imlib2 plugin that uses ffmpeg to decode images [hacky]
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Suppose you have a one-frame video file

ffmpeg -i picture.ppm -vcodec libx264 -preset placebo -tune stillimage -crf 25 -y picture.mkv

and want to view it.

Here is a imlib2 plugin that uses ffmpeg to decode the first frame of the given video.

imlib2-webp was used as a imlib2 loader sample.

Semi-static (ffmpeg compiled in) linux x86 version is here.

Little bonus: simple ffmpeg usage function:

 * Open the the file with FFmpeg, read the first video frame, convert it to RGBA image.
 * returns malloc'ed buffer with the RGBA image on success and NULL on failure
unsigned long* ffmpegsimple_readfirstframe(const char* filename, int *width, int *height);