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How to Upgrade

If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely
shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the
installer (on Windows) or just copy over /Applications/Viacoin-Qt (on Mac)
or viacoind/viacoin-qt (on Linux).

The first time you run version 0.15.0 or higher, your chainstate database will
be converted to a new format, which will take anywhere from a few minutes to
half an hour, depending on the speed of your machine.

The file format of fee_estimates.dat changed in version 0.15.0. Hence, a
downgrade from version 0.15 or upgrade to version 0.15 will cause all fee
estimates to be discarded.

Bootstrap for Viacoin 0.15+ is available: https://bootstrap.viacoin.org/


Viacoin Core is extensively tested on multiple operating systems using
the Linux kernel, macOS 10.8+, and Windows Vista and later. Windows XP is not supported.

Notable changes

Denial-of-Service vulnerability CVE-2018-17144

A denial-of-service vulnerability exploitable by miners has been discovered in
Bitcoin Core versions 0.14.0 up to 0.16.2. This means Bitcoin derived coins have the same issue.
It is recommended to upgrade any of
the vulnerable versions to 0.15.1 to 0.15.2 as soon as possible.

0.15.2 Change log

Build system

  • #11995 9bb1a16 depends: Fix Qt build with XCode 9.2(fanquake)
  • #12946 93b9a61 depends: Fix Qt build with XCode 9.3(fanquake)
  • #13544 9fd3e00 depends: Update Qt download url (fanquake)
  • #11847 cb7ef31 Make boost::multi_index comparators const (sdaftuar)


  • #14247 4b8a3f5 Fix crash bug with duplicate inputs within a transaction (TheBlueMatt, sdaftuar)


  • #11676 7af2457 contrib/init: Update openrc-run filename (Luke Dashjr)
  • #11277 7026845 Fix uninitialized URI in batch RPC requests (Russell Yanofsky)


  • #11289 3f1db56 Wrap dumpwallet warning and note scripts aren't dumped (MeshCollider)
  • #11289 42ea47d Add wallet backup text to import*, add* and dumpwallet RPCs (MeshCollider)
  • #11590 6372a75 [Wallet] always show help-line of wallet encryption calls (Jonas Schnelli)


  • #11554 a69cc07 Sanity-check script sizes in bitcoin-tx (TheBlueMatt)


  • #11277 3a6cdd4 Add test for multiwallet batch RPC calls (Russell Yanofsky)
  • #11647 1c8c7f8 Add missing batch rpc calls to python coverage logs (Russell Yanofsky)
  • #11277 1036c43 Add missing multiwallet rpc calls to python coverage logs (Russell Yanofsky)
  • #11277 305f768 Limit AuthServiceProxyWrapper.__getattr__ wrapping (Russell Yanofsky)
  • #11277 2eea279 Make AuthServiceProxy._batch method usable (Russell Yanofsky)
Hash: SHA256

b2b0ac9cfb354a017df4271a312f604a67d9e7bc4450f796a20cebd15425c052  viacoin-0.15.2-osx64.tar.gz
988240e6310838fef1d2efbc180fac9fcef7f2f07892fedde38bad014d4b62db  viacoin-0.15.2-osx-unsigned.dmg
5b29f96b4d210295faa7fdeda9dbd3675b3dea00b75ecf078f9051347ac83938  viacoin-0.15.2-win32-setup-unsigned.exe
11dbea9d8db1a60d5e83dc5ffcfff743ef29860ae1ea30a720552c7410816a09  viacoin-0.15.2-win64-setup-unsigned.exe
79e1d052890dae7531b782046ee4af4851778099121442b219d0605bee486789  viacoin-0.15.2-win64.zip
bdbd432645a8b4baadddb7169ea4bef3d03f80dc2ce53dce5783d8582ac63bab  viacoin-0.15.2-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz


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0.15.0 Change log

RPC and other APIs

  • #9485 61a640e ZMQ example using python3 and asyncio (mcelrath)
  • #9894 0496e15 remove 'label' filter for rpc command help (instagibbs)
  • #9853 02bd6e9 Fix error codes from various RPCs (jnewbery)
  • #9842 598ef9c Fix RPC failure testing (continuation of #9707) (jnewbery)
  • #10038 d34995a Add mallocinfo mode to getmemoryinfo RPC (laanwj)
  • #9500 3568b30 [Qt][RPC] Autocomplete commands for 'help' command in debug console (achow101)
  • #10056 e6156a0 [zmq] Call va_end() on va_start()ed args (kallewoof)
  • #10086 7438cea Trivial: move rpcserialversion into RPC option group (jlopp)
  • #10150 350b224 [rpc] Add logging rpc (jnewbery)
  • #10208 393160c [wallet] Rescan abortability (kallewoof)
  • #10143 a987def [net] Allow disconnectnode RPC to be called with node id (jnewbery)
  • #10281 0e8499c doc: Add RPC interface guidelines (laanwj)
  • #9733 d4732f3 Add getchaintxstats RPC (sipa)
  • #10310 f4b15e2 [doc] Add hint about getmempoolentry to getrawmempool help (kallewoof)
  • #8704 96c850c [RPC] Transaction details in getblock (achow101)
  • #8952 9390845 Add query options to listunspent RPC call (pedrobranco)
  • #10413 08ac35a Fix docs (there's no rpc command setpaytxfee) (RHavar)
  • #8384 e317c0d Add witness data output to TxInError messages (instagibbs)
  • #9571 4677151 RPC: getblockchaininfo returns BIP signaling statistics (pinheadmz)
  • #10450 ef2d062 Fix bumpfee rpc "errors" return value (ryanofsky)
  • #10475 39039b1 [RPC] getmempoolinfo mempoolminfee is a BTC/KB feerate (instagibbs)
  • #10478 296928e rpc: Add listen address to incoming connections in getpeerinfo (laanwj)
  • #10403 08d0390 Fix importmulti failure to return rescan errors (ryanofsky)
  • #9740 9fec4da Add friendly output to dumpwallet (aideca)
  • #10426 16f6c98 Replace bytes_serialized with bogosize (sipa)
  • #10252 980deaf RPC/Mining: Restore API compatibility for prioritisetransaction (luke-jr)
  • #9672 46311e7 Opt-into-RBF for RPC & bitcoin-tx (luke-jr)
  • #10481 9c248e3 Decodehextx scripts sanity check (achow101)
  • #10488 fa1f106 Note that the prioritizetransaction dummy value is deprecated, and has no meaning (TheBlueMatt)
  • #9738 c94b89e gettxoutproof() should return consistent result (jnewbery)
  • #10191 00350bd [trivial] Rename unused RPC arguments 'dummy' (jnewbery)
  • #10627 b62b4c8 fixed listunspent rpc convert parameter (tnakagawa)
  • #10412 bef02fb Improve wallet rescan API (ryanofsky)
  • #10400 1680ee0 [RPC] Add an uptime command that displays the amount of time (in seconds) bitcoind has been running (rvelhote)
  • #10683 d81bec7 rpc: Move the generate RPC call to rpcwallet (laanwj)
  • #10710 30bc0f6 REST/RPC example update (Mirobit)
  • #10747 9edda0c [rpc] fix verbose argument for getblock in bitcoin-cli (jnewbery)
  • #10589 104f5f2 More economical fee estimates for RBF and RPC options to control (morcos)
  • #10543 b27b004 Change API to estimaterawfee (morcos)
  • #10807 afd2fca getbalance example covers at least 6 confirms (instagibbs)
  • #10707 75b5643 Better API for estimatesmartfee RPC (morcos)
  • #10784 9e8d6a3 Do not allow users to get keys from keypool without reserving them (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10857 d445a2c [RPC] Add a deprecation warning to getinfo's output (achow101)
  • #10571 adf170d [RPC]Move transaction combining from signrawtransaction to new RPC (achow101)
  • #10783 041dad9 [RPC] Various rpc argument fixes (instagibbs)
  • #9622 6ef3c7e [rpc] listsinceblock should include lost transactions when parameter is a reorg'd block (kallewoof)
  • #10799 8537187 Prevent user from specifying conflicting parameters to fundrawtx (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10931 0b11a07 Fix misleading "Method not found" multiwallet errors (ryanofsky)
  • #10788 f66c596 [RPC] Fix addwitnessaddress by replacing ismine with producesignature (achow101)
  • #10999 627c3c0 Fix amounts formatting in decoderawtransaction (laanwj)
  • #11002 4268426 [wallet] return correct error code from resendwallettransaction (jnewbery)
  • #11029 96a63a3 [RPC] trivial: gettxout no longer shows version of tx (FelixWeis)
  • #11083 6c2b008 Fix combinerawtransaction RPC help result section (jonasnick)
  • #11027 07164bb [RPC] Only return hex field once in getrawtransaction (achow101)
  • #10698 5af6572 Be consistent in calling transactions "replaceable" for Opt-In RBF (TheBlueMatt)

