Mystery solved, why in the script below the interp>compileEpoch is
incremented, when D is redefined, but in other cases not. In the
script below the method D.init is compiled by tcl, since it has a
trivial body. Therefore, a redefinition of D will remove this
compiled body and all its potential usages. Therefore the
interp->epoch is incremented. If the body is e.g. "return", the
epoch is not incremented (observed with Tcl 8.5.10)
# -*- Tcl -*-
package require XOTcl; namespace import -force ::xotcl::*
package require nx::test; namespace import nx::Test
Class C; C c
Class D -superclass C
D instproc init args {}
Test new \
-count 100 \
-pre {
puts stderr ===create-D;Class create D; puts stderr ===D-created;
Class E; Class E1; Class X -instmixin {D E E1}} \
-cmd {X info instmixin ::E*} \
-expected {::E ::E1} \
-post {foreach o {D E E1 X} {$o destroy}}
Test new \
-count 100 \
-pre {Class D; Class E; Class X -instmixin {D E}} \
-cmd {X info instmixin ::E*} \
-expected {::E} \
-post {foreach o {D E X} {$o destroy}}
Test run; exit
- nsf.c:
* enabled MEM_COUNT debugging for multi-threaded
apps. We collect the MEM_COUNT statistics now
per interp. Therefore, we have to pass around
"interp" in case where alloc() and free()
or refCount functions are used (textually,
a big change)
* verified, that nsf runs clean in aolserver/naviserver
(all INCR_REF_COUNTS all balanced)
* added paramPtr->name to MEM_COUNT tracing
* added STRING_FREE, calling MEM_COUNT macros
* checked all ckfree in nsf.c, everything allocated
is covered by the MEM_COUNT macros
- nsf.c: fixed autoname problem with code from tcl trunk
- fixed book-keeping for TclNamespace refcounting such that now
alias.test, destroy.test and test.xotcl run now clean,
2 test are still open with tcl 8.5.10 (contains.test and xotcomm.test)
- documented functions in nsfTrace.c
- updated next-tutorial to the current naming conventions
- added tests for using submethod handles
- changed Stack example in tutorial from constructor to :variable
- allow just valid specs for :attribute and :variable methods
- improved error message for invalid parameter specs (with leading colons)
- extended regression test
- library/mongodb:updated to current interface in git HEAD
* move to greedy assert to an inner scope ("info method ...")
* allow testwise "switch" as object parameter (when it is used,
accessors are deactivated for this attribute)
* extended regression test
- nx.tcl: extended object-parameter "switch" implementation:
now, accessors of type boolean are created, when type "switch" is used.
- nsf.c: implemented "... info method origin ..." which returns the
implementation handle (in contrast to the registration handle) of
a method.
- nx.tcl
* renamed "attribute" to "property"
* renamed "defaultAttributeCallProtection" to "defaultPropertyCallProtection"
* renamed "nx::Attribute" to ""nx::VariableSlot"
* renamed "BootStrapAttributeSlot" to "BootStrapVariableSlot"
* renamed "createBootstrapAttributeSlots" to "createBootstrapVariableSlots"
* removed method attributes
* implemented old "attributes" definition in xotcl2 as method "parameter"
- nx.tcl
* renamed "info parameter name" to "info parameter names" (since it returns a list of names)
* renamed "info parameter name" to "info parameter names" (since it returns a list of names)
* renamed "info slots" to "info slot objects"
* additional method "info slot definition"
* additional method "info slot name"
* additional method "info properties" (alias to "info slot definition")
* removed "info parameter slot"
* use term "noaccessor" and "noconfig" to deactivate accessors or object-parameters
in property definitions
* don't show slots with noconfig in "info parameter names"
* don't show slots with noconfig in "info parameter definition"
* renamed slot property "configparam" to "config"
* renamed "::nsf::methods::class::info::slots" to "::nsf::methods::class::info::slotobjects"
* additional public method ObjectParameterSlot.getPropertyDefinition
* updated and extended regression test
- nx.tcl:
* added "/obj/ info slot definition"
* added "/obj/ info slot name"
* added "/obj/ info properties" (alias to "/obj/ info slot definition")
* extended regression test
- nx.tcl:
* added parameter option incremental for "property" and "variable"
* removed the nonpos argument "-incremental" from "property" and "variable"
* adapted regression test for these cases
- new folder example-scripts
* Added 8 of the rosetta examples and one classical OTcl example
* all examples are tested via regression test
* all examples are pretty-printed via asciidoc
* added example rosetta-abstract-type.tcl
* added example rosetta-unknown-method.tcl
* added ./apps/utils/source-doc-beautifier.tcl
* fixed the file-handle output/formatting in rosetta-serialization.tcl; using proc "!"
