Simple Arduino D-Bus interface (reading and writing digital pins)
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Simple low-performance D-Bus interface for Arduino digital inputs and outputs.

Developed with Arduino Uno (14 pins, 2 reserved for serial IO)

Example (13'th pin is orange LED):

Start the service for /dev/ttyACM0
$ ./

Set input mode
$ qdbus org.vi_server.ardbus / org.vi_server.ardbus.PinMode 13 false
LED is off

$ qdbus org.vi_server.ardbus / org.vi_server.ardbus.DigitalWrite 13 true
LED goes dim

$ qdbus org.vi_server.ardbus / org.vi_server.ardbus.PinMode 13 true
LED goes bright

$ qdbus org.vi_server.ardbus / org.vi_server.ardbus.DigitalWrite 13 false
LED goes off

$ dbus-monitor
signal sender=:1.3668 -> dest=(null destination) serial=150997 path=/; interface=org.vi_server.ardbus; member=DigitalInputChanged
   byte 3
   boolean true
signal sender=:1.3668 -> dest=(null destination) serial=150998 path=/; interface=org.vi_server.ardbus; member=DigitalInputChanged
   byte 2
   boolean false

$ qdbus org.vi_server.ardbus / org.vi_server.ardbus.AnalogRead 1

Not CPU-efficient, PWM output is not implemented, CPU hog (constantly reading from Arduino). Feel free to improve (send patches/pull requests) or to ask for improvements.