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flexstatus is a status bar generator to use with programs like Dzen2 or lemonbar.

So why yet another program to generate status updates? I originally started with yabar (which I really like) but it seems to pick random y locations and so is not usable for me. My intent is to replace my panel.sh shellscript since I hate that it can take upto a second to reflect the proper workspace name.


Here's what it implements now/features:

  • Date/Time (ie a clock)
  • Workspace name (updated in realtime) (or it can display a crude pager or n/n if you prefer)
  • Static Text (for buttons)
  • Periodically poll a file, with configurable sleep duration
  • Periodically poll a command, with configurable sleep duration
  • Bar agnostic. It uses Go templates to support different bars
  • Stream from a command in the background - New
  • Stream updates from a file (ie a FIFO) - New
  • Multiple pollers, each with their own sleep duration
  • Multiple streamers

Coming Eventually

  • MPD info? (hehe, just found https://github.com/fhs/gompd)
  • Define template variables (to DRY up your templates)
  • Will optionally run a bar (to keep it all in once mostly)
  • More widgets? IDK, I don't want to compete with Conky since the two compliment each other quite well.

My bar config




Uses Go so you need Go setup (including GOPATH):

  go get -u github.com/vhodges/flexstatus

Will leave the flexstatus binary in $GOPATH/bin

I'll look into building downloadable releases with binaries and/or packaging it up for the AUR


  ./flexstatus -config sample_widgets.toml

If the config file can't be found (or errors when loading it) it adds a clock and a version string to the bar so you can at least see something.

The config file defaults to $HOME/.flexstatus_widgets.toml if not specified on the command line.


There are a fair amount of tools for this kind of thing (I'll add more as I find them):

License - MIT