- nsf.c:
* fixed next path computation in cases where command handles
are used to refer to methods in the current mixin order.
* extended regression test
- nx.tcl:
* made "/cls/ class ..." using ensemble methods and therefore extensible.
* This introduces some definition order dependencies in nx.tcl and
some redundancy ("class filter" and "class mixin"), but maybe
this can be eliminated.
- nsf.c:
* fixed "nsf::my -local ..." (never worked in nsf)
* added regression test
- documenting current behavior
* test method-handle + next + dispatch (unwanted)
* test "my -local" vs my + method handle
* test "my -local" vs dispatch + method handle
- nsf.c:
* added preliminary/minimal "private" support
* private can be called via "my -local", direct
dispatches are forbidden, ignored in mixins
and next;
* extended regression test
* fixed name path in unknown called from ensemble
methods (erroneous colon could show up)
* added -system flag to:
- ordinary dispatch (e.g. "o1 -system info vars")
- nsf::object::dispatch with plain methodName
- nsf::my (mutual exclusive with -local)
- nsf.c:
* change mem-count statistics from per-interp to per-thread
* generalized GetObjectFromCmdTable() to ReverseLookupCmdFromCmdTable()
* changed GetObjectScreenedByCmdName() to GetHiddenObjectFromCmd()
* modularized interp.test to locate potential problems faster
* partly simplified interp.test syntactically
* deacivated a few tests in interp.test for the time being
(runs commands after finalize)
* re-established assertion checking for deleted cmds in cmd lists
* added flag "-keepvars" to nsf::finalize for handling cases in interp.test
* reactivated tests and simplified interp.test
- disposition.test:
* remove/check exit (see comments in the file)
* handle exit from eval/inticmd with proper refcounts
- nsf.c:
* integrated "-local" and fully qualified handling with ObjectDispatch
to ensure proper behavior of mixins/next etc.
* added "/obj/ -local ..." similar to "/obj/ -system ..."
* added "nsf::object::dispatch /obj/ -local ..." similar to "/obj/ -local ..."
* extended regression test (next from -local,
fully qualified names, private methods, "...dispatch -local")
* provide error message for "/obj/ -system"
- nx.tcl:
* make calls from "protected", "public", and "private" system calls,
such that "obj -system protected method foo {} ..." works, even
when obj has a method named "method".
* extended regression test
- nsf.c:
* added "/obj/ -intrinsic ..." similar to "/obj/ -system ..."
* added "nsf::my /obj/ -intrinsic ..." similar to "/obj/ -intrinsic ..."
* added "nsf::object::dispatch /obj/ -intrinsic ..." similar to "/obj/ -intrinsic ..."
