Override time reporting in Linux processes (accelerate/slowdown games, test code involving timers/delays)
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(Note: the project is hacky and unreliable)

1. "make" will provide libtimeskew.so
2. Use `TIMESKEW="2 1" LD_PRELOAD=./libtimeskew.so program` to start program with time 2x faster than usual
3. Create/update "timeskew" file in current directory to update time coefficient, e.g. `echo 1 3 > timeskew` - slow down 3x.

TIMESHIFT also sets constant time shift

License=MIT or (at your option) GPLv3

See also:
* Forked timeskew with a GUI (not tested myself): https://github.com/id01/timeskew
* https://github.com/wolfcw/libfaketime