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Package: fusefile
Priority: extra
Section: utils
Installed-Size: 8
Maintainer: Vitaly "_Vi" Shukela <>
Architecture: i386
Depends: fuse-utils,libfuse2,libc6
Description: mount one file to another using FUSE in ro,rw or append mode with offset and size
Mount one file to another (with offset and append_only support)
1KB random file: fusefile /dev/urandom mountpoint -r -S 1024 -M 0100666
Instead of "losetup -r -o": fusefile /dev/sda sda1_readonly -r -S 1024 -O $((63*512)) -S $((626535*512)) -M 0100600
Append-only public log using FUSE: fusefile /var/log/mylog publiclog -a -M 0100777 -o allow_other
Force a file to be "regular": fusefile /dev/uba1 mountpoint -w -M 0100600 -S `blockdev --getsize64 /dev/uba1`