* extended regression test
- nsf.c:
* simplified permission handling
* made private/protected mutual exclusive
* extended regression test for private methods
* per-thread MEM_COUNT tested with aolserver/naviserver
* removed INTERP macros for MEM_COUNT (since we use now
per-thread tables instead of per-interp tables as in the
first implementation)
* re-enabled transparency of private method in mixins
* added transparency for per-object private methods
* extended regression test
- nsf.c:
* allow protected and private methods to be used as filters
* added regression tests
* some cleanup in regression tests
* added support for calling private methods via -local and filters
* extended regression test for private + filters
* removed "-local", "-system" and "-intrinsic" from plain dispatch
(like e.g. "o1 -system method")
* removed flag "-local" from nsf::object::dispatch
* made nsf::my and nsf::object::dispatch available in the nx namespace
- nsf.c:
* factored out CmdIsNsfObject() for NRE handling with slave interpreters.
* added flag ZSE_NRE_PROC for using nreProc instead of objProc
- nsf.c
* implemented NsfObjDispatchNRE and NsfObjDispatch
* this fixed all issues of tcl8.6 and interp.test (xocomm still hangs in 8.6)
- nsf.c:
* "private" implies now "protected". This means, setting "private"
sets as well "protected", unsetting "protected" unsets "private"
* make sure the "... method definition" of private methods is returned as "private"
* extended regression test
- nsf.c:
* removed warning about resetting cmd to 0 for private method invocations.
- fixed interp.test for tcl 8.6
- fixed xocomm.test for tcl 8.6
- fixed mem_count on xocomm.test (was 26 / 26)
- nsf.c: small performance improvements
- nsf.c: experimental implementation of ::nsf::method::dispatch
- renamed "nsf::method::dispatch" to "nsf::directdispatch"
- renamed "nsf::object::dispatch" to "nsf::dispatch"
- nsf.c:
* added permissable value "private" to flag "-callprotection" for
"info lookup method" and "inbfo methods".
* extended regression test
- doc:
* fixed naming of "attribute" in migration guide
* added "private" to migration guide
* some textual improvements in migration guide
* fixed spacing in documentation
* fixed documentation of "info slot objects", "info slot names",
"info slot definition"
- nx:
* added namespace "nx::internal"
* delete procs via "rename to emtpy" instead of
"defining procs with empty argumentes and body"
* provided "-properties" as a replacement for -attributes,
but without magic variable
* extended regression test
* changed "info slot name" to "info slot names"
(like "info parameter names")
- library/lib/pp.tcl: improved handling of placeholders
- doc:
* added section about ":variable" to the tutorial
* fixed a few outdated places in tutorial
- nsf.c:
* reduce eagerness of methodName computation in ResolveMethodName()
and GetRegObject()
* reduce eagerness of DString computation in ResolveMethodName()
* use conditional assignments in ResolveMethodName()
* make use of Tcl_Obj type in ResolveMethodName() to reduce
number of string operations
- gentclAPI.tcl:
* added option handling for every cmd/method/...
* added option "-nxdoc" for outputting an index
to ease maintenance in nxdoc
- nsf.nxd:
* adapted to new namings
* tend to use fully qualified names (make maintenance easier)
* bring cmds to an alphabetical order (make maintenance easier)
* add optical separators between doc items to ease reading
- fixed mem_count on contains.test
- nsf.c:
* minor cleanup
* added regression tests
* fixed recration of object alias with a alias to a different cmd
- xotcl2.tcl:
* added a backward compatible ::xotcl::alias method
- Switched to the tcl numbering scheme. Version is now 2.0a1
Warning: From the Tcl point of view, this is a regression in
numbering relative to the previous 2.0.0. Make sure to
remove old releases from you installation path like e.g.
rm -rf /usr/local/lib/libnsf2.0.0* /usr/local/lib/nsf2.0.0
- use same version numbers in nsf, nx and xotcl2
- library/lib/nx-zip.tcl: refactored implementqtion,
improved utf-8 file-name handling (which is a mess in pkzip)
- configure options:
* improved and extended configure options to reduce
necessity to switch features on and off in the nsf.h.
