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#!/bin/env tclsh
# Tiny scripted replacement of a binary nxwish (former xowish). This
# script can be used as interactive shell for testing or like a
# regular shell with the !# markup in the first line of a script. It
# is designed to work with multiple installed shells during
# development. For installed versions, it should be sufficient to
# remove the first line.
package require Tk
package require nx
namespace import ::nx::*
if {$argc == 0} {
set prefix ""
set line ""
while {1} {
if {$line eq ""} {
puts -nonewline "% "
flush stdout
append line [gets stdin]
if {[info complete $line]} {
if {[catch $line result]} {
puts $::errorInfo
} else {
puts $result
set line ""
append line \n
} else {
set argv0 [lindex $argv 0]
set argv [lreplace $argv 0 0]
incr argc -1
source $argv0
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