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Make persistent virtual machines on Docker
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Vax allows you to work on set of virtualmachines using only Docker. When using Docker on OSX it is much faster, easier on resources, than Vagrant.

But ... docker want's to be immutable?

In production - yes. But during development, you often want to just hack on some ubuntu stuff without creating Dockerfile's just to be erased after docker exit. Missing Vagrant like vagrant up && vagrant ssh ? Vax to the rescue.

Installation (homebrew - macOS)

brew tap vi4m/repo
brew install vax

How does it work?

Vax is just a simple wrapper to docker run + docker commit during development which takes care of keeping images in order.

  vax init ubuntu:14.04 hacking

It creates .vax.toml in current directory

source_image = "ubuntu:14.04"
dest_image = "hacking"
temp_name = "temp_hacking"    

Now you can "up" your container with

  vax run 
  root@9e8ab25a7c5e:/# apt-get update 
  root@9e8ab25a7c5e:/# apt-get install vim

Ater exit, your changes will be commited. So you can resume your hackig session at any time, from within this directory. Just as in vagrant, you can resume this "vm" with :

  vax run 
  root@9e8ab25a7c5e:/# which vim
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