Optional Features:
--enable-profile build nsf with profile support (default disabled)
build nsf with memcount debug support (default
--enable-development build nsf with development support (assertion
checking, etc.; default disabled)
Optional Packages:
--with-dtrace build nsf with DTrace (default: without)
- nsf.c:
* report configuration options via "parray nsf::config"
sample output
% parray nsf::config
nsf::config(development) = 1
nsf::config(dtrace) = 0
nsf::config(memcount) = 0
nsf::config(memtrace) = 0
nsf::config(profile) = 0
- build-environment:
* make more in line with the TEA sample app
(removing leftovers from prior versions of TEA)
* remove GNU-Makefile-isms from
- nsf.c:
* provide an intermediary fix for the final memcount problem
of elements in on the iPtr->errorStack
* improve iPtr cleanup for memcount debugging
- added configure option: enable-assertions (default on)
- nsf.c:
* allowed to call ":" like "my" or "self"
Object create o
o public method bar2 {} {return bar2-[: foo]}
o public method bar5 {} {return [self]::bar5}
o public method bar6 {} {return [:]::bar6}
* extended regression test
- nx.tcl: moved "properties" from nx::Class to nx::Object
- nsf.c: make ":" a full equivalent vor nsf::my
(i.e. support -local, -system and -intrinsic)
- extend regression test
- reform of argument parse. new parser uses NsfFlagObjType
to reuse earlier parse results. Improved speed for
for methods with primitive bodies: 5%-25%.
- added regression tests for argument parsing
- nsf.c
- added experimental parameter option noleadingdash
- additional regression test file method-parameter.test
- provide selective error messages for unknown nonpos args
- reform of method lookup. new code uses
NsfInstanceMethodObjType and NsfObjectMethodObjType
to reuse earlier lookup results. Improved speed for
for methods with primitive bodies (over version before
argument parse reform: 10%-43%.
- additional compile-time option: METHOD_OBJECT_TRACE
- experimentation version of unknown handler for non-pos args
- extending regression test
- moved methodEpochCounters from global vars to the interp state
to improve reuse in multi threaded apps
- separated objectMethodEpoch and instanceMethodEpoch
- bump version number to 2.0a2
- new cmd for debugging: nsf::__db_show_obj
- added MethodDupInternalRep() and FlagDupInternalRep()
since they appear to be required in Tcl 8.6b2.
- added "package prefer latest" to avoid confusions of alpha and beta releases
with install versions
- added MixinregDupInternalRep() and FilterregDupInternalRep
- perform more eager invalidation on objectMethodEpochs
- cleanup on nsfObj.c
- don't convert obj types tclCmdName and parsedVarNameType
to instanceMethodObjType
nx: added traits package
nonleadingdash handling:
- doc: added "nonleadingdash" to UML class diagram
- nsf.c: added error message, when "noleadingdash" is used on
non-positional parameters
- nsf.c: use same logic for "nonleadingdash" to "value in argument"
- nsf.c: deactivated rudimentary unknown handler non nonpos args
for the time being
- nx.tcl: added handling of parameter option "noleadingdash"
in objectParameterSlots
- doc:
* integrated ::nx::doc::make with
(provide shell calls and, targets and dependencies)
* provided a different flag for the generation of the documentation
(-develop, .... or -final) to show/hide it.
* separated entries for methods and hooks (can't be called if not defined)?
* recreate should only be called internally, similarly "init" etc.
