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I'm using the current head from git (along with the forked render_component etc)
Active scaffold is working when I load a stand alone controller, but whenever I try to render it from a view, eg:

<%= render :active_scaffold => 'admin/agent' -%>

I get the following error:
ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `formats' for nil:NilClass):
1: = render :active_scaffold => 'admin/agent'
app/views/test/index.haml:1:in _app_views_test_index_haml__226741202_88287490_654131706'

I'm not sure if this is a bug in the fork or with Rails 3, but this was working previously on Rails 2.3 and the current main active scaffold branch.

For some reason, rails isn't giving a decent stack trace of where in active scaffold the error is occurring, so let me know if there
any other information I could provide to help track the cause of this down.

Dave Smylie


Can you please try a controller which is nt namespaced?

undefined method formats might be happening in method list_formats in action 'list'.
Would be great if you could check by adding debug statements.

At least I can tell you that it is working for me with a plain controller. A further difference is that you are using haml... But let s check step by step to find out the root cause.


Ok - I've been booted out of the office for the holidays, but will try both of those things first thing when I return and let you know.

I'm pretty sure I tried both haml and erb with the same results but I'll check that and confirm as well

Dave smylie


Can confirm this is now working with the changes to haml's action_view_mods.rrb as suggested by tlatim.

I guess that makes this one a haml issue. Thanks for your help =)

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