Block and transaction handling

  • #9801 a8c5751 Removed redundant parameter from mempool.PrioritiseTransaction (gubatron)
  • #9819 1efc99c Remove harmless read of unusued priority estimates (morcos)
  • #9822 b7547fa Remove block file location upgrade code (benma)
  • #9602 30ff3a2 Remove coin age priority and free transactions - implementation (morcos)
  • #9548 47510ad Remove min reasonable fee (morcos)
  • #10249 c73af54 Switch CCoinsMap from boost to std unordered_map (sipa)
  • #9966 2a183de Control mempool persistence using a command line parameter (jnewbery)
  • #10199 318ea50 Better fee estimates (morcos)
  • #10196 bee3529 Bugfix: PrioritiseTransaction updates the mempool tx counter (sdaftuar)
  • #10195 1088b02 Switch chainstate db and cache to per-txout model (sipa)
  • #10284 c2ab38b Always log debug information for fee calculation in CreateTransaction (morcos)
  • #10503 efbcf2b Use REJECT_DUPLICATE for already known and conflicted txn (sipa)
  • #10537 b3eb0d6 Few Minor per-utxo assert-semantics re-adds and tweak (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10626 8c841a3 doc: Remove outdated minrelaytxfee comment (MarcoFalke)
  • #10559 234ffc6 Change semantics of HaveCoinInCache to match HaveCoin (morcos)
  • #10581 7878353 Simplify return values of GetCoin/HaveCoin(InCache) (sipa)
  • #10684 a381f6a Remove no longer used mempool.exists(outpoint) (morcos)
  • #10148 d4e551a Use non-atomic flushing with block replay (sipa)
  • #10685 30c2130 Clarify CCoinsViewMemPool documentation (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10558 90a002e Address nits from per-utxo change (morcos)
  • #10706 6859ad2 Improve wallet fee logic and fix GUI bugs (morcos)
  • #10526 754aa02 Force on-the-fly compaction during pertxout upgrade (sipa)
  • #10985 d896d5c Add undocumented -forcecompactdb to force LevelDB compactions (sipa)
  • #10292 e4bbd3d Improved efficiency in COutPoint constructors (mm-s)
  • #10290 8d6d43e Add -stopatheight for benchmarking (sipa)

P2P protocol and network code

  • #9726 7639d38 netbase: Do not print an error on connection timeouts through proxy (laanwj)
  • #9805 5b583ef Add seed.btc.petertodd.org to mainnet DNS seeds (petertodd)
  • #9861 22f609f Trivial: Debug log ambiguity fix for peer addrs (keystrike)
  • #9774 90cb2a2 Enable host lookups for -proxy and -onion parameters (jmcorgan)
  • #9558 7b585cf Clarify assumptions made about when BlockCheck is called (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10135 e19586a [p2p] Send the correct error code in reject messages (jnewbery)
  • #9665 eab00d9 Use cached [compact] blocks to respond to getdata messages (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10215 a077a90 Check interruptNet during dnsseed lookups (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10234 faf2dea [net] listbanned RPC and QT should show correct banned subnets (jnewbery)
  • #10134 314ebdf [qa] Fixes segwit block relay test after inv-direct-fetch was disabled (sdaftuar)
  • #10351 3f57c55 removed unused code in INV message (Greg-Griffith)
  • #10061 ae78609 [net] Added SetSocketNoDelay() utility function (tjps)
  • #10408 28c6e8d Net: Improvements to Tor control port parser (str4d)
  • #10460 5c63d66 Broadcast address every day, not 9 hours (sipa)
  • #10471 400fdd0 Denote functions CNode::GetRecvVersion() and CNode::GetRefCount() as const (pavlosantoniou)
  • #10345 67700b3 [P2P] Timeout for headers sync (sdaftuar)
  • #10564 8d9f45e Return early in IsBanned (gmaxwell)
  • #10587 de8db47 Net: Fix resource leak in ReadBinaryFile(...) (practicalswift)
  • #9549 b33ca14 [net] Avoid possibility of NULL pointer dereference in MarkBlockAsInFlight(...) (practicalswift)
  • #10446 2772dc9 net: avoid extra dns query per seed (theuni)
  • #10824 9dd6a2b Avoid unnecessary work in SetNetworkActive (promag)
  • #10948 df3a6f4 p2p: Hardcoded seeds update pre-0.15 branch (laanwj)
  • #10977 02f4c4a [net] Fix use of uninitialized value in getnetworkinfo(const JSONRPCRequest&) (practicalswift)
  • #10982 c8b62c7 Disconnect network service bits 6 and 8 until Aug 1, 2018 (TheBlueMatt)
  • #11012 0e5cff6 Make sure to clean up mapBlockSource if we've already seen the block (theuni)


  • #9725 67023e9 CValidationInterface Cleanups (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10178 2584925 Remove CValidationInterface::UpdatedTransaction (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10201 a6548a4 pass Consensus::Params& to functions in validation.cpp and make them static (mariodian)
  • #10297 431a548 Simplify DisconnectBlock arguments/return value (sipa)
  • #10464 f94b7d5 Introduce static DoWarning (simplify UpdateTip) (jtimon)
  • #10569 2e7d8f8 Fix stopatheight (achow101)
  • #10192 2935b46 Cache full script execution results in addition to signatures (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10179 21ed30a Give CValidationInterface Support for calling notifications on the CScheduler Thread (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10557 66270a4 Make check to distinguish between orphan txs and old txs more efficient (morcos)
  • #10775 7c2400c nCheckDepth chain height fix (romanornr)
  • #10821 16240f4 Add SSE4 optimized SHA256 (sipa)
  • #10854 04d395e Avoid using sizes on non-fixed-width types to derive protocol constants (gmaxwell)
  • #10945 2a50b11 Update defaultAssumeValid according to release-process.md (gmaxwell)
  • #10986 2361208 Update chain transaction statistics (sipa)
  • #11028 6bdf4b3 Avoid masking of difficulty adjustment errors by checkpoints (sipa)
  • #9533 cb598cf Allow non-power-of-2 signature cache sizes (sipa)
  • #9208 acd9957 Improve DisconnectTip performance (sdaftuar)
  • #10618 f90603a Remove confusing MAX_BLOCK_BASE_SIZE (gmaxwell)
  • #10758 bd92424 Fix some chainstate-init-order bugs (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10550 b7296bc Don't return stale data from CCoinsViewCache::Cursor() (ryanofsky)
  • #10998 2507fd5 Fix upgrade cancel warnings (TheBlueMatt)
  • #9868 cbdb473 Abstract out the command line options for block assembly (sipa)

