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Javascript (Cappuccino).tmLanguage

Sublime Text 2 bundle for Cappuccino development

Based on the TextMate Cappuccino bundle:

To install with Git, first make sure to remove any old Cappuccino or Objective-J bundles then:

- git clone git://
- Copy the Cappuccino-Sublime directory to the Sublime Text packages directory:
    OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2
    Linux: ~/.Sublime Text 2
    Windows: %APPDATA%\Sublime Text 2


For code completion you have to specify objj_src_paths setting and run "Objective J generate code completion" command. In the example below Cappuccino sources and project root will be scanned for .j files. Please note, that only files which start with a capital letter are considered, i.e. "main.j" will be skipped.

            "path": "/Users/vhbit/projects/webclient"
        "tab_size": 4,
        "sublimelinter_gutter_marks": true,


  • Language/Syntax aware theme coloring
  • Smart formatting of class/method symbol list
  • Automatic context-aware bracket balancing
  • Lookup documentation for class, method, or other symbol in Ingredients (OS X only)
  • Code completion for class names/global functions/constants/selectors, you have to run "Objective J generate completions" command, note that it is available only for Obj-J files)
  • Snippets for:
    • Core
      • Snippets for generating classes/categories/importing/accessors/delegates/selectors
    • AppKit
      • (text) Label
      • (text) TextField
      • (text) Rounded TextField
    • Debugging
      • Log rect to console
      • Log point to console
      • Log size to console
      • Log inset to console
      • Log message to console
    • Resizing Masks
      • Resize Full Width/Height
      • Fixed Center
      • Fixed Top Left
      • Fixed Top Right
      • Fixed Bottom Right
      • Fixed Bottom Left
      • Resize Height Fixed Left
      • Resize Height Fixed Right
      • Resize Width Fixed Top
      • Resize Width Fixed Bottom
    • Utilities
      • (rect) CGRectGetWidth
      • (rect) CGRectGetHeight
      • (rect) CGRectMakeZero
      • (rect) CGRectMake
      • (color) common CPColor methods