Make select call return set filehandles sporadically (for testing applications)
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man select


   Under  Linux, select() may report a socket file descriptor as "ready for reading", while nevertheless a subsequent
   read blocks.  This could for example happen when data has arrived but upon examination has wrong checksum  and  is
   discarded.   There may be other circumstances in which a file descriptor is spuriously reported as ready.  Thus it
   may be safer to use O_NONBLOCK on sockets that should not block.

Effectively it means "select can fire just because of it wants so", so all applications should use nonblocking sockets and be ready to ignore spurious selections.

Howerer I see blocking file descriptors being placed to select here and there.

This is library that makes select and poll additionally return ready status for file descriptors by random chance, simplifying finding out applications using blocking sockets and select/poll simultaneously.


LD_PRELOAD=`pwd`/ my_program