Build system

  • #9727 5f0556d Remove fallbacks for boost_filesystem < v3 (laanwj)
  • #9788 50a2265 gitian: bump descriptors for master (theuni)
  • #9794 7ca2f54 Minor update to qrencode package builder (mitchellcash)
  • #9514 2cc0df1 release: Windows signing script (theuni)
  • #9921 8b789d8 build: Probe MSG_DONTWAIT in the same way as MSG_NOSIGNAL (laanwj)
  • #10011 32d1b34 build: Fix typo s/HAVE_DONTWAIT/HAVE_MSG_DONTWAIT (laanwj)
  • #9946 90dd9e6 Fix build errors if spaces in path or parent directory (pinheadmz)
  • #10136 81da4c7 build: Disable Wshadow warning (laanwj)
  • #10166 64962ae Ignore Doxyfile generated from Doxyfile.in template (paveljanik)
  • #10239 0416ea9 Make Boost use std::atomic internally (sipa)
  • #10228 27faa6c build: regenerate bitcoin-config.h as necessary (theuni)
  • #10273 8979f45 [scripts] Minor improvements to macdeployqtplus script (chrisgavin)
  • #10325 a26280b 0.15.0 Depends Updates (fanquake)
  • #10328 79aeff6 Update contrib/debian to latest Ubuntu PPA upload (TheBlueMatt)
  • #7522 d25449f Bugfix: Only use git for build info if the repository is actually the right one (luke-jr)
  • #10489 e654d61 build: silence gcc7's implicit fallthrough warning (theuni)
  • #10549 ad1a13e Avoid printing generic and duplicated "checking for QT" during ./configure (drizzt)
  • #10628 8465b68 [depends] expat 2.2.1 (fanquake)
  • #10806 db825d2 build: verify that the assembler can handle crc32 functions (theuni)
  • #10766 b4d03be Building Environment: Set ARFLAGS to cr (ReneNyffenegger)
  • #10803 91edda8 Explicitly search for bdb5.3 (pstratem)
  • #10855 81560b0 random: only use getentropy on openbsd (theuni)
  • #10508 1caafa6 Run Qt wallet tests on travis (ryanofsky)
  • #10851 e222618 depends: fix fontconfig with newer glibc (theuni)
  • #10971 88b1e4b build: fix missing sse42 in depends builds (theuni)
  • #11097 129b03f gitian: quick hack to fix version string in releases (theuni)
  • #10039 919aaf6 Fix compile errors with Qt 5.3.2 and Boost 1.55.0 (ryanofsky)
  • #10168 7032021 Fix build warning from #error text (jnewbery)
  • #10301 318392c Check if sys/random.h is required for getentropy (jameshilliard)


  • #9724 1a9fd5c Qt/Intro: Add explanation of IBD process (luke-jr)
  • #9834 b00ba62 qt: clean up initialize/shutdown signals (benma)
  • #9481 ce01e62 [Qt] Show more significant warning if we fall back to the default fee (jonasschnelli)
  • #9974 b9f930b Add basic Qt wallet test (ryanofsky)
  • #9690 a387d3a Change 'Clear' button string to 'Reset' (da2x)
  • #9592 9c7b7cf [Qt] Add checkbox in the GUI to opt-in to RBF when creating a transaction (ryanofsky)
  • #10098 2b477e6 Make qt wallet test compatible with qt4 (ryanofsky)
  • #9890 1fa4ae6 Add a button to open the config file in a text editor (ericshawlinux)
  • #10156 51833a1 Fix for issues with startup and multiple monitors on windows (AllanDoensen)
  • #10177 de01da7 Changed "Send" button default status from true to false (KibbledJiveElkZoo)
  • #10221 e96486c Stop treating coinbase outputs differently in GUI: show them at 1conf (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10231 987a6c0 [Qt] Reduce a significant cs_main lock freeze (jonasschnelli)
  • #10242 f6f3b58 [qt] Don't call method on null WalletModel object (ryanofsky)
  • #10093 a3e756b [Qt] Don't add arguments of sensitive command to console window (jonasschnelli)
  • #10362 95546c8 [GUI] Add OSX keystroke to RPCConsole info (spencerlievens)
  • #9697 962cd3f [Qt] simple fee bumper with user verification (jonasschnelli)
  • #10390 e477516 [wallet] remove minimum total fee option (instagibbs)
  • #10420 4314544 Add Qt tests for wallet spends & bumpfee (ryanofsky)
  • #10454 c1c9a95 Fix broken q4 test build (ryanofsky)
  • #10449 64beb13 Overhaul Qt fee bumper (jonasschnelli)
  • #10582 7c72fb9 Pass in smart fee slider value to coin control dialog (morcos)
  • #10673 4c72cc3 [qt] Avoid potential null pointer dereference in TransactionView::exportClicked() (practicalswift)
  • #10769 8fdd23a [Qt] replace fee slider with a Dropdown, extend conf. targets (jonasschnelli)
  • #10870 412b466 [Qt] Use wallet 0 in rpc console if running with multiple wallets (jonasschnelli)
  • #10988 a9dd111 qt: Increase BLOCK_CHAIN_SIZE constants (laanwj)
  • #10644 e292140 Slightly overhaul NSI pixmaps (jonasschnelli)
  • #10660 0c3542e Allow to cancel the txdb upgrade via splashscreen keypress 'q' (jonasschnelli)