* __unknown
unknown is a hook for Object but a method for Class
- fixed strange ref-counting bug in 8.6b2 bug-is-86.tcl
where 2 ref-counted items are not freed (value:class,
issued from nx.tcl around line 120). Compile with DEBUG86B2
for more info
# -*- Tcl -*-
package req nx
package require nx::test
nx::Test case ensemble-next-with-colon-prefix {
nx::Object create obj {
:public method foo {} { return [:info class] }
#:public method bar {} { return [:info] }
:method info {} {;}
? {obj foo} {wrong # args: should be ":info"}
- nsf.c: cleanup on DEBUG86B2
- nx.tcl:
* do not namespace import my into ::nx
* replace usages of "my" by colon invocations
- doc:
* extended method resolution section
* documented invocation flags for colon
- nsf.c:
* add flags "-closure" and "-source" to "/cls/ info methods"
(the cases for "/obj/ info methods" are already covered by
"/obj/ info lookup methods")
* extend regression test
- nx-traits:
* use "info methods -closure" instead of instantiating a
class at trait-insertion time
* added trait as package nx::callback
- example scripts: added tk-mini and tk-horse-race
- make "/object/ require" an ensemble method
- traits: renamed "useTrait" into "require trait"
- added per-object traits (and per-class-object traits)
- added tk-spread and tk-locomotive to example scripts
- altered default handling to honor side effects of aliased object
parameters. This slows down evaluation a little. Side-effects from
aliased parameters are discouraged, since the order of the
evaluation should not matter of an declarative evaluation of the
argument vector.
- extended regression test
- library/mongo:
* updated interface to current nx
* updated to mongo-c-driver 0.4 (current version)
* The mongo c-driver does not allow to add DBRefs, since
it refuses to accept field names with leading '$'. So we skip these
tests for the time being.
- remove quadratic behavior when adding many classes (10 thousands)
- deletion is still for huge number of classes quite slow.
- nx.tcl, xotcl.tcl:
* remove proc "register_system_slots" since 'rename
register_system_slots ""' fails on aolserver
* bump version number to 2.0b1
- nsf.c: extended "new":
* nonpos-arg "-childof" accepts now a namespace
(required an object before). Therefore, one can
use now "... new -childof [namespace current]",
even when the current namespace is not an object
- nx.tcl: simplified ::nx::ScopedNew to ::nx::NsScopedNew:
before it was necessary to create a new volatile class for every
invocation of contains.
- extended regression test
- nx.tcl: don't use mixins in method "contains", but remap the new
implementation. If there are ten thousands of classes defined,
adding mixins to the root meta-class degrades linearly on the number
of classes defined (the mixin paths for all classes must be
invalidated). This might be a problem for frequent "contains"
- bump version numbers for nx, xotcl2 and nsf to 2.0b2
- rename "info method handle /methodName/" into
"info method registrationhandle /methodName/"
- rename "info method origin /methodName/" into
"info method definitionhandle /methodName/"
- added "info method handle" as short form of "info method definitionhandle"
- added "info method origin" to return the target of an alias (or empty)
- update migration guide and tutorial
- cleanup "//" in sources
- adding method epoch incr to NsfAddObjectMethod() and NsfAddClassMethod()
- added function CmdListAddSorted() to improve mixinof management
- Use directdispatch to query existing traces without the need
of an extra method. By this change, the serializer works in
constant time independent on the number of existing objects.
- reduce number of RUNTIME_STATE(interp) in favor of a variable.
- make time of the definition of a method independent on the
number of defined instances (unless, when filters are defined)
- fixed bug with recursive aliases
- extended regression test
- updated and shorted and TODO
- removed the following files from the repository.
deleted: COMPILE
deleted: ChangeLog
deleted: unix/
deleted: win/
These files should be probably added again at some later time,
but need some rework. Old versions are still available from the
2.0.0-develop branch
- Replaced hash-table for GetAllInstances() with a linear list.
As a result, mass-destroy on exit is now much faster. Valgrind
reports that the full circle of creating 100.000 objects and
destroying it on exit became about 15% faster.
- added additional argument adEnd to CmdListAdd()
- renamed CmdListRemoveList() to CmdListFree()
- improved code documentation
- removed unneeded AddInstance() and RemoveInstance()
- deactivated uncalled ReverseLookupCmdFromCmdTable() and
GetHiddenObjectFromCmd() since apparently not needed any more
- removed conditionals in AddInstance() and RemoveInstance()
- dropped result from RemoveInstance()
- added method NsfMethodNamePath() to compute the ensemble path
in error messages
- reduce verbosity
- extended regression test
- nsf.c: fix call of DispatchDefaultMethod() in cases it triggers an error for 8.6b
- nx.tcl: give a slightly better error message in case the root-object of an ensemble is called directly
- handle duplicates in the cmd-list during cleanup
- Avoid duplicate entries in instance lists for diamond inheritance by
maintaining the set of already processed entries in
NsfClassInfoInstancesMethod1() and GetAllInstances().
