Enhanced lsstack with periodic probing and output to file
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Enhanced lsstack with output to file, periodic polling and starting processees right from lsstack.


for((;;)) {
    lsstack -p 10 -o qqq.stack -e ./qqq arg1 arg2

will execute qqq repeatably, appending backtraces to qqq.stack every 10 milliseconds.


lsstack --- a "pstack" for linux, which works*

this is the first public release of lsstack, please post
questions and bug reports on the sourcceforge site

Build instructions:


Install instructions:

cp lsstack /usr/local/bin

(real install process and rpm building to follow in a future release)

lsstack -D emits copious debugging output.

*There are some bugs in lsstack, hopefully to be fixed soon.