  • #9359 f7ec7cf Add test for CWalletTx::GetImmatureCredit() returning stale values (ryanofsky)
  • #9576 56ab672 [wallet] Remove redundant initialization (practicalswift)
  • #9333 fa625b0 Document CWalletTx::mapValue entries and remove erase of nonexistent "version" entry (ryanofsky)
  • #9906 72fb515 Disallow copy constructor CReserveKeys (instagibbs)
  • #9369 3178b2c Factor out CWallet::nTimeSmart computation into a method (ryanofsky)
  • #9830 afcd7c0 Add safe flag to listunspent result (NicolasDorier)
  • #9993 c49355c Initialize nRelockTime (pstratem)
  • #9818 3d857f3 Save watch only key timestamps when reimporting keys (ryanofsky)
  • #9294 f34cdcb Use internal HD chain for change outputs (hd split) (jonasschnelli)
  • #10164 e183ea2 Wallet: reduce excess logic InMempool() (kewde)
  • #10186 c9ff4f8 Remove SYNC_TRANSACTION_NOT_IN_BLOCK magic number (jnewbery)
  • #10226 64c45aa wallet: Use boost to more portably ensure -wallet specifies only a filename (luke-jr)
  • #9827 c91ca0a Improve ScanForWalletTransactions return value (ryanofsky)
  • #9951 fa1ac28 Wallet database handling abstractions/simplifications (laanwj)
  • #10265 c29a0d4 [wallet] [moveonly] Check non-null pindex before potentially referencing (kallewoof)
  • #10283 a550f6e Cleanup: reduce to one GetMinimumFee call signature (morcos)
  • #10294 e2b99b1 [Wallet] unset change position when there is no change (instagibbs)
  • #10115 d3dce0e Avoid reading the old hd master key during wallet encryption (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10341 18c9deb rpc/wallet: Workaround older UniValue which returns a std::string temporary for get_str (luke-jr)
  • #10308 94e5227 [wallet] Securely erase potentially sensitive keys/values (tjps)
  • #10257 ea1fd43 [test] Add test for getmemoryinfo (jimmysong)
  • #10295 ce8176d [qt] Move some WalletModel functions into CWallet (ryanofsky)
  • #10506 7cc2c67 Fix bumpfee test after #10449 (ryanofsky)
  • #10500 098b01d Avoid CWalletTx copies in GetAddressBalances and GetAddressGroupings (ryanofsky)
  • #10455 0747d33 Simplify feebumper minimum fee code slightly (ryanofsky)
  • #10522 2805d60 [wallet] Remove unused variables (practicalswift)
  • #8694 177433a Basic multiwallet support (luke-jr)
  • #10598 7a74f88 Supress struct/class mismatch warnings introduced in #10284 (paveljanik)
  • #9343 209eef6 Don't create change at dust limit (morcos)
  • #10744 ed88e31 Use method name via func macro (darksh1ne)
  • #10712 e8b9523 Add change output if necessary to reduce excess fee (morcos)
  • #10816 1c011ff Properly forbid -salvagewallet and -zapwallettxes for multi wallet (morcos)
  • #10235 5cfdda2 Track keypool entries as internal vs external in memory (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10330 bf0a08b [wallet] fix zapwallettxes interaction with persistent mempool (jnewbery)
  • #10831 0b01935 Batch flushing operations to the walletdb during top up and increase keypool size (gmaxwell)
  • #10795 7b6e8bc No longer ever reuse keypool indexes (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10849 bde4f93 Multiwallet: simplest endpoint support (jonasschnelli)
  • #10817 9022aa3 Redefine Dust and add a discard_rate (morcos)
  • #10883 bf3b742 Rename -usewallet to -rpcwallet (morcos)
  • #10604 420238d [wallet] [tests] Add listwallets RPC, include wallet name in getwalletinfo and add multiwallet test (jnewbery)
  • #10885 70888a3 Reject invalid wallets (promag)
  • #10949 af56397 Clarify help message for -discardfee (morcos)
  • #10942 2e857bb Eliminate fee overpaying edge case when subtracting fee from recipients (morcos)
  • #10995 fa64636 Fix resendwallettransactions assert failure if -walletbroadcast=0 (TheBlueMatt)
  • #11022 653a46d Basic keypool topup (jnewbery)
  • #11081 9fe1f6b Add length check for CExtKey deserialization (jonasschnelli, guidovranken)
  • #11044 4ef8374 [wallet] Keypool topup cleanups (jnewbery)
  • #11145 e51bb71 Fix rounding bug in calculation of minimum change (morcos)
  • #9605 779f2f9 Use CScheduler for wallet flushing, remove ThreadFlushWalletDB (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10108 4e3efd4 ApproximateBestSubset should take inputs by reference, not value (RHavar)