- extended regression test
- removed "namespace import" in object-system test
- Reform of subclass/superclass handling.
* unifying transitive subclass handling
* localizing and documenting caching of subclass/superclass lists
* eliminating repetitious computation of subclass lists
* re-factored code, renamed some functions to better reflect their purpose
* improved documentation
- fixed a potential crash for class deletion triggering implicit deletions
further deletions referencing the parent class
- extended regression test
nsf.c, nsf.h, nsfStack.c, nx.tcl, tcl-cool.tcl, xotcl2.tcl
- fix spelling in comments
- strip unneeded space
- fixed potential crash when generating error message about argument usage
when called without a callstack
- added regression test
- change argument of IsMetaClass() to type *NsfObject
- provide basic protection against most likely unintended
deletion/overwriting of base classes.
- extend regression test
- fix typos
- extend regression test to improve coverage
- improve branch prediction
- simplify macro handling with __WIN32__
- regroup some macro definitions
- "info method": missing an option to return the "-returns
specification". Also: "-returns" spec is not included in "info
method definition".
- simplified usage of ObjectName() and ClassName() macros (no caller parenthesis needed)
- added exerpimental object property keepcallerself (currently only evaluated by aliased objects)
- removed TODOs from keepcallerself in destroy.test; calls were truely recursive,
behavior was correct.
- Added exerpimental object property "allowmethoddispatch" for
child-objects to be called from parent objects via method interface.
Background: both, per-object methods and childobjects are
implemented via cmds in the same tcl namespace. Without special
care, both are callable via the standard dispatch. Apparently, this
is not always wanted.
- handled allowmethoddispatch and keepcallerself in copy/move
- set allowmethoddispatch per-default in XOTcl
- removed visablilty of objects with "allowmethoddispatch" false in
"info methods" and "info search methods"
- extended regression test
- improve handling of multiple error messages in a single command
- alias reform: instead of calling first an alias with a stack frame
followed by the dispatched of the aliased cmd, resolve aliases
internally in dispatch. This has the advantage that we do not
have to ignore the "transparent" stack frame in some sitations,
and we have much less problems with the names of the aliased cmds
(e.g. objects) in the introspection methods. Additionally, several
problem cases disappeared from the regression test cases.
In addition, the new approach is faster.
- eliminating obsolete flag NSF_CSC_CALL_IS_TRANSPARENT
- use alias-stubs for aliases pointing to objects. This allows
us to distinguish between cases, where an object is dispatchable
due to the alias or due to allowmethoddispatch (when the object
happens to be a subobject and has therefore its cmd in the same
namespace). The semantics are now:
- aliases to objects are always dispatchable, no matter, how
allowmethoddispatch is set.
- direct subobjects of objects are currently on dispatchable
when allowmethoddispatch is set. Note, that this could
be seen as a method-property of the method-name, which
could be made "private" as well to avoud such direct dispatches.
- nsf.c: start all error messages with a lower case word for consistency
and to follow closer to Tcl's conventions
- deacitivate for the time being allowmethoddispatch
(make it behave always like true)
- added instead new flag "perobjectdispatch" to make
behavior of ensembleobjects configurable.
- The behavior for keepcallerself is currently
only activated for the method-interface
for object dispatch, since otherwise the following
would be dangerous, since "o2 foo" would destroy o2
nx::Object create o1
nsf::object::property o1 keepcallerself true
nx::Object create o2 {
::public method foo {} {o1 destroy}
o2 foo
- fixed potential crash from method caching, when permissions on cmds are
changed and become e.g. unresolvable
- removed flag allowmethoddispatch, since behavior can be achived via
private flag.
