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Helpfulcore - helpful features for Sitecore

Helpfulcore Analytics Index Builder


To install Helpfulcore.AnalyticsIndexBuilder run this command in the Nuget Package Manager console on your Sitecore website project:

install-package Helpfulcore.AnalyticsIndexBuilder

Or you can find a Sitecore module on the Sitecore Market Place with name Helpfulcore.AnalyticsIndexBuilder.


  • Built and tested on Sitecore CMS 8.2 rev 160729 (initial release) and SOLR content search integration.
  • Supposed to work on any Sitecore CMS 8.x and later as well as on both SOLR and Lucene content search providers.


The module installs new Sitecore admin page which can be found by path <host_name>/sitecore/admin/analyticsindexbuilder.aspx. The module provides functionality for re-building sitecore_analytics_index using data in the collection database. It also includes methods to clean the index if nesessary

The module uses native Sitecore content search API for updating the index so both SOLR and Lucene content search providers should be supported. Also it uses native pipelines for building indexed records such as:

  • <contacttagindexable.loadfields>
  • <contactaddressindexable.loadfields>
  • <contactindexable.loadfields>
  • <visitindexable.loadfields>
  • <visitpageindexable.loadfields>
  • <visitpageeventindexable.loadfields>

The new admin page <host_name>/sitecore/admin/analyticsindexbuilder.aspx shows the analytics index content overview with count of each indexable type currently present in the index. And provides actions to

  • Delete indexables of specific indexable type
  • Rebuild index for specific indexable type
  • Reset whole analytics index
  • Rebuild whole analytics index

There are options for re-building indexables only for required contacts. This was names as filterable funstion. By default, there is a filter for this action set to use only known contacts (contacts that have not empty identifier). Filtering can be extended or replaced using include configuration file.

The new admin page <host_name>/sitecore/admin/analyticsindexbuilder.aspx display real time log in the executoin log field. As well as logs all actions in separate log file $(dataFolder)/logs/Helpfulcore.AnalyticsIndexBuilder.log.${date:format=yyyyMMdd}.txt

There is a brief functionality legend at the bottom of new admin page <host_name>/sitecore/admin/analyticsindexbuilder.aspx.


There is an option to use the API provided by the module in your code. The primary object is AnalyticsIndexBuilder class. Here how you can get an instance of it:

using Sitecore.Configuration;
using Helpfulcore.AnalyticsIndexBuilder;

var analyticsIndexBuilder = (IAnalyticsIndexBuilder)Factory.CreateObject("helpfulcore/analytics.index.builder/analyticsIndexBuilder", true)

Here is the interface which it provides:

public interface IAnalyticsIndexBuilder
	bool IsBusy { get; }
	void RebuildAllIndexables(bool applyFilters);
	void RebuildContactIndexableTypes(bool applyFilters);
	void RebuildContactIndexableTypes(IEnumerable<Guid> contactIds);
	void RebuildVisitIndexableTypes(bool applyFilters);
	void RebuildVisitIndexableTypes(IEnumerable<Guid> contactIds);
	void RebuildContactIndexables(bool applyFilters);
	void RebuildContactIndexables(IEnumerable<Guid> contactIds);
	void RebuildAddressIndexables(bool applyFilters);
	void RebuildAddressIndexables(IEnumerable<Guid> contactIds);
	void RebuildContactTagIndexables(bool applyFilters);
	void RebuildContactTagIndexables(IEnumerable<Guid> contactIds);
	void RebuildVisitIndexables(bool applyFilters);
	void RebuildVisitIndexables(IEnumerable<Guid> contactIds);
	void RebuildVisitPageIndexables(bool applyFilters);
	void RebuildVisitPageIndexables(IEnumerable<Guid> contactIds);
	void RebuildVisitPageEventIndexables(bool applyFilters);
	void RebuildVisitPageEventIndexables(IEnumerable<Guid> contactIds);
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