Tests and QA

  • #9744 8efd1c8 Remove unused module from rpc-tests (34ro)
  • #9657 7ff4a53 Improve rpc-tests.py (jnewbery)
  • #9766 7146d96 Add --exclude option to rpc-tests.py (jnewbery)
  • #9577 d6064a8 Fix docstrings in qa tests (jnewbery)
  • #9823 a13a417 qa: Set correct path for binaries in rpc tests (MarcoFalke)
  • #9847 6206252 Extra test vector for BIP32 (sipa)
  • #9350 88c2ae3 [Trivial] Adding label for amount inside of tx_valid/tx_invalid.json (Christewart)
  • #9888 36afd4d travis: Verify commits only for one target (MarcoFalke)
  • #9904 58861ad test: Fail if InitBlockIndex fails (laanwj)
  • #9828 67c5cc1 Avoid -Wshadow warnings in wallet_tests (ryanofsky)
  • #9832 48c3429 [qa] assert_start_raises_init_error (NicolasDorier)
  • #9739 9d5fcbf Fix BIP68 activation test (jnewbery)
  • #9547 d32581c bench: Assert that division by zero is unreachable (practicalswift)
  • #9843 c78adbf Fix segwit getblocktemplate test (jnewbery)
  • #9929 d5ce14e tests: Delete unused function _rpchost_to_args (laanwj)
  • #9555 19be26a [test] Avoid reading a potentially uninitialized variable in tx_invalid-test (transaction_tests.cpp) (practicalswift)
  • #9945 ac23a7c Improve logging in bctest.py if there is a formatting mismatch (jnewbery)
  • #9768 8910b47 [qa] Add logging to test_framework.py (jnewbery)
  • #9972 21833f9 Fix extended rpc tests broken by #9768 (jnewbery)
  • #9977 857d1e1 QA: getblocktemplate_longpoll.py should always use >0 fee tx (sdaftuar)
  • #9970 3cc13ea Improve readability of segwit.py, smartfees.py (sdaftuar)
  • #9497 2c781fb CCheckQueue Unit Tests (JeremyRubin)
  • #10024 9225de2 [trivial] Use log.info() instead of print() in remaining functional test cases (jnewbery)
  • #9956 3192e52 Reorganise qa directory (jnewbery)
  • #10017 02d64bd combine_logs.py - aggregates log files from multiple bitcoinds during functional tests (jnewbery)
  • #10047 dfef6b6 [tests] Remove unused variables and imports (practicalswift)
  • #9701 a230b05 Make bumpfee tests less fragile (ryanofsky)
  • #10053 ca20923 [test] Allow functional test cases to be skipped (jnewbery)
  • #10052 a0b1e57 [test] Run extended tests once daily in Travis (jnewbery)
  • #10069 1118493 [QA] Fix typo in fundrawtransaction test (NicolasDorier)
  • #10083 c044f03 [QA] Renaming rawTx into rawtx (NicolasDorier)
  • #10073 b1a4f27 Actually run assumevalid.py (jnewbery)
  • #9780 c412fd8 Suppress noisy output from qa tests in Travis (jnewbery)
  • #10096 79af9fb Check that all test scripts in test/functional are being run (jnewbery)
  • #10076 5b029aa [qa] combine_logs: Use ordered list for logfiles (MarcoFalke)
  • #10107 f2734c2 Remove unused variable. Remove accidental trailing semicolons in Python code (practicalswift)
  • #10109 8ac8041 Remove SingleNodeConnCB (jnewbery)
  • #10114 edc62c9 [tests] sync_with_ping should assert that ping hasn't timed out (jnewbery)
  • #10128 427d2fd Speed Up CuckooCache tests (JeremyRubin)
  • #10072 12af74b Remove sources of unreliablility in extended functional tests (jnewbery)
  • #10077 ebfd653 [qa] Add setnetworkactive smoke test (MarcoFalke)
  • #10152 080d7c7 [trivial] remove unused line in Travis config (jnewbery)
  • #10159 df1ca9e [tests] color test results and sort alphabetically (jnewbery)
  • #10124 88799ea [test] Suppress test logging spam (jnewbery)
  • #10142 ed09dd3 Run bitcoin_test-qt under minimal QPA platform (ryanofsky)
  • #9949 a27dbc5 [bench] Avoid function call arguments which are pointers to uninitialized values (practicalswift)
  • #10187 b44adf9 tests: Fix test_runner return value in case of skipped test (laanwj)
  • #10197 d86bb07 [tests] Functional test warnings (jnewbery)
  • #10219 9111df9 Tests: Order Python Tests Differently (jimmysong)
  • #10229 f3db4c6 Tests: Add test for getdifficulty (jimmysong)
  • #10224 2723bcd [test] Add test for getaddednodeinfo (jimmysong)
  • #10023 c530c15 [tests] remove maxblocksinflight.py (functionality covered by other test) (jnewbery)
  • #10097 1b25b6d Move zmq test skipping logic into individual test case (jnewbery)
  • #10272 54e2d87 [Tests] Prevent warning: variable 'x' is uninitialized (paveljanik)
  • #10225 e0a7e19 [test] Add aborttrescan tests (kallewoof)
  • #10278 8254a8a [test] Add Unit Test for GetListenPort (jimmysong)
  • #10280 47535d7 [test] Unit test amount.h/amount.cpp (jimmysong)
  • #10256 80c3a73 [test] Add test for gettxout to wallet.py (jimmysong)
  • #10264 492d22f [test] Add tests for getconnectioncount, getnettotals and ping (jimmysong)
  • #10169 8f3e384 [tests] Remove func test code duplication (jnewbery)
  • #10198 dc8fc0c [tests] Remove is_network_split from functional test framework (jnewbery)
  • #10255 3c5e6c9 [test] Add test for listaddressgroupings (jimmysong)
  • #10137 75171f0 Remove unused import. Remove accidental trailing semicolons (practicalswift)
  • #10307 83073de [tests] allow zmq test to be run in out-of-tree builds (jnewbery)
  • #10344 e927483 [tests] Fix abandonconflict.py intermittency (jnewbery)
  • #10318 170bc2c [tests] fix wait_for_inv() (jnewbery)
  • #10171 fff72de [tests] Add node methods to test framework (jnewbery)
  • #10352 23d78c4 test: Add elapsed time to RPC tracing (laanwj)
  • #10342 6a796b2 [tests] Improve mempool_persist test (jnewbery)
  • #10287 776ba23 [tests] Update Unit Test for addrman.h/addrman.cpp (jimmysong)
  • #10365 7ee5236 [tests] increase timeouts in sendheaders test (jnewbery)
  • #10361 f6241b3 qa: disablewallet: Check that wallet is really disabled (MarcoFalke)
  • #10371 4b766fc [tests] Clean up addrman_tests.cpp (jimmysong)
  • #10253 87abe20 [test] Add test for getnetworkhashps (jimmysong)
  • #10376 8bd16ee [tests] fix disconnect_ban intermittency (jnewbery)
  • #10374 5411997 qa: Warn when specified test is not found (MarcoFalke)
  • #10405 0542978 tests: Correct testcase in script_tests.json for large number OP_EQUAL (laanwj)
  • #10429 6b99daf tests: fix spurious addrman test failure (theuni)
  • #10433 8e57256 [tests] improve tmpdir structure (jnewbery)
  • #10415 217b416 [tests] Speed up fuzzing by ~200x when using afl-fuzz (practicalswift)
  • #10445 b4b057a Add test for empty chain and reorg consistency for gettxoutsetinfo (gmaxwell)
  • #10423 1aefc94 [tests] skipped tests should clean up after themselves (jnewbery)
  • #10359 329fc1d [tests] functional tests should call BitcoinTestFramework start/stop node methods (jnewbery)
  • #10514 e103b3f Bugfix: missing == 0 after randrange (sipa)
  • #10515 c871f32 [test] Add test for getchaintxstats (jimmysong)
  • #10509 bea5b00 Remove xvfb configuration from travis (ryanofsky)
  • #10535 30853e1 [qa] fundrawtx: Fix shutdown race (MarcoFalke)
  • #9909 300f8e7 tests: Add FindEarliestAtLeast test for edge cases (ryanofsky)
  • #10331 75e898c Share config between util and functional tests (jnewbery)
  • #10321 e801084 Use FastRandomContext for all tests (sipa)
  • #10524 6c2d81f [tests] Remove printf(...) (practicalswift)
  • #10547 71ab6e5 [tests] Use FastRandomContext instead of boost::random::{mt19937,uniform_int_distribution} (practicalswift)
  • #10551 6702617 [Tests] Wallet encryption functional tests (achow101)
  • #10555 643fa0b [tests] various improvements to zmq_test.py (jnewbery)
  • #10533 d083bd9 [tests] Use cookie auth instead of rpcuser and rpcpassword (achow101)
  • #10632 c68a9a6 qa: Add stopatheight test (MarcoFalke)
  • #10636 4bc853b [qa] util: Check return code after closing bitcoind proc (MarcoFalke)
  • #10662 e0a7801 Initialize randomness in benchmarks (achow101)
  • #10612 7c87a9c The young person's guide to the test_framework (jnewbery)
  • #10659 acb1153 [qa] blockchain: Pass on closed connection during generate call (MarcoFalke)
  • #10690 416af3e [qa] Bugfix: allow overriding extra_args in ComparisonTestFramework (sdaftuar)
  • #10556 65cc7aa Move stop/start functions from utils.py into BitcoinTestFramework (jnewbery)
  • #10704 dd07f47 [tests] nits in dbcrash.py (jnewbery)
  • #10743 be82498 [test] don't run dbcrash.py on Travis (jnewbery)
  • #10761 d3b5870 [tests] fix replace_by_fee.py (jnewbery)
  • #10759 1d4805c Fix multi_rpc test for hosts that dont default to utf8 (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10190 e4f226a [tests] mining functional tests (including regression test for submitblock) (jnewbery)
  • #10739 1fc783f test: Move variable state down where it is used (paveljanik)
  • #9980 fee0d80 Fix mem access violation merkleblock (Christewart)
  • #10893 0c173a1 [QA] Avoid running multiwallet.py twice (jonasschnelli)
  • #10927 9d5e8f9 test: Make sure wallet.backup is created in temp path (laanwj)
  • #10899 f29d5db [test] Qt: Use _putenv_s instead of setenv on Windows builds (brianmcmichael)
  • #10912 5c8eb79 [tests] Fix incorrect memory_cleanse(…) call in crypto_tests.cpp (practicalswift)
  • #11001 fa8a063 [tests] Test disconnecting unsupported service bits logic (jnewbery)
  • #10695 929fd72 [qa] Rewrite BIP65/BIP66 functional tests (sdaftuar)
  • #10963 ecd2135 [bench] Restore format state of cout after printing with std::fixed/setprecision (practicalswift)
  • #11025 e5d26e4 qa: Fix inv race in example_test (MarcoFalke)
  • #10765 2c811e0 Tests: address placement should be deterministic by default (ReneNyffenegger)
  • #11000 ac016e1 test: Add resendwallettransactions functional tests (promag)
  • #11032 aeb3175 [qa] Fix block message processing error in sendheaders.py (sdaftuar)
  • #10105 0b9fb68 [tests] fixup - make all Travis test runs quiet, non just cron job runs (jnewbery)
  • #10222 6ce7337 [tests] test_runner - check unicode (jnewbery)
  • #10327 35da2ae [tests] remove import-abort-rescan.py (jnewbery)
  • #11023 bf74d37 [tests] Add option to attach a python debugger if functional test fails (jnewbery)
  • #10565 8c2098a [coverage] Remove subtrees and benchmarks from coverage report (achow101)