- extended regression test
- extend regression test for interactions between "keepcallerself" and
- some minor cleanup
- fixed NRE memory management (for Tcl 8.6) by refactoring
alias handling
- pertaining perobjectdispatch and keepcallerself in serializer
- should we allow objects to overwrite procs/methods and vice versa?
- behavior on keepcallerself on ordinary dispatches with implicit/explicit
receiver (currently the flag is ignored, the code just commented out)
- Aliases and forwards are not handled by NsfNSCopyCmdsCmd; object
cloning/copying remains incomplete; also, there might be object and
method properties not handled as well (as the "returns" method
property before the recent fix)
- Check the following todos such as "todo: don't hard-code registering
command name "method" / NSF_METHOD"; parts of the introspection
machinery in NSF rely on NX/script-level specifics ... how should we
handle this? For the system methods (create, ...), we can resolve
the situation; for the NX or XOTcl method delegates (method) of
::nsf::method::create & friends, we do not have any
abstraction/handle right now ... should we script those info
subcmds (info method definition), against a performance penalty?
- __WIN32__ builds/MinGW: It seems that the http.test cases for XOTcl2
fail against Tcl 8.6b2. Check this ...
- make rough comparison table with NX, XOTcl, tclOO, itcl, Ruby, Python
Most general superclass
Per-object methods
Per-Object mixins -- none, class, or class hierarchy
Per-Class mixins -- none, class, or class hierarchy
transitive mixins classes
Per-object filters
Per-class filters
Composite Traits
Method protection public/protected/private
positional arguments none, leading args, arbitrary
argument value checkers
Create objects classes with no callable methods
- doc/tutorial2.html
- warnings for "numeric" names for args and nonpos-args?
- special handling of values looking like nonpos-flags,
but wich are not ones (-1, "- a b c", ....) in detection
when to throw unknown.
- naming of slot classes
* should we switch from "-class" to "-slotclass"?
o1 property ?-class value? ?-incremental? ?-nocomplain? spec ?initblock?
o1 variable ?-accessor? ?-class value? ?-incremental? ?-initblock value? ?-nocomplain? spec ?value?
* the introspection interface uses "-type", meaning "class or subclass"
o1 info lookup slots ?-type value? ?-source value? ?pattern?
o1 info properties ?-type value? ?-closure? ?-source value? ?pattern?
o1 info slot definition ?-type value? ?-closure? ?-source value? ?pattern?
o1 info slot name ?-type value? ?-closure? ?-source value? ?pattern?
o1 info slot objects ?-type value? ?pattern?
o1 info children ?-type class? ?pattern?
- from parameters.test
# TODO: currently, we need two converters (or a converter on nx::Slot), since
# variable uses nsf::is and attribute uses the slot obj. method variable should
# be changed to use the slotobj as well.
- interface of "variable" and "attribute":
* add switch -array for "variable"? (Just setting is trivial,
handling setters and incremental setter is more work)
- call user-defined setter in object parameters?
- Revise call-stack introspection/intercession, i.e., [current
activelevel] vs. [current callinglevel] vs. uplevel()/upvar():
Currently, there are some inconsistencies when comparing activelevel
and callinglevel:
1. Both skip INACTIVE frames: This has implications for the notion
of an "activelevel" introspection as such (especially when comparing
with their semantics in XOTcl 1.*); also, we cannot access INACTIVE
(mixin, filter) frames anymore using uplevel|upvar (whether this is
needed is another issue, but at least, this breaks XOTcl 1.*
semantics, as callinglevel resolved to such INACTIVE frame contexts).
2. The uplevel()/upvar() methods default to uplevel+callinglevel
semantics, so they borrow their issues from 1)
3. For now, we do not support call-stack transparent up-leveling in