  • #9871 be8ba2c Add a tree sha512 hash to merge commits (sipa)
  • #9821 d19d45a util: Specific GetOSRandom for Linux/FreeBSD/OpenBSD (laanwj)
  • #9903 ba80a68 Docs: add details to -rpcclienttimeout doc (ian-kelling)
  • #9910 53c300f Docs: correct and elaborate -rpcbind doc (ian-kelling)
  • #9905 01b7cda [contrib] gh-merge: Move second sha512 check to the end (MarcoFalke)
  • #9880 4df8213 Verify Tree-SHA512s in merge commits, enforce sigs are not SHA1 (TheBlueMatt)
  • #9932 00c13ea Fix verify-commits on travis and always check top commit's tree (TheBlueMatt)
  • #9952 6996e06 Add historical release notes for 0.14.0 (laanwj)
  • #9940 fa99663 Fix verify-commits on OSX, update for new bad Tree-SHA512, point travis to different keyservers (TheBlueMatt)
  • #9963 8040ae6 util: Properly handle errors during log message formatting (laanwj)
  • #9984 cce056d devtools: Make github-merge compute SHA512 from git, instead of worktree (laanwj)
  • #9995 8bcf934 [doc] clarify blockchain size and pruning (askmike)
  • #9734 0c17afc Add updating of chainTxData to release process (sipa)
  • #10063 530fcbd add missing spaces so that markdown recognizes headline (flack)
  • #10085 db1ae54 Docs: remove 'noconnect' option (jlopp)
  • #10090 8e4f7e7 Update bitcoin.conf with example for pruning (coinables)
  • #9424 1a5aaab Change LogAcceptCategory to use uint32_t rather than sets of strings (gmaxwell)
  • #10036 fbf36ca Fix init README format to render correctly on github (jlopp)
  • #10058 a2cd0b0 No need to use OpenSSL malloc/free (tjps)
  • #10123 471ed00 Allow debug logs to be excluded from specified component (jnewbery)
  • #10104 fadf078 linearize script: Option to use RPC cookie (achow101)
  • #10162 a3a2160 [trivial] Log calls to getblocktemplate (jnewbery)
  • #10155 928695b build: Deduplicate version numbers (laanwj)
  • #10211 a86255b [doc] Contributor fixes & new "finding reviewers" section (kallewoof)
  • #10250 1428f30 Fix some empty vector references (sipa)
  • #10270 95f5e44 Remove Clang workaround for Boost 1.46 (fanquake)
  • #10263 cb007e4 Trivial: fix fee estimate write error log message (CryptAxe)
  • #9670 bd9ec0e contrib: github-merge improvements (laanwj)
  • #10260 1d75597 [doc] Minor corrections to osx dependencies (fanquake)
  • #10189 750c5a5 devtools/net: add a verifier for scriptable changes. Use it to make CNode::id private (theuni)
  • #10322 bc64b5a Use hardware timestamps in RNG seeding (sipa)
  • #10381 7f2b9e0 Shadowing warnings are not enabled by default, update doc accordingly (paveljanik)
  • #10380 b6ee855 [doc] Removing comments about dirty entries on txmempool (madeo)
  • #10383 d0c37ee [logging] log system time and mock time (jnewbery)
  • #10404 b45a52a doc: Add logging to FinalizeNode() (sdaftuar)
  • #10388 526e839 Output line to debug.log when IsInitialBlockDownload latches to false (morcos)
  • #10372 15254e9 Add perf counter data to GetStrongRandBytes state in scheduler (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10461 55b72f3 Update style guide (sipa)
  • #10486 10e8c0a devtools: Retry after signing fails in github-merge (laanwj)
  • #10447 f259263 Make bitcoind invalid argument error message specific (laanwj)
  • #10495 6a38b79 contrib: Update location of seeds.txt (laanwj)
  • #10469 b6b150b Fixing typo in rpcdump.cpp help message (keystrike)
  • #10451 27b9931 contrib/init/bitcoind.openrcconf: Don't disable wallet by default (luke-jr)
  • #10323 00d3692 Update to latest libsecp256k1 master (sipa)
  • #10422 cec9e1e Fix timestamp in fee estimate debug message (morcos)
  • #10566 5d034ee [docs] Use the "domain name setup" image (previously unused) in the gitian docs (practicalswift)
  • #10534 a514ac3 Clarify prevector::erase and avoid swap-to-clear (sipa)
  • #10575 22ec768 Header include guideline (sipa)
  • #10480 fbf5d3b Improve commit-check-script.sh (sipa)
  • #10502 1ad3d4e scripted-diff: Remove BOOST_FOREACH, Q_FOREACH and PAIRTYPE (jtimon)
  • #10377 b63be2c Use rdrand as entropy source on supported platforms (sipa)
  • #9895 228c319 Turn TryCreateDirectory() into TryCreateDirectories() (benma)
  • #10602 d76e84a Make clang-format use C++11 features (e.g. A<A> instead of A<A >) (practicalswift)
  • #10623 c38f540 doc: Add 0.14.2 release notes (MarcoFalke)
  • #10276 b750b33 contrib/verifybinaries: allow filtering by platform (knocte)
  • #10248 01c4b14 Rewrite addrdb with less duplication using CHashVerifier (sipa)
  • #10577 232508f Add an explanation of quickly hashing onto a non-power of two range (gmaxwell)
  • #10608 eee398f Add a comment explaining the use of MAX_BLOCK_BASE_SIZE (gmaxwell)
  • #10728 7397af9 fix typo in help text for removeprunedfunds (AkioNak)
  • #10193 6dbcc74 scripted-diff: Remove #include <boost/foreach.hpp> (jtimon)
  • #10676 379aed0 document script-based return fields for validateaddress (instagibbs)
  • #10651 cef4b5c Verify binaries from bitcoincore.org and bitcoin.org (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10786 ca4c545 Add PR description to merge commit in github-merge.py (sipa)
  • #10812 c5904e8 [utils] Allow bitcoin-cli's -rpcconnect option to be used with square brackets (jnewbery)
  • #10842 3895e25 Fix incorrect Doxygen tag (@ince@SInCE). Doxygen parameter name matching (practicalswift)
  • #10681 df0793f add gdb attach process to test README (instagibbs)
  • #10789 1124328 Punctuation/grammer fixes in rpcwallet.cpp (stevendlander)
  • #10655 78f307b Properly document target_confirmations in listsinceblock (RHavar)
  • #10917 5c003cb developer-notes: add reference to snake_case and PascalCase (benma)
  • #11003 4b5a7ce Docs: Capitalize bullet points in CONTRIBUTING guide (eklitzke)
  • #10968 98aa3f6 Add instructions for parallel gitian builds (coblee)
  • #11076 1c4b9b3 0.15 release-notes nits: fix redundancy, remove accidental parenthesis & fix range style (practicalswift)
  • #11090 8f0121c Update contributor names in release-notes.md (Derek701)
  • #11056 cbdd338 disable jni in builds (instagibbs)
  • #11080 2b59cfb doc: Update build-openbsd for 6.1 (laanwj)
  • #11119 0a6af47 [doc] build-windows: Mention that only trusty works (MarcoFalke)
  • #11108 e8ad101 Changing -txindex requires -reindex, not -reindex-chainstate (TheBlueMatt)
  • #9792 342b9bc FastRandomContext improvements and switch to ChaCha20 (sipa)
  • #9505 67ed40e Prevector Quick Destruct (JeremyRubin)
  • #10820 ef37f20 Use cpuid intrinsics instead of asm code (sipa)
  • #9999 a328904 [LevelDB] Plug leveldb logs to bitcoin logs (NicolasDorier)
  • #9693 c5e9e42 Prevent integer overflow in ReadVarInt (gmaxwell)
  • #10129 351d0ad scheduler: fix sub-second precision with boost < 1.50 (theuni)
  • #10153 fade788 logging: Fix off-by-one for shrinkdebugfile default (MarcoFalke)
  • #10305 c45da32 Fix potential NPD introduced in b297426 (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10338 daf3e7d Maintain state across GetStrongRandBytes calls (sipa)
  • #10544 a4fe077 Update to LevelDB 1.20 (sipa)
  • #10614 cafe24f random: fix crash on some 64bit platforms (theuni)
  • #10714 2a09a38 Avoid printing incorrect block indexing time due to uninitialized variable (practicalswift)
  • #10837 8bc6d1f Fix resource leak on error in GetDevURandom (corebob)
  • #10832 89bb036 init: Factor out AppInitLockDataDirectory and fix startup core dump issue (laanwj)
  • #10914 b995a37 Add missing lock in CScheduler::AreThreadsServicingQueue() (TheBlueMatt)
  • #10958 659c096 Update to latest Bitcoin patches for LevelDB (sipa)
  • #10919 c1c671f Fix more init bugs (TheBlueMatt)
Hash: SHA256

a062d5a19584d0816a30d43682dd001c58c1f759e200575127d64f639cf6ea56  viacoin-0.15.1-aarch64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
9eb6e81d93e1b25d8e06eb6e19bb0947217cc220177d00ae192e6db2870c9054  viacoin-0.15.1-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz
102e010b04b3f0771a185cca9cd7f27b8897496bf2f2413da1c678f78e13217d  viacoin-0.15.1-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz
995ad91744f037d4476737acdaf4d3eadbc6f02fba3404df0bb8fed20de52cfc  viacoin-0.15.1-osx64.tar.gz
0b7a0842708a45def420efbdf922c2ae5a2b3d9ae8219dc491e5d6a15f2f7701  viacoin-0.15.1-osx-unsigned.dmg
7ce01c40159e933a13b541c5a03c28537688ec69d6cb87d3c43a234a032bdd14  viacoin-0.15.1-osx-unsigned.tar.gz
2b369426b152ba76552f8ca02062f1dce6539c702f0668d338261002113aad65  viacoin-0.15.1.tar.gz
a19a38b3cf32e932151421c825b4fba6eccc052483db3987c1346c51d51ed7ce  viacoin-0.15.1-win32-setup-unsigned.exe
82e058854d3b9ca41e222ba6924948a6081cdd2a9266f18be6841748baa6063d  viacoin-0.15.1-win32.zip
002dacfe55c786d7f1fa8ba39e8df7bbfa1f8eaf1717f65fb348de6c2834b36d  viacoin-0.15.1-win64-setup-unsigned.exe
408d270db88e345fb5d4e93b5ec0f7761c676e4d795458ebaffce6de6cde65af  viacoin-0.15.1-win64.zip
05c88c4670f3e4d5b2a039830b331625cc259ebc3f9d105b724d8974c7793358  viacoin-0.15.1-win-unsigned.tar.gz
673bfd17194ca4fe8408450e1871447d461ce26925e71ea55eebd89c379f5775  viacoin-0.15.1-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz


@romanornr romanornr released this Aug 6, 2017 · 3769 commits to master since this release

Assets 13 Change log

Faster sync time

  • 6b0d8c7 Header traffic amplification test fix
  • 814caa6 Fix headers traffic amplification
  • 41e0eac update nMinimum chainwork
  • 7325a43 increase IBD write speed
Hash: SHA256

72ff9936dd586ddeab6ba7b6d9a41bba09a9b21054cbb901390c029f6a686229  viacoin-0.13.3-aarch64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
cf20c1c0481069afbc88bd04d0d0a3bd89d8f0af91c11610450d999717d59e46  viacoin-0.13.3-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz
d0e5acfa1b17f0ee390e34d5443a4b41639b4dfe9389927e17e7be35bd22b9f4  viacoin-0.13.3-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz
f95915761e0c6803697014a484da9370fbf470972f20144fd37c881207703a61  viacoin-0.13.3-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
3df218fb3b250c432161d9fdccdd5b35cb1560aa66f0e7944a2a123571f55ef0  viacoin-0.13.3-win-unsigned.tar.gz
af80039a36c3ee1b26ee863337c15c6fc7194c87a35aa0aea60ad18257d24dce  viacoin-0.13.3-win32-debug.zip
18ab7200d5d0fdee4358d4638271fa4be4a639deb72374bfae62d3547d1ab1d0  viacoin-0.13.3-win32-setup-unsigned.exe
f705767b53307ff2935aca494ef87d3a4a7410154e78a40220fa7c4227ab8ab2  viacoin-0.13.3-win32.zip
88f7b72b8d923ca8caf8af1c3a7691b60846ce1b3ffd6d41ca70d4672884c77a  viacoin-0.13.3-win64-debug.zip
badb666f55821a21410beba56271edce07ec84efc82967d6940a4d7f70249169  viacoin-0.13.3-win64-setup-unsigned.exe
a03e9da4f0d7015a3eedb5ed1122da65c515585ef49f7a9548f5b672e79179b5  viacoin-0.13.3-win64.zip
295ceffd9d6f2ef0dcacc7d16c89102d8ebf7cdce4d58b372f7870e0e634c623  viacoin-0.13.3-osx-unsigned.dmg
76fc7aac3cbf91e754a864a27d5b15447a81d05fe1aabaf500c7d36cfeb69797  viacoin-0.13.3-osx-unsigned.tar.gz
83a1478fad9db83a0f78571ef895436c91d9627d77b33aefe6b6e7af49b24426  viacoin-0.13.3-osx64.tar.gz
79eb907639e07fb136e3824374e4243242aecff3dda892ef3ccd395f7db68d91  viacoin-0.13.3.tar.gz


@romanornr romanornr released this Jul 27, 2017 · 3769 commits to master since this release

Assets 20

0.13.3 Change log


  • Implement BIP141 Segwit
  • #9293 e591c10 [0.13 Backport #9053] IBD using chainwork instead of height and not using header timestamp (gmaxwell)
  • #9053 5b93eee IBD using chainwork instead of height and not using header timestamps (gmaxwell)

RPC and other APIs

  • #8845 1d048b9 Don't return the address of a P2SH of a P2SH (jnewbery)
  • #9041 87fbced keypoololdest denote Unix epoch, not GMT (s-matthew-english)
  • #9122 f82c81b fix getnettotals RPC description about timemillis (visvirial)
  • #9042 5bcb05d [rpc] ParseHash: Fail when length is not 64 (MarcoFalke)
  • #9194 f26dab7 Add option to return non-segwit serialization via rpc (instagibbs)
  • #9347 b711390 [0.13.2] wallet/rpc backports (MarcoFalke)
  • #9292 c365556 Complain when unknown rpcserialversion is specified (sipa)
  • #9322 49a612f [qa] Don't set unknown rpcserialversion (MarcoFalke)

Block and transaction handling

  • #8357 ce0d817 [mempool] Fix relaypriority calculation error (maiiz)
  • #9267 0a4aa87 [0.13 backport #9239] Disable fee estimates for a confirm target of 1 block (morcos)
  • #9196 0c09d9f Send tip change notification from invalidateblock (ryanofsky)

P2P protocol and network code

  • #8995 9ef3875 Add missing cs_main lock to ::GETBLOCKTXN processing (TheBlueMatt)
  • #9234 94531b5 torcontrol: Explicitly request RSA1024 private key (laanwj)
  • #8637 2cad5db Compact Block Tweaks (rebase of #8235) (sipa)
  • #9058 286e548 Fixes for p2p-compactblocks.py test timeouts on travis (#8842) (ryanofsky)
  • #8865 4c71fc4 Decouple peer-processing-logic from block-connection-logic (TheBlueMatt)
  • #9117 6fe3981 net: don't send feefilter messages before the version handshake is complete (theuni)
  • #9188 ca1fd75 Make orphan parent fetching ask for witnesses (gmaxwell)
  • #9052 3a3bcbf Use RelevantServices instead of node_network in AttemptToEvict (gmaxwell)
  • #9048 9460771 [0.13 backport #9026] Fix handling of invalid compact blocks (sdaftuar)
  • #9357 03b6f62 [0.13 backport #9352] Attempt reconstruction from all compact block announcements (sdaftuar)
  • #9189 b96a8f7 Always add default_witness_commitment with GBT client support (sipa)
  • #9253 28d0f22 Fix calculation of number of bound sockets to use (TheBlueMatt)
  • #9199 da5a16b Always drop the least preferred HB peer when adding a new one (gmaxwell)

Build system

  • #9169 d1b4da9 build: fix qt5.7 build under macOS (theuni)
  • #9326 a0f7ece Update for OpenSSL 1.1 API (gmaxwell)
  • #9224 396c405 Prevent FD_SETSIZE error building on OpenBSD (ivdsangen)


  • #8972 6f86b53 Make warnings label selectable (jonasschnelli) (MarcoFalke)
  • #9185 6d70a73 Fix coincontrol sort issue (jonasschnelli)
  • #9094 5f3a12c Use correct conversion function for boost::path datadir (laanwj)
  • #8908 4a974b2 Update bitcoin-qt.desktop (s-matthew-english)
  • #9190 dc46b10 Plug many memory leaks (laanwj)


  • #9290 35174a0 Make RelayWalletTransaction attempt to AcceptToMemoryPool (gmaxwell)
  • #9295 43bcfca Bugfix: Fundrawtransaction: don't terminate when keypool is empty (jonasschnelli)
  • #9302 f5d606e Return txid even if ATMP fails for new transaction (sipa)
  • #9262 fe39f26 Prefer coins that have fewer ancestors, sanity check txn before ATMP (instagibbs)

Tests and QA

  • #9159 eca9b46 Wait for specific block announcement in p2p-compactblocks (ryanofsky)
  • #9186 dccdc3a Fix use-after-free in scheduler tests (laanwj)
  • #9168 3107280 Add assert_raises_message to check specific error message (mrbandrews)
  • #9191 29435db 0.13.2 Backports (MarcoFalke)
  • #9077 1d4c884 Increase wallet-dump RPC timeout (ryanofsky)
  • #9098 ecd7db5 Handle zombies and cluttered tmpdirs (MarcoFalke)
  • #8927 387ec9d Add script tests for FindAndDelete in pre-segwit and segwit scripts (jl2012)
  • #9200 eebc699 bench: Fix subtle counting issue when rescaling iteration count (laanwj)


  • #8838 094848b Calculate size and weight of block correctly in CreateNewBlock() (jnewbery)
  • #8920 40169dc Set minimum required Boost to 1.47.0 (fanquake)
  • #9251 a710a43 Improvement of documentation of command line parameter 'whitelist' (wodry)
  • #8932 106da69 Allow bitcoin-tx to create v2 transactions (btcdrak)
  • #8929 12428b4 add software-properties-common (sigwo)
  • #9120 08d1c90 bug: Missed one "return false" in recent refactoring in #9067 (UdjinM6)
  • #9067 f85ee01 Fix exit codes (UdjinM6)
  • #9340 fb987b3 [0.13] Update secp256k1 subtree (MarcoFalke)
  • #9229 b172377 Remove calls to getaddrinfo_a (TheBlueMatt)
Hash: SHA256

91be152aa0122790c8b2cf685988804c7dffa10a5888f8d5bc69dc63a295e4b5  viacoin-0.13.3.tar.gz
9aae13e30e875c5131356b305bfc31c7ae6619341d7efdddfa552d51af2203ed  viacoin-0.13.3-aarch64-linux-gnu-debug.tar.gz
4a4a2fdcb6caf11ccaa1a064a1e4b5839ae67d9decbd7ff526266101de747acb  viacoin-0.13.3-aarch64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
6b6cf5fdf338202b988f99c3a4c4351619cd73080114b32319ea251b07ccb2c3  viacoin-0.13.3-arm-linux-gnueabihf-debug.tar.gz
660c84dcaaf58ac36ceab3a6bcaa720b5c39204022ec4d35bf49dd1623ff1fef  viacoin-0.13.3-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz
5937738162dab72787c70954e7a9e5895a2eddc995d526bc8962dfe0a6faf3ff  viacoin-0.13.3-i686-pc-linux-gnu-debug.tar.gz
9e8a22bc0c55c8363fbedff87de35a3fed7d001811619a77e4c135bea243c7f2  viacoin-0.13.3-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz
43f889109499fc0838f2ce7d849a75d0f4ab8352d05e354e2e342945f8c3584c  viacoin-0.13.3-x86_64-linux-gnu-debug.tar.gz
f8a8e2e9f876e2b62fdd4bbe6d7ff0820981e3d1f8d8fc9c1f6e0813c4e5d7be  viacoin-0.13.3-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
b87f45ff6a46e8427bfe90fa0eba83f3ae18346762765516cc8b0c7571e0e3b5  viacoin-0.13.3-osx-unsigned.dmg
e392d23f0b8ca9da9a805a08769f90ddf9a5bdfef43eef42bfca50d966a77a69  viacoin-0.13.3-osx-unsigned.tar.gz
fe8aa2be92488b944a08b17f3ee7d8ace9eec69825aaa1019d8ca73b4aeda59a  viacoin-0.13.3-osx64.tar.gz
54d37bed19d3cc286bd56dadc653f046a739a063d5281b526a228a1cee1cb486  viacoin-0.13.3-win-unsigned.tar.gz
c2b2b7a41b99ac8fcbe47eb6b73190db01d7345092e60d290c8c58ec61218d03  viacoin-0.13.3-win32-debug.zip
d22f06c248d06cff01f2d24d8316eb8e0ffb52eae072ca2092b2839d32461360  viacoin-0.13.3-win32-setup-unsigned.exe
cd73634b8738bcc77cbd04957ae7820235a437b4b4a1023633ab97c5f5491b50  viacoin-0.13.3-win32.zip
61c806bc13fddacb5064e6dbf7ab92c95b5dffef0ee94332f95610a086ca9762  viacoin-0.13.3-win64-debug.zip
eb8f58d019e64d19d76157047a2743634c4c73277bca707674e12cdbfed9e169  viacoin-0.13.3-win64-setup-unsigned.exe
e1d35fc39aa161d8d42e04c5f507b63043d1c5b60a2695465b57ed50de7f3be5  viacoin-0.13.3-win64.zip



@romanornr romanornr released this May 22, 2017 · 1 commit to 0.10.11 since this release

Assets 4

0.10.11 Change log


  • 390449b Optimize and Cleanup CScript::FindAndDelete
  • 126df74 Improve worst-case behavior of CScript::FindAndDelete
  • a369575 Replace memcmp with std::equal in CScript::FindAndDelete
  • d08654c Fix replaypriority calculation error
  • 97546fc Change URLs to https in debian/control
  • 38671bf Update debian/changelog and slight tweak to debian/control
  • a2f2fb6 build: disable -Wself-assign
  • cf67d8b Bugfix: Allow mining on top of old tip blocks for testnet (fixes testnet-in-a-box use case)
  • b3964e3 Drop "with minimal dependencies" from description
  • 3ad96bd Fix locking in GetTransaction
  • 94b67e5 Update LevelDB
  • 5297194 Set TCP_NODELAY on P2P sockets
  • 0b3fd07 build: make sure OpenSSL heeds noexecstack


  • 3438795 Depends: bump to qt 5.5
  • 4693120 Fix a static qt5 crash when using certain versions of libxcb
  • 4cc1912 Upgrade native ccache 3.2.4
  • 51865ec Upgrade Boost 1.59.0
  • 4cc1912 Upgrade native ccache 3.2.4
  • bb309dc Upgrade miniupnpc 1.9.20151026
  • 3f40d1c OSX: bump build sdk to 10.9
  • b1130f8 Enable pre-compiled headers for qt
  • 301d47a Split qt config options to separate lines
  • 63721e6 Patch qt PIDLIST_ABSOLUTE patch
  • 4725aaa Qt/cctools: fix checksum checksum tests
  • d133f99 Fix Boost 1.55 build on GCC 5
  • 1af03b5 Bump Gitian date and copyright year
  • 20cc873 Build: osx builders no longer need 32bit compiler support
  • 9e0fc8b OS X: fix qt5 build yosemite patch
  • 3f40d1c OS X: bump build sdk to 10.9
  • 612efe8 [Qt] Raise debug window when requested
  • 8b3311f alias -h for --help